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Donald Trump: The Art of the “Self-Shakedown”

The man who has advertised himself for “The Art of the Deal” now engages in a mafia-style shake down on himself!

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Don’t Impeach President Trump, Censure Him

How Democrats can hold Trump accountable and take the high road.

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2020 and the Art of Hunting Trump

It’s not about impeachment, but very much about investigating relentlessly.

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2020 US Elections: Voter Turnout or Pelosi Turnoff?

Why the Democratic leadership must go.

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Nancy Pelosi’s Hamlet Moment

For House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, it comes down to this: “To Impeach or not to impeach. That is the question.”

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An Option for Nancy Pelosi: Designate a Successor

Democrats could resolve divisions over speakership by choosing both Pelosi and a successor now.

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Washington Is As Dysfunctional As U.S. Relations With Pakistan

How is the U.S.-Pakistan relationship reminiscent of that between Democrats and Republicans?

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Obama’s First Moves

How should Obama guide the United States out of economic crisis?

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Hillary Clinton’s Xenophobia (Part I)

What do Hillary Clinton’s campaign tactics against Barack Obama reveal about her worldview?

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Stop Those Girls!, or: The Don Imus and Nancy Pelosi Show

When it comes to foreign policy under the Bush Administration, is it ‘Boys Only, No Girls Allowed’?

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