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We Can Love Electric Cars, But Let’s Not Spurn Biofuels

Right now, electric cars have the momentum and the “inevitability” narrative on their side. Is the idea of pursuing two paths forward a waste of money?

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Biofuels in Malaysia: Not So Sustainable?

Logging in Malaysia has cost the Batek Negritos much of their rainforest homeland.

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America’s Turn Away from Oil

The United States is already using less gas, so why would it turn to solutions that aren’t necessary to free itself from foreign oil?

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John McCain’s Battle Against a Green Navy for Blue Oceans

Why does a seemingly arcane intra-bureaucratic spat over alternative fuels in the United States matter to a global audience?

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Weathering the Storm in Brazil

Why is Brazil’s recent economic development so unique?

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Ethiopia’s Green Famine

How can a country be in famine when its fields are watered and green?

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The Global Benefits of Biofuels

How can biofuels help the developing world and the environment?

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Advancing Biofuels

What does the future hold for the production of biofuels and other alternative fuels?

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Ethanol: The Future of Energy

How has Brazil become a prototype for promoting renewable energy?

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