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Colonial Aftershocks in the Congo

Why are D.R. Congolese protesting their government?

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South Africa: Between Growth and Chaos

A stalled economy, a growing population and the ruling ANC still faltering.

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Ethiopia: From Role Model to Cautionary Tale

Why are Ethiopians protesting their government?

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Can China Slow and Reverse its Carbon Output?

The world’s largest source of CO2 emissions finds slow going in cleaning up energy.

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India: Emerging Emissions

India formally joined the Paris agreement on climate change on October 2, 2016.

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Afghanistan: Opium’s Global Ground Zero

Addiction in the top producer country is changing.

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Russia’s Addiction Problem

Suppressing the opioid crisis and poor treatment regimes combine for a failed strategy.

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The Rise of the U.S. Opioid Crisis

What factors might have contributed to the sudden increase?

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Iran’s Opioid Struggle

The Islamic Republic faces unique pressures but also pioneered responses.

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Women in the U.S. Workforce

A declining share of American women are working.

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