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How Trump Is Tied to China, Literally

Clothes making can provide deep insights into both the character of global leaders and commercial realities.

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Now Russia Accuses China of Technology Theft

China’s copycatting hunger knows no ideological boundaries: Reflections on the fragility of presumed anti-U.S. alliances.

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U.S.-Brazil: The Battle Over Cotton Subsidies

Can Brazil retaliate and still win the match?

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How China’s Government Becomes Ever More Like America’s

Is China infringing on another U.S. copyright — the Byzantine ways and means of the U.S. federal government?

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Will China Eat Our Technological Lunch?

How does China need to change its educational institutions and patent policies to help foster innovation?

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The Rise of the New Mercantilism (Part I)

Is growing economic competition leading to unfair trade practices in the developing world?

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Forget Web 2.0. Say Hello to Web 3.0

What does the advent of Web 3.0 have in store for the Internet — and society as a whole?

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Hillary, 1984 and the Future of Copyright

How might the 2008 election’s hottest viral video ad cause companies to rethink their commitment to copyright?

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