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Merkel’s Germany: Shaper or Taker of a United Europe?

As Europe’s largest economy struggles to find its future path, what about calls that Germany is Europe’s hegemon?

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Colonialism and Cambodia

A once-great empire is now a largely overlooked dictatorship.

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Burying Air Berlin: The Curious World of French Pragmatism, German Statism

The loser in the Air Berlin game, as the government played it, are Germany’s citizens, consumers and air travelers.

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Europe’s Populist Revolt: A Close-Up

From Germany to the UK and Italy, populism tries to get the upper hand. Can it be contained?

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The State of European Wind

Which EU countries make the current global top ten for installed wind capacity?

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Macron: Now What?

There is a massive opening for France and Macron in Europe which no French president since Mitterrand 25 years ago has been able to seize.

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France, Italy and Spain: Still Wine Kings?

How do the three countries compare on consumption and exports of wine?

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The State of Organized Labor in France

What is the strength of French unions, as they head into negotiations with President Macron?

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Crunch Time in Paris

Will Macron deliver? And what will French economic reforms mean for all of Europe?

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Brexit: The Tories‘ Battle Against the Economic Facts

Why Germans and other nations should involve themselves more in the UK debate.

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