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11 Facts on Brazil’s Global Clout

How much clout does Brazil have in today’s global economy?

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10 Facts: Women Politicians on the Rise Globally

Even Sub-Saharan Africa does better than the United States.

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9 Facts: Beethoven for the World

Beethoven’s music helped fundamentally reshape the way we experience music.

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Russia: Really Part of Europe?

Most of Russia’s land lies in the East, but most of its people live in the West.

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5 Facts: Muslims and Islam – Now and Then

Can Islam rediscover the tolerance it practiced for many centuries?

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10 Facts: Kurdistan and the Kurds

The history of Kurdistan helps explain the Kurds’ current conundrum.

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10 Facts: Women and the Nobel Prize

Across all disciplines, only one in twenty Nobel recipients have been women.

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5 Facts: Texas Explains the U.S. Job Recovery

U.S. job market may be marching back to pre-recession numbers, but these gains are unevenly distributed.

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9 Facts: Resurging Poland

Poland has come a long way since the fall of the Soviet Union.

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Russia: Life After Empire

How much smaller is Russia today than in its days as an empire?

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