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U.S.-China Relations: The Globalist’s Top Features

A look back at The Globalist’s recent articles on the U.S.-China relationship.

June 3, 2013

A look back at The Globalist's recent articles on the U.S.-China relationship.
China and the End of Extrapolation
By George Magnus | May 1, 2013

How can China avoid a hard landing in the next few years?

China: Empire Building in the Age of Globalization
By Behzad Yaghmaian | April 17, 2013

How has China systematically taken advantage of U.S. mistakes and policies?

China and the End of the End of History
By Zhang Weiwei | March 5, 2013

Could the Western democratic system only a transitory phenomenon in the long history of humankind?

The Globalist Debate: Does China’s Governance Matter?
By Nicolas Berggruen and Nathan Gardels | February 27, 2013

Are the consumer democracies of the West becoming ungovernable, while authoritarian China moves into the future?

Richard Hornik’s response.

U.S. Vs. China: Investing in the Future Now
By Uwe Bott | February 14, 2013

How do the Republican promoters of limited government get away with their myopia?

Is China Playing With American Fire?
By James Clad | February 8, 2013

Could such sensitive issues as Muslim relations, maritime activities and international investments tip the United States and China into greater enmity?

The Globalist Debate: Renewable Energy and the Clash of Civilizations
By John Mathews | February 1, 2013

Which civilization will win and which will lose — the one based on fossil fuels or the one based on renewables?

Matthew Stepp’s response and John Mathew’s counter-response.

Where Would China Be Without Nixon?
By Martin Hutchinson | February 5, 2013

What would today’s global economic landscape look like had Nixon not gone to China?

The U.S. Refusal to See China as a Positive Challenge
By Stephan Richter | January 24, 2013

Why don’t Americans let themselves be spurred to restimulate their competitive juices?

Green China — Part I: Why Go Green?
By John Mathews | November 22, 2012

China is betting its economic future on investments in alternative energy sources.

America’s Double Take on China
By Sabine Muscat | October 23, 2012

How do the people of a small American city view China — as an opportunity or a threat?

China: A Top U.S. Domestic Policy Issue?
By David Firestein | October 22, 2012

Has China become more of a factor in the United States’ domestic politics than in its foreign policy?

How China’s Approach in Africa Complements the West’s
By Stephan Richter | September 6, 2012

Can China’s market-building approach to Africa complement the West’s tradition democracy-building approach?

Yes, There Will Be a U.S. Infrastructure Bank
By Stephan Richter | March 16, 2011

The only question is: Will it be a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chinese central bank?