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Donald Trump Outs Himself as “Bimbo”

This usage, from almost exactly 100 years ago, rather perfectly describes “The Donald.”

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  • Trump had labeled Megyn Kelly a “bimbo” last year. We now know he was just describing himself.
  • Trump’s ultimate problem isn’t that he isn’t intelligent. It’s that he is brutish and contemptible.
  • Donald Trump is the biggest baby ever to run for president of the United States.

Remember the early stages of the 2016 Republican presidential race, when Donald Trump declared that the first tough interviewer he met on the campaign trail (and for quite a while the only one), labeled Megyn Kelly, a blonde, female Fox News anchor, a “bimbo”?

This far into the campaign, we now know that, in making that charge, was really describing himself.

Long before the word became an early form of sexist stereotyping – in fact, as early as 1919 – it was used to describe men, initially as a mere fellow or chap. Then it meant an “unintelligent or brutish male” or as a “stupid, inconsequential man, contemptible person.”

One cannot escape the realization that this usage, from almost exactly 100 years ago, rather perfectly describes “The Donald.”

Trump’s ultimate problem is not that he isn’t an intelligent man (in his own way). His problem is that he is certainly brutish and contemptible.

Thanks to his early “bimbo” outburst in the 2016 campaign, one can only hope that the generally iron-clad laws of Latin/Italian grammar will be resurrected.

The real meaning of “bimbo”

Notably, the word bimbo derives from the Italian word “bambino” — baby.

The Italian language is known for creating some new words out of contractions of longer ones. Accordingly, bimbo is a masculine-gender term that means “(male) baby” or “young (male) child.”

In contrast, the feminine form of the Italian word is “bimba.” This fact alone should have conclusively settled the question of who the real “bimbo” is – Trump, not Kelly.

Let us also hope that the Trump candidacy in 2016 will have positive outcomes. One would be if his “bimbo” outburst puts an end to the false sexist occupation of the word bimbo. It has nothing to do with women, for purely grammatical reason to begin with.

Trump, the baby

As regards Trump, his very thin-skinned attitude points also to the fact that he is quite a “bambino.” He has acted out his being a big male baby many times on the campaign trail.

Recall any of those many instances when he complained, like a child, that he was being treated “badly” by others. For all his inclination to throw nasty punches himself, he defies anybody else to apply the same medicine to him.

He also acts like an adult baby in how he evidently does not recognize that, for every index finger someone points at somebody else in indignation, there are at least three fingers pointing back at the person trying to sow dissent.

That moment of self-reflection can be deemed a key passage point on the road to adulthood. Donald Trump, the baby, has not yet crossed that threshold.

Which is why he is the biggest baby ever to run for president of the United States.

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