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Race and Poverty in America

Half a century into the war on poverty in the United States, how are minorities faring?

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Body Mass Index (BMI): Too Crude A Tool?

The measure still used globally for obesity actually does not measure fat.

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Too Much Salt: A Truly Global Health Problem

Adults consume too much salt, in a staggering 181 of 187 countries studied

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9 Key Facts: Black-White Wage Gap in the United States

Since 2000, the wage gap between white and black Americans has increased dramatically.

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6 Facts on Unemployment Among African Americans

Black unemployment rate is consistently twice that of whites.

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8 Facts on U.S. Incarceration: Still a Very Unequal Nation

Incarceration of black Americans is over three times their 12.2% share of the U.S. population.

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7 Facts on African Americans and Education

The education gap between black and white students is still large.

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7 Facts on Household Wealth in Black America

The wealth gap between whites and blacks has reached record levels.

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9 Facts on Africa’s Middle Class

For all the recent hype, inequality and joblessness stifle the dynamic growth of Africa’s middle class.

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5 Facts on the Biggest Predicament for Israel

Adverse demographic trends are at the heart of the problems for Israel.

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