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Trump Vs. Globalism

The debate over “globalism” in the age of Trump.

December 22, 2016

The debate over "globalism" in the age of Trump.


The anti-globalists of the Trump coalition consider globalism – a vaguely defined term – as a form of liberal elitism. Or, worse, they see it as a leftist attempt to circumvent traditional American values (whatever those may be).

On a fundamental level, their underlying logic is to see the words “American” and “global” as polar opposites.

Below we present articles and videos featuring competing definitions of globalism from both opponents and supporters.

Entries in the debate from around the media:

From the critics

  1. Breitbart: “Brexit: Why The Globalists Lost”
  2. Video (2011) – Infowars “Alex Jones RANT: We’re Coming for Ya Globalist”
  3. Video (2016) – Rebel Media “What Is Globalism?”
  4. Video (2016) – Peter Morici: “Globalism Is Out, America Is In”
  5. Foreign Affairs: “The End of Globalism Where China and the United States Go From Here”
  6. The New York Times: “Globalism: A Far-Right Conspiracy Theory Buoyed by Trump”
  7. Washington Post: “After Clinton, Trump’s Real Enemy is ‘Globalism’”

From the proponents

  1. The Globalist (Stephan Richter): “Who Is a Globalist?” – Globalists are by no means an elite circle of business or political leaders determined to push forward their agenda in a rapid-fire fashion.
  2. The Globalist (Joseph Nye): “Globalization Vs. Globalism” – What are the different spheres of globalism — and how are they affected by globalization?
  3. The Globalist (Stephan Richter): “Globalism and Americanism” – Is Globalism an inherently anti-American concept? Nothing could be further from the truth.
  4. The Globalist (Stephan Richter): “When Japan Attacked Globalism” – In a curious role reversal, it was a Japanese Prime Minister who stole the march on Trump and his anti-globalism chants.


Entries from around the media on the growing debate over the meaning of "globalism."