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China’s Massive High-Speed Rail Network

From zero to leader in a decade.

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Why It’s Hard to Tax Sugary Products

An unusually complicated web of existing policy and lobby influences keep governments from forging ahead.

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Too Much Sugar

Experts say consumers are still eating too much added sugar each day.

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The Influential Sugar Industry

They dominate dietary research and policymaking, making public health adjustments challenging.

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China & India: The Single Time-Zone Kings

The world’s two billion-person nations continue to stick to one time zone each.

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Nine Time Zones: A Trace of American Empire?

How the United States ended up with one of the highest numbers of time zones for a single country.

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Clocking Russia from East to West

The world’s largest country has 11 time zones across its hemispheric span.

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France: Global Time Zone Leader

No longer a prime meridian country, the former empire still reigns with a dozen time zones.

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Russia’s Global Tourism

A steep decline from one of the biggest spenders after several bumpy years in global politics.

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Russia’s Amber Waves of Grain

Being the largest country by land area helps keep Russia one of the world’s big breadbowl economies.

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