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The Globalist’s Top Features of 2012

The Globalist presents its top ten features for 2012.

December 26, 2012

The Globalist presents its top ten features for 2012.
1. Not a Global Crisis, But the West’s (And Keynes Can’t Help)
Meghnad Desai | June 27, 2012

Why is the current economic crisis in Europe and the United States likely to be unresponsive to Keynesian solutions?

2. The Nordic Model’s Economic Appeal (Two Parts)
Daniel Sachs | May 28, 2012

The Nordic model has been hailed for its social successes. But does it make good economic sense?

3. Developing World: First Democratize, Then Restrain Yourself?
Kandeh K. Yumkella | December 5, 2012

Can we really turn around now and say to the developing world: How about changing the amount of beef you eat?

4. China’s Millennial Doubts
Michael Vlahos | November 10, 2012

China will soon be under new leadership. But the real change in China is taking place further down the generational chain.

5. The Narrative of the Privileged American Male
Terri Langston | November 20, 2012

Why are Republicans having such a hard time coming to grips with their electoral defeat?

6. Wall Street: Wake Up, Step Up or Shut Up
Dennis M. Kelleher | November 8, 2012

Wall Street lost its bid to unseat President Obama. Now it should get onboard with sensible regulation and oversight.

7. No Fracking Way
Deborah Goldberg | October 1, 2012

Is the controversial extraction technique of hydraulic fracturing adequately regulated?

8. Global Citizens and the Global Economy
Nancy Birdsall | September 24, 2012

How can global citizens and international institutions create the conditions for inclusive and sustainable economic growth?

9. Imagining a Post-Military World (Two Parts)
Oscar Arias | August 21, 2012

Can the world’s governments strike a better balance in what it spends on security and what it spends on the world’s neediest people?

10. From the American Century to the Competition Century
Charles A. Kupchan | April 16, 2012

Western dominance will wane in the 21st century, but what will take its place?

Honorable mention:

America’s Mommy Wars: A Transatlantic Perspective
Sabine Muscat | July 26, 2012

Are German women justified in admiring the progress on gender equity that American women have made in the workplace?

Is India’s Economic Growth Sustainable?
Lydia Powell | September 13, 2012

Do traditional measures of economic growth and progress emperil the sustainable use of our natural resources?

Religion and Economic Success in Europe (Two Parts)
Luis Francisco Martínez Montes | June 2, 2012

Why does the idea persist that Europe’s Catholic nations have always been economic slow-growers?

The Middle East’s Voracious Appetite for Energy
Blake Clayton | November 29, 2012

Is it possible that Saudi Arabia could one day become a net importer of oil?

The New Geopolitics of Food
Lester Brown | October 9, 2012

How can we help those on the lower rungs of the global economic ladder cope with rising food prices?