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The Globalist’s Eye on Africa

A collection of our features on the African continent.

February 4, 2005

A collection of our features on the African continent.

2005 is supposed to be the year to focus on debt, growth and change in Africa. Although other priorities soon enough jumped on the global agenda, Africa still remains in the spotlight. From Chad and Sudan, the Ivory Coast and Nigeria to Zimbabwe and South Africa, our “Eye on Africa” feature series highlights the issues facing the continent in the coming years.

Nigeria — Tomorrow Can Wait
How does an eight year-old boy get by on the streets of Lagos, Nigeria?

By Adesola Orimalade
Dateline Chad: Return of the “Resource Curse”?
Will African countries finally benefit from oil riches?

By Korinna Horta
Thabo Mbeki: A 350-Year Perspective on South Africa’s Democracy
How has political violence influenced South Africa’s recent history?

By The Globalist
Can Europe Build a NATO for Africa?
How can future Rwandas and Darfurs be prevented?

By Richard Gowan
Chaos in Ivory Coast: Roots and Consequences
Will Ivory Coast’s civil war realign West Africa along ethnic lines?

By Daniel Chirot
Cameroon: The Shackled Continent
What are the consequences of Africa’s deficient infrastructure?

By Robert Guest
Africa's GM Dilemma
Should Africa depend on GM crops from the United States to stop hunger?

By Amadou Kanoute
Nigeria as a Global Trouble Spot
Why should the world closely watch unfolding interfaith issues in Nigeria?

By Philip Jenkins
Zimbabwe: Hope After Mugabe?
Despite its great potential, why has the country been in decline for two decades?

By Robert Guest

Ghetto: Tanzania’s Lukole Refugee Camp
By Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin
Rois D’Afrique
By Daniel Lain