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The (Silent) Revolution of Muslim Women

Since 2000, 50 million women in predominantly-Muslim countries have entered the labor market.

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Turkey and Iran: The Best of Frenemies

Tensions since Ottomans and Persians led rival empires that fought for control of the Middle East.

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10 Facts: Where the World’s Muslims Live

The world’s Muslim population is highly concentrated in the Asia-Pacific region.

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The Centennial Crisis Cycle and the Middle East

How the West is implicated in the current fires burning in the Middle East.

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Churchill’s Disgruntled Diatribe on Islam


The West’s policy in the Muslim world may hearken back to opinions held by leaders from its past.

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Who Created ISIS?

Syria is the 14th country in the Muslim world to be invaded, occupied or bombed by U.S. forces.

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America’s False Middle East Prophet

Venerated Fouad Ajami built his true legacy on falsehoods and foolishness.

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The Globalist’s Top Features on the Middle East

Our top ten recent features on the Middle East paint a nuanced portrait of the world’s most volatile region.

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Why America Is Like Imperial Spain (Part II)

What lessons can Imperial Spain's travails in the Netherlands teach the United States about Afghanistan?

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The West in Disarray

Has the West failed at its dream of spreading democracy?

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