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German Politics: Bad News for Merkel

Germany’s center-left SPD will be led in the future by a little-known left-wing duo that is highly critical of the SPD’s role in Angela Merkel’s government.

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Will Merkel Fall?

If the CSU does not agree to any compromise on migration policy, Merkel’s government may fall apart.

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Germany and the Return of the Holy Roman Empire

There are similarities between today’s Europe and the patchwork of around 300 territories and principalities which comprised the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation.

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Governing Germany: More of the Same?

Germany’s current political contortions will likely end with a fourth term for Merkel.

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Germans Live in Interesting Times

Four questions about the country’s near-term political path.

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Germany: Why a Jamaica Coalition Deepens the Division of Society

The Jamaica coalition consists of representatives of the globalization and modernization winners. It pitches urban elites against the less successful.

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Your 12 Point Guide to the German Elections

Here’s what you need to know about Germany’s September 24 elections.

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German Elections: A Primer on Political Powersharing Since 1949

Politically speaking, Germany is a conservative country.

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