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Iran: Another Hong Kong, But No Russia or North Korea

The two messages from the Iranian people to their leaders: First, for all your gloating about Iran’s nuclear arsenal, nobody can eat nuclear weapons. Second, we want a different future.

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The Iranian People and Their Many Wars

Iranians have endured 40 years of war with their own government, eight years of war with Iraq and an ongoing economic war with U.S.

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Iran Protests: The “Military Economy” Dimension

A big share of Iran’s economy is owned by the business wings of the armed forces.

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Iran Protests: Frustrating Budget Changes

Cuts and hikes in all the wrong places?

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Iran Protests: The Oil and Gas Dimension

Iranians have long taken national pride in their natural resource wealth. But ordinary people aren’t seeing the benefits.

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Iran Protests: The Inflation Dimension

Once again, sharply rising food prices contribute to turmoil.

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Iran Protests: Urbanization as a Factor

Most Iranians live in cities. Protests are no longer confined to Tehran and other big cities, as the move to small cities is changing the landscape of protests.

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Iran Protests: The Young and the Jobless

Iran’s economy continues to struggle with not finding enough jobs for its young.

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