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Deadly Farming: Afghanistan’s Opium Acres

The area under cultivation is approaching the size of the smallest U.S. state.

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Afghanistan’s Opium: No End in Sight

Despite U.S. elimination efforts since the 2001 invasion, production of the drug crop is much higher.

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The Taliban’s Cash Crop

Opium is an ever-larger source of funds and legitimacy for the once anti-drug Afghan insurgency.

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Trouble in Northwestern Iran

Kurdish separatists have once again revived armed struggle in Iran too. Who are they?

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Kurds in Iraq

In today’s Iraq, when one faction rolls in, another rolls out.

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Germany’s Kurds

How Kurdish people became a significant minority in Germany.

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Syria and the Kurdish West

Who are the Syrian Kurds?

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Kenya’s Challenges

The meteoric growth of Kenya’s population raises development and stability questions.

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Colonial Aftershocks in the Congo

Why are D.R. Congolese protesting their government?

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South Africa: Between Growth and Chaos

A stalled economy, a growing population and the ruling ANC still faltering.

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