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Trump’s Missing Impeachment Clause

Should foolishness suffice as a sufficient cause for removing a U.S. President? Trump is not “Making America Great Again,” but a global laughingstock.

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  • It is now official: The most senior leaders of the Western world laugh at the US President freely and openly.
  • Instead of “Making America Great Again,” Trump has made a laughingstock out of this nation.
  • Trump’s behavior on the global stage is downright tragic. He wanted to be president to gain the respect of the real upper class of NYC -- of which the Trumps have never been part.
  • Washington should debate whether the Constitution should not require removing a President who has proven to be a fool.

For many decades, any U.S. President at many an international summit has been seen as the most important person in the room. Often, that person also acted in a remarkably responsible fashion.

That is why people refer to U.S. Presidents as “world leaders.” In short, it’s not just a matter of occupying the White House.

There have been U.S. Presidents before who might have been considered as lightweights and/or laughing stocks, but never on the international stage, whether they were disagreeable or not.

Trump = global laughing stock

That’s why the opening night of the NATO meeting, when the leaders of NATO member countries gathered at an evening cocktail party at Buckingham Palace, was such a shocker.

A small group of people huddling together was caught on camera. It consisted of Princess Anne, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, French President Emmanuel Macron, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

As it appears, the group is mocking U.S. President Donald Trump for his sheer endless exchanges with the press during his bilateral meetings with Trudeau and Macron.

There is much backslapping. Most irritating for Trump must have been Boris Johnson, the UK copy of the U.S. President, being seen bowling over in laughter.

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It is now official: The most senior leaders of the Western world no longer hold back. They laugh at the U.S. President freely and openly, even at a public reception at Buckingham Palace. That is all the more stinging as everyone knows how much Trump relishes the royal surroundings.

Even before drinks, President Macron had admonished Trump in front of the cameras during their press conference by telling him to be “serious.”

Trump’s chess moves aren’t working

Trump’s off-the-cuffism, which he likes to sell as brilliant, if irreverent chess moves, isn’t working. Just remember the opening gambit of his (failed) rapprochement with North Korea, when Trump seriously declared to the public that he and President Kim had “fallen in love.”

Of course, President Kim never really fell in love with President Trump. Instead, Kim looked right through it. He just used Trump’s sense of bluster for his own political purposes.

Then, Kim Jong Un showed that he has “standards.” Ten days before Thanksgiving, Kim let it be announced that he was no longer interested in “useless” meetings with the Donald. Clearly, for Kim breaking up is not hard to do.

Next: Afghan bluster

Enter the Taliban, those most vile people who murdered tens of thousands of Afghans, hosted Osama bin Laden (so he could murder thousands of Americans) and destroyed the cultural heritage of their own country.

President Trump, the foreign policy genius, who still does not comprehend the vital difference between sheer surprise and any meaningful substance, invited these murderers for a meeting to Camp David, the “crown jewel of the American presidency” as the New York Times called it.

And not only was he to meet with them at Camp David, he was cluelessly planning to do so just three days before the 18th anniversary of 9/11.

Rejected wherever he turns

That meeting ultimately fell apart because the Taliban demanded that it take place after they had struck an agreement with Trump’s emissary in Qatar. Small problem, the deal was being made without the current Afghan government.

But Donald Trump, who “wrote” “The Art of the Deal” would not be deterred. In his surprise Thanksgiving visit to U.S. troops in Afghanistan, the President announced that negotiations with the Taliban were back on track, only to be rebuked two days later by Taliban officials.

And so here we are, the President of the United States has become a matter of mockery on the global stage. While Congressional hearings on impeachment in the House have moved from the Intelligence Committee to the Judiciary Committee, maybe Washington should debate whether the Constitution should not require removing a President who has proven to be a fool.


After all, Donald Trump is the very man who, instead of “Making America Great Again,” has made a laughingstock out of this nation. It is a matter of national self-defense that such clause is added.

Not only is Trump’s behavior on the global stage simply not funny, it is downright tragic. Here is a man who ultimately sought the presidency of the United States because he wanted to gain the respect of the real upper class of New York City, of which the Trumps have never been part. The White House maneuver surely isn’t earning him any respect. It’s rather the opposite.

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