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Brexit Mess: The EU Angle

A short eight-week delay to adjust the joint statement on post-Brexit relations accordingly would be fine for the EU27.

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Battleground Britain: Brexit’s Three Dimensions

Sorting out political Brexit, economic and commercial Brexit as well as geopolitical Brexit.

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How to Solve the Irish Customs Union Question

The UK should stay in the Customs Union on a 5-year renewable basis once it leaves the EU. This would honor the Brexit vote to leave the EU Treaty while safeguarding peace in Ireland.

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Britain’s Confused Soul in the Age of Brexit

Britain appears to be abandoning core virtues – its ability to be ruthlessly wedded to a realistic pragmatism and its relentless pursuit of its own commercial advantage.

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UK: Corbyn’s Important U-Turn on Brexit

Why is the UK’s Jeremy Corbyn now in favor of a Customs Union with the EU?

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Brexit: A Self-Harming Rush to the Gates

The rush for a quick Brexit harms the UK’s own interests. It is an irrational basis for deciding the future of Britain.

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UK Tories Vs. the People’s Needs

Failing to deliver on basic necessities of modern life does not seem to faze many Tory politicians much.

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Brexit: Michael Gove Moves to Center Stage

The Irish issue is far from solved. Along with the rest of the many vexing Brexit issues, it is set to dominate UK politics for years ahead.

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Will Ireland Sink Brexit?

How Irish politics interfere with Brexiteers’ desires.

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A Visit to the Brexit World

Mrs. May, tell us exactly what sort of deal you want with the EU customs union?

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