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Nick Clegg: Facebook’s New Lobbyist

Former British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has been bought up by the Silicon Valley giant to mollify the EU.

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Britain: A Normal Country, At Long Last (Like Germany)

How has the UK’s coalition government succeeded in reinventing British politics and society?

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Why Obama Can Only Dream About Being David Cameron

Why does President Obama have plenty of reasons to secretly admire David Cameron, his British counterpart?

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Dateline UK: In Praise of Coalition Governments

Has the time come to consider new political arrangements among opposing political camps?

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The Coming British Collapse

As Britons prepare to head to the polls, how could a hung parliament provoke an instant financial crisis?

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Nick Clegg: Springtime for Britain?

Do Americans really have to worry about an outbreak of anti-Americanism in the UK?

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A Special Relationship No More?

Will the May 6 British elections lead to fissures in the U.S.-Britain relationship?

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