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Women in the U.S. Workforce

A declining share of American women are working.

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United States: Women as Voters and Politicians

U.S. women are more likely to vote than men.

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Evolving U.S. Families

The role of marriage and motherhood has changed in U.S. women’s lives.

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The 100 Million Club

Five states or provinces worldwide are home to more than 100 million people.

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From Empire to Island Again

How many states in India have larger populations than the whole UK?

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The Most Populous State in the World

One Indian state has more people than Brazil.

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Sizing Up India’s Most Populous States

Economic development levels vary widely across the country’s states.

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India’s Mixed Record on Press Freedom

How the world’s largest democracy fares on press freedom compared to its neighbors.

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Press Freedom in China: Still Low Ranked

China badly trails its G-20 peers on guaranteeing a free media.

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Media Terror: Press Freedom in Turkey, Mexico and Russia

Rising economic stars fade and media freedom follows.

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