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Scottish Independence? A Hard Brexit?

Boris Johnson’s latest Brexit moves give the Scottish independence movement a fresh impulse.

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How to Solve the Irish Customs Union Question

The UK should stay in the Customs Union on a 5-year renewable basis once it leaves the EU. This would honor the Brexit vote to leave the EU Treaty while safeguarding peace in Ireland.

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Brexit: The UK’s Four Options, All Tough

The Brexit agreement between the UK and the EU is full of contradictions.

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How the UK Always Plays Ireland

The Brexit episode is but the latest historical episode proving that the UK’s political rhetoric is just self-serving when it comes to Irish matters.

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Will Ireland Sink Brexit?

How Irish politics interfere with Brexiteers’ desires.

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Lessons for Libya from 1911

What is the key to the success of democracy in 21st century Libya?

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Ireland Says "Thank You" to Europe (Part II)

In what ways has Ireland’s EU membership proved crucial to the achievement of peace on the island?

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From Bombs to Boom: Belfast Reborn

How has political reconciliation paved the way for Northern Ireland’s economic rejuvenation?

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