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Hillary: I’m Not Donald Trump, Dammit!

Trump can win this election. If he does, it will be because of Hillary’s steadfast refusal to take principled stands on any issue.

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Race for the White House: The Greatest Circus on Earth

Four reasons why the world community should stop paying so much attention to the U.S. presidential elections.

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Trump’s Mega-Fear: Beaten By a Woman

What could possibly explain the increasing bizarreness of the Trump campaign? It must have to do with the other candidate in the race

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Capo Trump’s Farewell to the American People

A preview copy of the failed Republican Presidential candidate’s November 9, 2016 speech, from the pages of Vanity Affairs magazine.

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Donald Trump is a Latin American Demagogue at Heart

Trump is a living amalgam of Chavez, Juan Peron and Rafael Trujillo.

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Trump: Business Corruption and a “Horrible Law”

Five steps U.S. corporations should take to create a fairer society in the age of globalization.

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President Trump: The Magic of American Politics

Can this crude, narcissistic demagogue actually become President of the United States?

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Trump the Terrorist

Will the candidate’s encouragement of violence prompt U.S. courts to rethink incitement laws?

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Donald Trump Outs Himself as “Bimbo”

This usage, from almost exactly 100 years ago, rather perfectly describes “The Donald.”

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Trump & America, You Can’t Have It Back Again!

Grandpa was dead; the kids were being poisoned; mom was enslaved and Armageddon was just around the corner!

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