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Ronan Thomas


Ronan Thomas is a London-based journalist. Since 2004, he has reported on the geopolitics of East Asia, Europe and the Middle East for BBC News Online, Asia Times Online, Wall Street Journal, Spiegel Online, Christian Science Monitor, Businessweek, Korea Times and Singapore’s Straits Times.

During the 1990s, he worked for Accenture’s strategy practice in the United Kingdom, European Union, Russia, South Korea and South Africa. He was a political risk analyst for Control Risks Group (London).

Mr. Thomas is a graduate of Cambridge University and University College London.

Articles by Ronan Thomas

Experiencing the UK In Freefall (Not a Brexit Story)

Skydiving has evolved into a global phenomenon. It contains some risk, but the experience is an epic one.

April 8, 2023

Propaganda Meets Social Media

What does propaganda look like in the age of Twitter?

June 9, 2013

“Blow-Up” at 40

What is the enduring significance of the classic sixties British film "Blow-Up"?

March 26, 2007

Greenspan’s Quandary

Publicly upbeat, privately scared? What drives Mr. Greenspan when it comes to interest rate cuts at the U.S. Federal Reserve?

September 25, 2002

Kyoto, Pollution and Population

Does Kyoto ignore the facts on population growth and the use of global resources?

August 29, 2002

“Official” Development Aid: A Fundamental Failure?

Has development aid failed to help the world's poorest nations?

April 4, 2002

A False Link Between Poverty and Terror

Should anti-poverty policies really be the first step in fighting terrorism?

March 21, 2002

U.S. and Europe: Time for a Divorce?

Has the time come for Europe to take a new and independent stance?

February 20, 2002

Argentina and the Global Debt Game

What lessons can Argentina teach the players of the borrowing and lending game?

December 24, 2001

China: The End of Ideology?

Will China be able to shed much of its ideology in order to provide for elderly citizens?

December 6, 2001

Korea and Daewoo’s Woes

Can Daewoo serve as an example for what went wrong in Korea during the 1997 crisis?

October 22, 2001

China — Asia’s Super Tiger

In view of the global recession, what is China's secret of success?

October 19, 2001

Letter From the Front Line

After the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, what does life feel like in the United States?

September 21, 2001

Turkey — It’s the Accounting, Stupid

What can certified public accountants do to help a country catch the global growth train?

June 4, 2001

The Europeans Have It All Wrong

How does one go about fixing a flawed U.S. political system?

January 19, 2001