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Top Ten Globalist Features of 2009

What were The Globalist’s best features of the year?

December 30, 2009

What were The Globalist's best features of the year?
1. A Chinese Perspective on a Changing World
How is Asia’s economic rise different from the rise of the West?

By Wu Jianmin
2. Message to MBAs: We Are No Longer Masters of the Universe
How did so many MBAs read the economic climate so wrong in recent years?

By Louis Hughes
3. Goldman Sachs and “War Profiteering”
How has Goldman Sachs discredited capitalism in ways that Marx and Lenin would gleefully applaud?

By Martin Sieff
4. Washington’s Place in a New World
What will the United States do in a world of dispersed power?

By Paul Starobin
5. Spain and China in the Age of Globalization
What led to China and Spain becoming pioneering ocean explorers in ancient times?

By Luis Francisco Martínez Montes
6. Globalism and Americanism
Why do many Americans believe that taking a “globalist” approach would threaten U.S. leadership?

By Stephan Richter
7. Fighting Poverty and Saving Street Vendors in South Africa
How is South Africa’s treatment of street vendors emblematic of several pervasive problems facing the country?

By Nontyatyambo Petros
8. Ending Burma’s Isolation
What does Burma’s international isolation mean for the daily lives of its people?

By Susan Braden
9. Iran, Let the AIDS Doctors Go Free
Is Iran ready to enter the international arena as a respected partner in protecting human rights?

By César Chelala
10. The Boomerangst Generation
How are world realities changing for boomers’ children?

By George Magnus