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Dawn of the 22nd Century: Estimating Africa’s Population Size

Projecting population size over the long term is tricky business.

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The Gender Imbalance of the One-Child Policy

How the One-Child Policy affected Chinese demographics.

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China: Where the Workers Went

How the One-Child Policy helped contribute to labor force shortages.

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China Vs. the World: One-Child Policy

How the One-Child Policy changed China’s population trajectory.

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China Vs. India: Fertility Rates Compared

In a global context, India today is higher on the high-fertility list than it has been in the past.

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India Vs. China: The Catch-Up Race

Over the second half of the 20th century, China and India’s population increased at roughly the same rate.

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India Vs. China: The Population Race

India will retain positive population growth until the late 2060s under current projections.

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Population Growth at the Top: China Vs. India

India is expected to exceed China’s population by 2022, just seven years from now

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The Increasing Global Obesity Rate

The share of people globally who are overweight or obese is increasing rapidly.

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6 Facts: Obesity in the United States

The future of health care in the United States could be highly dependent on the nation’s average waistline.

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