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The Globalist’s Top Ten Stories of 2003

What were our most interesting stories from 2003?

December 27, 2003

What were our most interesting stories from 2003?

The Iraq War may have been the defining event of 2003. But for most people, other issues had a much more immediate impact. Our top 10 selection of features published on The Globalist in 2003 highlights key topics — ranging from women’s rights and economic development to the challenges faced by individual countries, such as Brazil, Russia and Turkey.

he following are ten of our favorite features from 2003:

1. 2003 — Tough Year for Women Leaders
One woman receives the Nobel Peace Prize — but countless others suffer.

By Anne C. Richard
2. A Raisin in the Sun?
Why should policymakers make a real commitment to African development?

By Bernard Wasow
3. U.S. Anti-Communists’ China Fears
Why are Americans undermining China’s new global economic role?

By Stephan Richter
4. The Israelization of Turkey
Are Turks worried that their country will become the next Israel?

By Tulin Daloglu
5. Transatlantic Relations — The Day After
What has the Iraq debate revealed about the transatlantic relationship?

By Eberhard Sandschneider
6. Militarization and Globalization
What’s the correlation between militarization and globalization?

By The Globalist
7. Four Scenarios for Russia
Russia is literally at the crossroads: Which of four directions will it go? [Part I | Part II ]

By Jean-Pierre and Fabrice Lehmann
8. Restructuring the Global Energy Economy
Are renewable energy sources gaining ground against fossil fuels?

By Lester Brown
9. Who Are the Real Masters of Docility?
Are Americans and Canadians totally different — or somewhat similar?

By Michael Adams
10. The New Brazil: It’s the (Urban) Economy, Stupid
What are Brazil’s politicians doing about the spread of slums?

By Lawrence Herzog