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The State of Persian Gulf Oil Reserves

How do the region’s large proven reserves stack up in a global context?

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The Two Faces of the Gulf Crisis: Inching Toward Social Change

The two-month old crisis pitting Qatar against an alliance led by the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia is proving to be a double-edged sword.

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The Two Faces of the Gulf Crisis: Arms Race

The arms race in the Middle East sparked by the Gulf crisis and North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs are closely connected.

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Saudi Arabia Vs. the World

Calls for Qatar boycott fuel fears in Muslim Asia.

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Qatar: Why Turkey Steps Into the Fray

Turkey steps into the Qatar fray to protect its turf against the Saudis in the fight over Sunni supremacy.

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Will Central Asia Follow Egypt’s Example?

Will the chain reaction of protests crossing the Middle East now reach Central Asia?

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