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Communist Countries: Women in Politics

Does promised gender equity show up in communist parliaments?

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Sweden: Europe’s Leader for Women in Parliament

Nearly half of Swedish MPs are women.

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Where Rwanda and Bolivia Lead the World

Two countries have a majority share of parliamentary women.

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Can India Surpass China’s Economy by 2050?

9 facts on the economic rise of India after a delayed start.

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Women in Congress: How Does the U.S. Stack Up?

The United States still fares poorly on representation of women in its national legislature.

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The Queen at 90: Global Facts

Which remaining monarchs have reigned longest?

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United States: Progress on the Minimum Wage

How today’s floor compares to the past.

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Beyond “Obamacare”: The Uncovered Population

How many people remain in need of further health reform to see adequate coverage?

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U.S. Healthcare: On the Costly Edge

How does U.S. health spending compare to other major systems and major populations?

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Where Are the Cost Controls?

The U.S. health system stands alone in its lack of basic cost control laws.

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