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In Focus: Pope John Paul II

Our best selections on the Pope.

February 25, 2005

Our best selections on the Pope.

For more than a quarter century as the head of the Catholic Church, Pope John Paul II has been an influential and inspiring leader for many around the world. We take a look back at the successes and challenges of the Pope’s reign — and his legacy as a spiritual leader and compelling voice on global issues.

The Pope: Teacher of Globalization
What are Pope John Paul II’s thoughts on peace and global development?

By The Globalist
The Pope and Globalization
Our best quotes from Pope John Paul II on what he thinks of globalization.

By The Globalist
The Pope’s Silver Jubilee
After a quarter of a century and counting, what will be Pope John Paul II’s legacy?

By The Globalist
Pope John Paul II as a Globalist
What Church of Rome will Pope John Paul II leave to his successor?

By The Globalist
The Vatican — A Matter of Faith
Our key facts on the Vatican — and its varying role in the world.

By The Globalist
Iraq and 21st Century Liberation Theology
What key lessons should Poland’s 1980s experience have provided for the liberation of Iraq?

By Stephan Richter