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The Globalist’s Top Books of 2009

What are The Globalist’s ten favorite books of the year?

The Globalist's top books of 2009


1. Matthew Glass: Ultimatum
What could a hypothetical future climate change discussion between the United States and China look like?

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2. Paul Starobin: After America
Is the United States still the storied melting pot of cultures, or is it developing into something more?

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3. Harold James: The Creation and Destruction of Value
How has the process of globalization influenced the development of national political parties?

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4. James Tooley: The Beautiful Tree
Is primary education easily available to the lower classes of the population in India?

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5. Wendy Dobson: Gravity Shift
Why will the United States continue to lead the world despite the growing economic clout of China and India?

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6. David Reynolds: Waking the Giant
How have past financial crises affected the history of the United States?

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7. C. Fred Bergsten, Charles Freeman, Nicholas Lardy and Derek Mitchell: China’s Rise
How is China perceived across the world?

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8. Ali Allawi: The Crisis of Islamic Civilization
Why is the process of Christian Reformation not applicable for modern Islam?

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9. Joseph Contreras: In the Shadow of the Giant
How has the Mexican city of Monterrey been affected by the drug violence?

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10. David Singh Grewal: Network Power
How is globalization changing our own culture?

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