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Iraq: Executing Terrorists

Has Iraq’s extensive use of the death penalty done anything to deter terrorism?

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United States: Cruel and Unusual

There is a recent decline of capital punishment in one of the two remaining industrialized nations with the death penalty.

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Iran’s High Volume of Executions

Iran is likely the world’s second-most prolific user of the death penalty.

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Saudi Arabia’s Execution Flurry

A recent mass execution puts into focus Saudi Arabia’s heavy use of the death penalty.

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U.S. Employees: Working Hard and Hardly Paid

Americans outwork many peers abroad because their hourly productivity isn’t compensated enough.

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Germany at Work

How much do Germans work and how well are they compensated for that work?

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How Nigeria Defeated Wild Polio

A push to vaccinate 45 million children, despite Boko Haram’s brutal insurgency, pushed Nigeria off the endemic list.

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Greeks: Toiling All Year Long?

Why do Greek workers have to work such long hours to stay afloat?

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El Niño Across the Pacific Ocean

Where has the Pacific-based weather phenomenon hit hardest in 2015?

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The Return of a Strong El Niño

The weather phenomenon has made itself felt all across the globe in 2015.

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