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The Globalist’s Top Books of 2009

What are The Globalist’s ten favorite books of the year?

December 23, 2009

What are The Globalist's ten favorite books of the year?
1. Matthew Glass: Ultimatum
What could a hypothetical future climate change discussion between the United States and China look like?

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2. Paul Starobin: After America
Is the United States still the storied melting pot of cultures, or is it developing into something more?

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3. Harold James: The Creation and Destruction of Value
How has the process of globalization influenced the development of national political parties?

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4. James Tooley: The Beautiful Tree
Is primary education easily available to the lower classes of the population in India?

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5. Wendy Dobson: Gravity Shift
Why will the United States continue to lead the world despite the growing economic clout of China and India?

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6. David Reynolds: Waking the Giant
How have past financial crises affected the history of the United States?

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7. C. Fred Bergsten, Charles Freeman, Nicholas Lardy and Derek Mitchell: China’s Rise
How is China perceived across the world?

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8. Ali Allawi: The Crisis of Islamic Civilization
Why is the process of Christian Reformation not applicable for modern Islam?

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9. Joseph Contreras: In the Shadow of the Giant
How has the Mexican city of Monterrey been affected by the drug violence?

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10. David Singh Grewal: Network Power
How is globalization changing our own culture?

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