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Western Europe: The Fastest-Closing Gender Gap

Which world regions have the widest gender gaps and which are closing slowest?

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The Economic Participation Gender Gap: Two More Centuries?

Across five economic dimensions, women’s inclusion in recent years has been slower than in other areas of life.

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The Women’s Education Gap is Nearly Closed

Health outcomes are even closer but moving in the wrong direction.

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International Women’s Day: 100 More Years to Parity?

The overall gender gap and the political representation gap specifically is still a century from closing at the current pace.

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The Gender Imbalance of the One-Child Policy

How the One-Child Policy affected Chinese demographics.

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Afghanistan: From Subjugation to Success

Following the fall of the Taliban, Kamila Sidiqi has taken full advantage of the new rights afforded to women.

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China: Where Young Men Are Looking for Brides

A cultural bias towards male heirs is creating a vast gender divide in China.

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10 Facts: Literacy Rates in India

India faces a large gender divide when it comes to literacy rates.

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The Shifting Landscape for Iran’s Women

Surprising Insights from a key country in the Middle East

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Want More Kids? What Can Governments Do?

Will gender equality in itself bring an end to below-replacement fertility?

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