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What Asia Should Learn From Trump’s Rise

Trump’s ability to tap into the fears of those who feel marginalized is hardly unique to the United States.

Credit: Lewis Tse Pui Lung


  • The greatest geopolitical risk in the world today is the possibility of a Trump administration.
  • Trump’s message has struck a chord because of deep-seated frustration with the current political system.
  • Fear about the risks of international trade and a stratified society are not unique to the US.
  • Asia is also becoming increasingly polarized, just like the United States and Europe.
  • China’s leadership is playing the nationalist card to deflect attention from real problems.

The greatest geopolitical risk in the world today is the possibility of a Trump administration.

From building a wall along the Mexican border to barring Muslims entry into the United States and demanding more money for U.S. military operations from foreign governments, his proposals would lead to an about-face in Washington’s relations with the world.

Yet it would be folly to dismiss Donald Trump’s ire against the international community as off-the-cuff alarmist rantings. His message has resonated so widely across the United States.

The reason why his message has struck such a chord with a large swath of the electorate is deep-seated frustration with the current political system.

What’s more, fear about the risks of international trade, globalization and an increasingly stratified society are not unique to the United States. Thus, the Trump phenomenon could easily go global.

Worries about being left far behind in the race to accumulate wealth and spreading hostility towards an “invasion” of foreigners is already acute in Europe. Those fears could easily take root in Asia as well.

Trump’s outdated argument

Trump has repeatedly argued that, under the existing trade rules, the United States has been taken advantage of. He believes that Washington should take back the concessions it has given to foreign competitors.

Japan and China in particular have come under attack from Trump as the biggest economic threats to the United States.

He has been highly critical of any moves that would further enhance trade relations with either country, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement.

It is easy enough to dismiss Trump’s argument as being outdated. After all, while the U.S. trade deficit with Japan peaked in the 1990s, the issue now is too much more about the exchange rate rather than the actual flow of goods and services.

Meanwhile, there are signs that China’s economic engine may not be as robust as it had once seemed. Across Southeast Asia, several countries are vying to become the next low-cost “factory to the world.”

Trump’s take on the current state of economic affairs in Asia may be outdated at best, but the truth is that the world’s most populous and economically robust region in the world is also becoming increasingly polarized, just like the United States and Europe.

Asia also has very large swaths of the population unable to benefit from the fruits of an interconnected global economy.

China playing the nationalist card?

While an unprecedented number of Chinese tourists have flocked overseas to shop at some of the world’s toniest stores and Chinese investors are key players in global markets, the divide between those who are accumulating wealth and those barely scraping by continues to widen rapidly.

The leadership in Beijing has actually emulated its big capitalist brother in Washington by essentially paying mere lip service to correcting the widening gap between those who have gained from globalization and those who are losing as a result.

While the number of those who could suffer is likely to rise, efforts to establish social safety nets have not been forthcoming.

Granted, since China is not a democracy and the Communist Party is not accountable to voters, the need for Beijing to address those concerns may not be as immediate as in countries that need to court the electorate.

Still, China’s leadership is quite adamant about playing the nationalist card in order to deflect attention from the real problems facing the country.

By fanning the flames of xenophobia and rallying nationalist fervor, Beijing has been able to buy time to avoid addressing the pressing issues facing an increasingly polarized society.

Trump phenomenon not unique to the US

However, there is no indication that the ultimate political frustration about the immense inequality between the population at large and the system’s true insiders, prominently those at the top of the party hierarchy, is lessening.

What this points to is that, Trump’s abrasive personality aside, his ability to tap into the fears of those who feel marginalized is hardly unique to the United States.

Just as there is a hunger among U.S. voters to find ways to finder greater equity and benefit from closer global ties, a similar yearning is bubbling away worldwide, including in East Asia.

The real challenge that the current U.S. presidential election cycle presents to Asian governments is whether they can act in time to address those fairness issues before it is too late.

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About Shihoko Goto

Shihoko Goto is the senior associate for Northeast Asia at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, D.C.

  • tini

    We may assume that most disenfranchised are passive couch potatoes that won’t fight for redistribution of wealth and opportunity that most are unlikely to make good use of anyway. And we may also assume that the rich with their servant managers will never grant a deep redistribution without a fight. Once empowered, why should a Trump deliver to the poor and undeserving – in his mental universe? I cannot find a good reason. He will not even try. Will he strike a deal with the establishment? I mean do the ‘reasonable’ thing for a risk averse elite establishment muggel? No, Trump can be expected to grandstand by shaking things up. The establishment hates the unpredictability a Trump would bring. But since the average Trump will quickly fail when given responsibility the danger is limited and a broad learning effect may even be desirable. However, the end of democracy is likely when a demagogue succeeds in ruthlessly unplugging the checks on his power claiming to require that to deliver on his promises… But then, a democracy that does not deliver delegitimizes itself and might as well give autocracy a new life. Equating autocracy with Mao, Stalin or Hitler is a cheap exageration. There may also be the scenario of a ‘good king’ that does a better job at governing than our failing democracies… well, it may be also be a dream.

  • Rod Patrick

    Ha ha ha! It’s not fear. It’s self defense and justified anger against the excesses of the Government that propelled both the Tea Party and the rise of Nationalist Trump as the leader of the working class Americans. But Republicans/Conservatives and Demoncrats/Liberals still think it’s all about ideological divide. That’s where they are wrong! That’s why most lamestream media don’t get it. The Establishment (both D and R) and the conniving 4th State Media are the ones that are TRULY AFRAID that their elitist and easy lives will soon be over.

  • Gilchrist

    Paying off American politicians to betray the American people is the subject here, and has zero to do with communist thugs like China.

  • Gilchrist

    We already have experienced this in the USA, and his names are Barry/Soetoro/Barrack/Hussein/Obama

  • Snitch_in_Time

    The greatest danger of a Trump presidency is Trump’s ability to sell Trump rather than what Trump will actually do. The level of ego investment of the average Trump follower would have made Stalin, Mao, Perone, Castro, and Hitler green with envy. The problem with cults of personality, and make no mistake about this being a YUGE cult of personality, is people only really care about following the Dear Leader. They really wind up not caring where they are being led.
    Here is an example: A fellow who was walking door to door for a candidate for U.S. House ran into a Trump supporter. He politely asked what he liked about Trump. The answer was: “The Republican Party has gone too far right!”. So the gentleman asked: “Can you give me an example?” and the good Trump supporter said: “Yes, Cruz wanting to ban all Muslims is an example.” The canvasser, stunned, said: “But, sir, isn’t that a Trump position, not a Cruz position?” and homeowner thought for a minute, wrinkled his brow, and said: “I still support Trump, now I cannot talk further.” and closed the door. This is a VERY TYPICAL Trump supporter and in that allegiance to the man not the policies is where the real danger is found.

  • Edmund Burke

    The international picture is not the focus right now. There is much work to be done. Trump’s securing of the nomination and subsequent election is far from a fait accompli with all the plots and forces arrayed against him, one plan after another. It’s enough to enjoy how he has got the democrat elite structure their radical anarchist groups, the state controlled media and the GOP in an absolute frenzy.

  • Boilertom87

    The media still doesn’t get it. Status quo hasn’t worked for decades. Whether you like Trump or hate him, he has single handedly made (most) Americans excited about politics again.

  • Uncensored

    World War 2 put the US in a very unique position. The rest of the world was almost destroyed and the effects of the war touched every nation. But except for Pearl Harbor, America was untouched. That fact enabled us to be the factory to the world.
    I don’t think that can ever happen again. But, the fact that we have outsourced virtually all of factories, and when any new industry arises (Information Technology), we race to out source it as well, will only lead to further economic failures for a great many people.
    If we aren’t going to benefit in our position in the world like we did post war, why should we then continue to act like we did. Paying the defense costs of countries like Germany and Japan, does nothing to help us. What I see is in this election is a lot of people tired of being forced to be magnanimous. Why are we helping the world, when no one, or at least the perception of no one is helping us?

    I voted for Donald Trump because to me, he represents a common sense approach.

  • Susan Vue

    Not a single liberal has been able to tell me how the USA can remain the USA with wide open borders

  • Lib Serum

    Don’t confuse “fear” for clear vision. “Fear” is a useful word to suggest the concerns of others are based on unreasoned emotion, irrational. It’s use and purpose are transparent.

  • jbspry

    “From building a wall along the Mexican border to barring Muslims entry into the United States and demanding more money for U.S. military operations from foreign governments, his proposals would lead to an about-face in Washington’s relations with the world. ”
    So your thesis is that the prospect of America telling the rest of the world to care for their own populations and to provide for their own defense would be cataclysmic.
    And yet the world resents our “intrusiveness” and “hegemony” and scream “YANKEE GO HOME!” at every turn.
    I wish you fur’ners would make up your minds…

  • Susan Vue

    Like Michael Savage says: Liberalism is a Mental Disorder

  • Alucard_the_last

    You’re correct. Bush was also terrible. We are not talking about 8 years of Obama’s reign of terror, we are talking about 16 years (minimum) of anti-America/n policies that don’t benefit the people with open borders being on the top of the list and the endless demand by the far left that are constantly met.

  • Seniorsquadldr

    Crush the filthy, greedy, evil, Establishment. The tax on every cent of income over $1,000,000 should be 100%. They should be able to scrape by on a million dollars. The Establishment should be held to every rule, law, policy, they force on the people. Establishment children should be barred from attending any school other than a public school. No establishment family member down to 3rd cousin may work for any agency or company providing services to the Establishment Regime.

  • Alucard_the_last

    Left wing Hollywood won’t like your idea at all nor will left wing Zuckerburg.

  • chris

    The Globalists are now exposed for what they are really about all over the World – to end National Sovereignty . Good luck to you when your subscription rates along with your social engineering fail.

  • People [shrugs]

    The truth is much more stark:

    Trump is a symptom of a much larger issue, America’s complete and utter decline.

    America has become so corrupt and dishonest it can ONLY produce the disastrous candidates it has.

    People act as if 2016 is some sort of outlier, when in fact it is the natural outcome of decades of corruption and dishonest and political manipulation.

    The media and the political and economic and elites and thought leaders are so detached from truth, and so resistant to reality, that Donald Trump was BOUND to happen. In fact if would be astonishing if it didn’t.

    The only real hope for avoiding decades of disaster is for the people leading our societies to be honest. And that isn’t likely to happen. So.

    Prepare yourselves for many more wars, refugees, economic collapses, violence, etc., etc.

  • TXRider

    The reason that America has aligned itself with Trump’s message is because the majority of Americans do not like the kow-towing that Democratic leadership has done to other nations in an attempt to appease them (for no discernible reason). The smugness of self-proclaimed “progressives” will continue to be rewarded with failures in the polls and a continued resurgence of conservatism in America and other nations worldwide. This is the New World Order and it is not liberal in nature or substance.

  • Susan Vue

    I go to work
    The government takes 1/2 of all I earn and spends it on programs I disagree with and sticks a bunch of black burka wearing mooslim head cutters in the 3 family across from me. No I do not like my current government no I do not.

  • oz

    The status quo has worked perfectly for George Soros, Warren Buffett, big banks and Wall St. Not coincidently the same people who own everything and who write the trade laws, healthcare laws, etc. Trump represents independence and the working class and more importantly can’t be bought. Can’t have that.

  • Seniorsquadldr

    Crush the Hollywood Establishment, evil, vile, rich, monsters.

  • seewillie

    The reason Trump is successful is that there is a broad perception out there that he is actually independent. The public has finally come to the realization that their representatives and their presidents are nothing but cheap little political whores that in NO way represent their interests. His policies…or lack thereof…are secondary to that fact. Citizens are tired of being sold down the river to by these scumbags who represent the banking and corporate elite…..the 0.0001% who own most everything.

  • Beautyon

    Trump is not tapping into anyone’s fears, quite the opposite. His message, deliverable or not, is completely positive, and he does not rely on fear. What he is saying is simple America is going to secure its borders, negotiate with everyone, not fight wars, and reduce taxes so that industry stays in America.

    The people who are frightened are women like Shihoko Goto, Washington Intelligentsia “Programme Associate” where people like Trump, common businessmen are sneered at. This is nothing whatsoever to do with vaguely outlined blue sky policies spluttered out on the campaign trail; this is Class War, and Goto and her class are the goto people to smear Trump. It can never work.

    The vast majority of Americans do not care about Think Tanks and Policy Wonks. They are real Americans, interested in their own well being, not geopolitics, Political Correctness, Internationalism, nation building and all the other plagues that have brought America to its knees. Americans simply do not care about these things, and neither should they. Trump is tapping into this, and because it is incomprehensible to Wonks that peopel are not interested in Foreign Affairs and do not read it, the only possible explanation in their pallette is “Bigotry”, “Hate”, “Fear” and other Pavlovian reactions that do not touch the reality in any way.

    Whatever you think of Trump, and whether his policies are achievable or not, his win would be a crushing blow to the system. Even if it were not, his election would be supremely entertaining. There is nothing more pleasurable than to see the insiders faint at the possibility of Donald J. Trump constantly catching them on the wrong foot, scrambling around for an explanation for his popularity and coming up with the most threadbare nonsense masquerading as analysis.

  • InTheShelter

    That is the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard. Punishing the rich won’t fix the problem. Taxing people and giving more money and power to the government won’t fix the problem either. Government IS the problem. Too many regulations, one sided trade deals, unfair currency manipulation by our competitors, and we are busy shutting down the coal industry for no reason which means the energy to do business in the US cost 2-4 times as much. Taxing people does not solve that problem.

  • james beapukin

    “The greatest geopolitical risk in the world today is the possibility of a Trump administration. ”

    I’m going to make a fortune selling fainting couches to all these leftists.

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Lip

    Donald of Orange and Mrs. Stainmaker are two sides of the same coin.

    Same as it ever was…

  • Alucard_the_last

    You posted exactly the same thing I’ve been saying for years. Socialism works in Europe because the US taxpayer funds 60% of Europe’s defense budget which leaves them open to use their tax funds for social programs. This is why the left has never belched to withdraw from Europe because even they know that the social programs will collapse within a few years if they actually had to foot their own defense budget. And to think, they are suicidal anyway so why are we even there?

  • orlfla

    You are wrong. You haven’t seen corruption until you see the inner workings of Communism in China. They will throw in a sacrificial lamb every now and then so they can make their own headlines about how they are fighting it. However, since practically every business and even individual is involved in it to some extent it’s not difficult for them to find someone who has pizzed off someone higher up so they can be grabbed, thrown in jail and possibly executed.

    Yes, I lived there for a number of years and it is almost the norm that small gifts are laid on the corner of a clerk’s desk so an application for something is moved to the top of the stack. And when that one gets stamped off then it’s on to the next desk to hand the paperwork to the next clerk or official and quietly place another gift on the corner of their desk. Don’t want to do that? No problem. Be ready for your paperwork to sit for weeks or maybe months because others are cutting in ahead of you with their “gifts” which you decided not to bring.

    And you don’t see anything higher up over there because even though it goes on they do not have an open news media so people are told only what they want you to hear. We do here and that’s why you hear of it.
    Been there, done that.

  • oz

    Trump plays off of fears? What about the establishment under the Bush admin who pushed fear to sell us the Bush bailouts? Which is NOT free markets BTW. What happens when you reward crooks? You get more crooks! They should have been flushed out of business where 10 more companies would take their places. Yet it’s ok for them to do it, but point fingers and claim Trump is doing it – when he is not. People aren’t afraid, they’re pissed off!

  • gumpinghard

    Trump does indeed look like an Oompa Loompa. Now if he could only sing like Gene Wilder.

  • Seniorsquadldr

    Martial Law is just around the corner, I can hear the hobnailed boots of the Obolaforces, goose-stepping down the streets. I saw a cattle car with the FEMA logo. The Establishment is coming for us.

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Lip

    If America ever tires of Trump, there are plenty of other attention-whores they can vote for.

    Hasn’t Kanye West announced for 2020?

  • JJGroves

    We live in an era were in some contrived way we have had the notions of Right and Left in America hijacked by the European versions of Right and Left when there is no relation what so ever. In Europe extreme Right and Left are simply the two branches of Marxism (Nationalist Socialist/Internationalist Socialist). In the 20th century we lost hundreds of thousands of our people fighting both those philosophies. They were classically what was considered the root of evil in this country and the free world. They don’t teach history in school any more instead they let creeps like George Soros re-write it for America. Now we have globalist/fascist wolves in sheep’s clothing masquerading as internationalist communist (i.e. China) No wonder we see all this caos! The misinformation campaign has reached critical mass and “the people” are starting to see right though it.

  • Butch

    The death of the polo-cat consultant class. Trump 2016!!!

  • What’sMyLine?

    Trump isn’t tapping into fear, it is anger over our government selling out every American by opening our borders and jobs to third world hoards.

    Love the little bio about the author Shihiko Goto. So what is she a scholar in, propaganda and other LSM lies?

  • Bob Lawbla

    Well said.

  • InTheShelter

    Ha, yeah, okay, whatever. You make the mistake of thinking that Trump supporters are all mindless cult of personality followers, and that’s not the case. It’s not that we necessarily like Trump, it’s that all the other options are business as usual, and Trump has pointed out real problems, immigration, bad trade deals, political correctness, the Fed, the government still keeping 28 pages of the 9/11 report secret, etc. Basically a government failing the people.

    And Trump’s position is NOT to ban all Muslims. It was to TEMPORARILY ban Muslins until we can find a way to properly vet them. For someone who’s looking down his nose at Trump supporters for their supposed ignorance you should don’t exactly score high on the IQ chart yourself, do you?

  • Shears-of-Atropos

    An interesting perspective: recall the events of the mid-1800’s, when a social revolution swept through Europe. We’re talking 1848 (+/-) a couple years. Wars, threats of wars, outright rebellions, all in the name of political reform.

  • snapperman

    It’s not “people who FEEL marginalized.”
    It’s CITIZENS who have been sidelined in favor of foreigners and the rich….think Disney IT, think Southern Cal Edison IT and 112,000 people in OH

  • Alucard_the_last

    Well we agree on that point. If they would be taxed 100% over a million dollars, they would drop their socialist ideology become libertarians within an hour.

  • outloud


  • Dean Kaltsas

    susan, whats going on in the usa is what went on in greece for 25 years. i know because i watched it happen. they continue till the country collapses and there is no one left to pay for their stupid programs. then they blame america. and obviously cannot find a way out now. my last article i read last night was this assault on america by george clooney why the usa is doing nothing to help all the muslims that are suffering. what a hypocrite. i prefer to point out the genocide of thousands of christians in africa that clearly is not on any news stations here, but viewed all the time as soon as you leave the country. but i guess thats our fault too!

  • Seniorsquadldr

    OK, we just do away with the Establishment rich, and government. I am up for that.

  • IceStar

    The writer of this article has no real understanding of American politics.

    I am a Trump supporter.

    I want the wall built for many reasons.

    It is law to have it built.

    I want the border controlled so people do not come here illegally.

    Every country has that right and responsibility.

    I want all illegals deported.

    No one has the right to come and stay here because they want to.

    I want my country’s laws enforced and our sovereignty respected.

    I want a business for endly government.

    I want the rest of the world to pay for their own defense.

    I want other countries that use our military bases as their defense to pay US for our presence.

    The USA needs to stop aid packages to other countries, let them take care of themselves.

    Trump has tapped into the fury here against the Establishment that has said they would do things then do the opposite when in office.

    The Left tramples the Constitution

    The Right betrays the voter.


    Trump 2016

    Someone not beholding to the rich lobbyist who care nothing for the People

  • Shears-of-Atropos

    Put another way, the charismatic leader who appears in troubled times may not even know or act out a pre-planned agenda. All he need do is provide the “tuning fork”, or lens, to resonate and focus the existing unrest and it will happen. The existence of Rush Limbaugh should have been an early warning of the level of discontent in the U.S. at the time. How slowly we learn!

  • ralphie44

    Fuck you globalist jewbots. We dont want your JEW WORLD ORDER.
    That includes those of us who do not know what it actually is.

  • InTheShelter

    Trump people are not asking for redistribution of wealth, that’s liberal progressives saying “in order for me to succeed you have to give me your money”. That’s utter crap. Trump people want government to get out of their way and quit working against them, they want government put America and Americans first instead of our backstabbing trade “partners”, they want the government to quit stealing their money through wasteful taxes and they want to work and build their wealth themselves.

    It seems your criticism more aptly applies to the current liberal progressive ideology.

  • Max42

    Reading the media around the world one would think that Donald Trump, rather than being a candidate for President, should be locked away in solitary confinement for life because he is a grave danger to humanity. In fact, the reaction to him is so negative and polarized, it’s no small wonder that he continues to garner more votes. That’s an illustration of how little credibility the mainstream media has with the average US voter.

  • Longo

    Good article, Ms Goto. You correctly recognize that Trumpism being a reaction to globalization and its increasing income inequality, can easily be exported. China is very nervous indeed.

  • Olinka

    so the elite that is building barbed wire fences in Europe and starts to turn the migrants away does not like the wall on the Mexican border..hypocrites…the party of the world-wide robber elite is going to end if Trump is elected, and that’s what scares the elite, nothing else. Good times taking advantage of stupid America will be OVER

  • Kortney Dunkle


  • Annunaki

    Very well said.

  • TakeNoBull

    In the article– Trump’s ideas may be out dated—– because— Meanwhile, there are signs that China’s economic engine may not be as robust as it had once seemed. Across Southeast Asia, several countries are vying to become the next low-cost “factory to the world.” uh how would that make his ideas out dated it only means other countries would rob us of jobs and our industrial complex.

  • DavStp

    OMG you just won the internet today……. hahahahhaha fainting couches indeed.

  • Stewart

    Trump 2016. Fuck the globalist scumbags.

  • Brian washere

    America was great once. In 1964 it produced over 95% of what it consumed and was leaving the rest of the world in the dust economically and technologically. It was a symbiotic culture where even if you didn’t have an advanced degree you could carve out a solid living for yourself and your family through boundless opportunities in low skilled manufacturing.

    And then it started to take root…. Affirmative action, feminism, kumbaya hippies, socialism, today’s form of liberalism, drug culture, gang culture, unchecked illegal immigration, UBER greed from major corporations and their insatiable thirst for yielding $6 per share versus $5 per share, a distancing from church and God in favor of faux religions like the hoax of AGW and political correctness that makes calling any of that out a social taboo.

    A lot of people get it but a lot are too stupid or so far down the rabbit hole they don’t care. America needs to be picked up by the neck and shaken and slapped back into reality. Problems need to be addressed at root levels and not spend all our time tip-toeing around trying not to offend anyone only to come up with quarter-assed solutions.

    Establishment candidates, as the establishment themselves, are bought and paid for and are not the solution.

    We are reaping what we have sown and its time to take our damn medicine and come back to reality.

  • It’s A Jeep Thing

    Trump’s right (again)
    Goto is wrong

    TRUMP 2016

  • Sam Huston

    Hello from Canada.

    It’s not “fear” that is driving the Trump rebellion you idiot. It’s the indignation of being treated like retarded children by the political elite class.

    TRUMP 2016, IT’S A FACT.
    Learn it, Live it, Love it.
    Trump will make America and the free world great again.

  • dareisay

    The world leaders are, as Obama said, wee weeing their pants!

    A President that wants to work for American citizens instead of businesses that want to take our jobs away from us, how unique!

    The world isn’t afraid of Trump, they are afraid we might retain what jobs we have left, remaining a sovereign Country…a country that no longer manufacturers what we purchase, is not a sound Country!

  • Mark Swanson

    We’re understandably sick and tired of having our nation systematically transformed into a third world slum.

    Trump 2016!

  • Stewart

    And then blood will flow. WE the citizens of the US have MILLIONS of guns and we are ready to use them.

  • mike moore

    Folks the only reason other countries are concerned about Trump is because their fleecing of America will be better controlled if Trump is elected. He isn’t going to end trade just adjust the rules a little bit to give some relief to USA. Same with immigration; not stop, it just get control. His comments have been mis-quoted on a daily basis.

  • roastytoasty

    It is not fear that feeds Trump’s popularity. ANGER toward incompetent officials (elected & unelected) is the prime force. The bureaucrats & politicians live well and talk big while infrastructure decays & lawlessness spreads. Politicians & bureaucrats are being paid well to do a job and they are failing. If Trump gets elected he will say “You’re fired!” to a great many people. FEAR of Trump is not with the people. Fear of Trump is in the ranks of corrupt government.

  • DJ H

    It took over 200 years, lots of mistakes, getting vastly different groups of people to cooperate… but the USA carved out a powerhouse economy to flourish under a constitution that didn’t seek to over-regulate and tax it to death… initially. “GLOBALIZATION” is just another world for… “Stealing Hard Earned American Jobs & GIVING THEM TO OTHERS.” We can send economy advisors to help them start their own economies but they must be responsible for creating laws to MAINTAIN IT. These unbalanced trade agreements have killed American industry, jobs and financials to feed our people first.
    “Give a person food, they eat for one day. Teach them to garden, and they eat for a lifetime.” It’s time we cut the purse strings and let these countries work through building their own businesses and economies… and send our jobs back home.

  • Trump2016

    Under Trump America will FINALLY not get screwed like we have under obama and the GOPe

  • Kitwench

    So, the liberals fear that the same sheep le who believed Obama will now believe Trump?

  • Victor Edmund Overbanks

    Have I mentioned that Trump is literally Hitler and that its 2016? I mean… come on.
    All jokes aside, get ready for a media circus up to November, then Trump just ‘barely loses’, and ‘democracy prevails’ with 8 years of Hillary and TPP.
    The vote is rigged. You know it. I know it. We all know it.
    Its time to stand up.

  • mjazzguitar

    I agree with everything but feel that we are reaping what the politicians and big businesses have sown.

  • TN71

    Shikoko Goto still doesn’t get it. She must not be as smart as she thinks she is.

  • Princess

    Trump’s ideas are spot on…his delivery is awful. The Dems have a long history with identity politics and dubbing anyone who differs as racist, sexist…etc. Few even listen to them anymore..much like a child screaming “I hate you!” to a parent who doesn’t allow them to get their way. They look pitiful and need to be ignored.
    (oh BTW…I don’t think Hillary is going to use the sexist technique on Trump anymore/anytime soon. She got clobbered :)

  • Valmont

    Europe is being swamped with millions of illiterate illegal aliens from Africa, the Middle East, Pakistan and Afghanistan, and this hack writer calls it an “invasion,” in scare quotes.

  • BMF

    This article is utter nonsense. Sounds like talking points from Mother Jones rather than an opinion piece based on an unbiased understanding of what is happening in America.
    Just another liberal confusing reality with her fairy dust vision of progressive liberalism.
    The world may fear Trump, but only because it means they are going to have to start learning to depend on themselves and will not likely be able to fleece the US for economic aid that gets us nothing in return.
    We literally made Japan and Germany the economic power houses of the last half of the 20th century. But we literally got nothing in return. Partly our own fault as we forced both countries to write pacifism into their constitutions. Neither country will send fighting forces outside their borders (not talking about pretend NATO exercises).
    NATO has about as much defense capability as a wet paper bag, and that hasn’t gone unnoticed by our adversaries. The world has become far more dangerous since 9/11 but it’s not because of Trump.

  • Charley Varrick

    Globalists all over the world will learn fear again. Trump will come after them. The era of global establishment rule is over. The writing is on the wall in Europe as well. The West will never submit to totalitarian rule again. Babbling about inclusiveness to pit minorities against each other will not help it anymore.

  • Sir Gregory Tufton Balls

    Because nothing bespeaks progress and world unity like repressed people in Asia being paid slave wages for producing high tech goods. This is what the educated world is defending when attacking Trump.

  • Brian washere

    And we the people through ignorance and ambivalence have allowed it.

  • richard bergman

    The USA had a limited Federal Government sharing power with the States
    Now we have a Totalitarian Socialist State
    Things are now different
    Trump will unleash this state on its Socialist creators and end their plunder and power
    The Leftists are now apoplectic and obviously this is now spreading all over the world
    In Germany the Regime was defeated and their response…NOTHING WILL CHANGE!
    Well we will see about that!
    TRUMP 2016

  • Cainemarko

    While I am a Trump supporter, lets please address the issues from a real perspective. America wasn’t an industrial powerhouse in the 60’s due to ANY greatness or ability on our part. It was SOLELY due to the fact that Europe and Asia were decimated by WW II and had no infrastructure. While we had it all, due to the buildup during the war. The rest of the world has simply caught up now.

    Also, we as a country still have incredible manufacturing output. We are just working smarter, not harder. Technology in the manufacturing industries has dramatically increased production per worker. One worker can produce 10 times as much as a worker a decade ago. This has far more to do with no new jobs being here, than them “getting moved to Mexico”.

    Again, I am voting for Trump, but he is making the right points with the wrong reasons.

  • mjazzguitar

    How much of a choice is the lesser of two evils?
    Not many can afford to run for office.

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Lip

    Trumpa, Loompa, dumb-pa-dee-do
    I have a perfect puzzle for you
    Trumpa, Loompa, dumb-pa-dee-dee
    If you are wise, you’ll listen to me

    What do you get with a slather on tan?
    How ’bout a combed-over orange-skinned man?
    What are you at being an adult brat?
    What do you think will come of that?

    I don’t like the look of it.

    Trumpa, Loompa, dumb-pa-dee-da
    If you are greedy, you will go far
    You will live in fantasy too
    Like the Trumpa Loompa dumb-pa-dee-do

    Trumpa, Loompa, dumb-pa-dee-do
    I have another puzzle for you
    Trumpa, Loompa, dumb-pa-dee-dee
    If you are wise, you’ll listen to me

    Spray tans are fine when it’s once in a while
    It stops you from washing out and humors your style
    But it’s repulsive, revolting, and wrong
    Looking like a citrus fruit all day long

    The way that John Boehner does

    Trumpa, Loompa, dumb-pa-dee-da
    Given good manners, you won’t go far
    You will live in fantasy too
    Like the Trumpa Loompa dumb-pa-dee-do

    Trumpa, Loompa, dumb-pa-dee-do
    I have another puzzle for you
    Trumpa, Loompa, dumb-pa-da-dee
    If you are wise, you’ll listen to me

    Who do you blame for your candidate brat?
    Pampered and spoiled like a Siamese cat
    Blaming the Donald’s a lie and a shame
    You know exactly who’s to blame

    The bankruptcy court and judge

    Trumpa, Loompa, dumb-pa-dee-da
    If you are not spoiled, then you can go far
    You will live in fantasy too
    Like the Trumpa Loompa dumb-pa-dee-do

    Trumpa, Loompa, dumb-pa-dee-do
    I have another puzzle for you
    Trumpa, Loompa, dumb-pa-da-dee
    If you are wise, you’ll listen to me

    What do you get from realiTV?
    A pain in the neck and an IQ of three
    Why don’t you try simply reading a book?
    Or can you just not bear to look?

    Apprentice? Kim Kardashian?

    Trumpa, Loompa, dumb-pa-dee-da
    If you are greedy, you can go far
    You will live in fantasy too
    Like the Trumpa Loompa dumb-pa-dee-do

  • Valmont

    I understand and agree with your point, however there is fear as well: Fear that the country and its future are being destroyed for the benefit of globalist oligarchs who will be rich enough to avoid living with the chaos they are creating.

  • TJeff101

    You paint with a broad brush……its cute little story…cherry picking an “example” does not strengthen your point. I can do the same……replace the name Trump with Obama change the issue and you can say the same of mindless support of Obama supporters. Your view of the majority of voters who support Trump is wrong. It is a reaction of people who are tired of a culture that fawns over the elites in society while sneering at those not in the “club”,….that gives us political dynasties to vote for, ….tired of a political party/or parties and a government that purports to represent them yet never seems to address their issues.

  • Charley Varrick

    And I’d like to add,
    TRUMP 2016!

  • richard bergman

    bark, bark,bark,bark,bark……

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Lip

    Mrs. Stainmaker? Is that you?

  • Charley Varrick

    Globalists are leftists, and suffer from the same inherent mental limitations.

  • Imperator Cydonius

    I wish Trump was president of the world. Build a YUUUUUGE wall around the middle east and let them all kill each other inside. Screw islam and screw all of its followers

  • Jimbob

    We need to clean house, all of them incumbents need to go. We need to stop the revolving door. Trump needs to bring all new people in there and by executive order retract all of their pensions before sending them to gitmo for treason.
    I would have the military go to DC and place everyone under arrest for treason and send them to gitmo.

  • Valmont

    Ann Coulter’s new column is worth a read, on her website. The title — “Voters Send Subtle Message: Die, Donor Scum.”

  • RametinDallas

    This election cycle is not about right/left, it is about globalization vs. nationalism. Globalist want us all working for lowest wages while the elite profit and control. The elite control the production and the media which work hand-in-hand to convince the public that the election is about right vs. left. Don’t be a dupe; vote either Sanders or Trump to give the citizenry their voice back.

  • Brian washere

    “America wasn’t an industrial powerhouse in the 60’s due to ANY greatness or ability on our part. It was SOLELY due to the fact that Europe and Asia were decimated by WW II and had no infrastructure.”

    By the 60’s America had rebuilt most of those war torn nations. That 20 years post war for the love of God. America was on top because of a work ethic that far exceeded European nations in particular and little interference by government. Standing in stark contrast to the mount Everest pile of government regulations that exist today.

  • William Silverstrand

    Fear? Xenophobia?
    It’s always obvious when a liberal is writing another cheap hit piece. It’s sad really … Imagine never being able to view the world through the lens of clear sighted common sense. It’s the mentality that kills the messenger and then securely locks it’s doors against any meaningful change that seeks to enter.
    We’ve had over seven years of this liberal toilet thinking! No wonder American’s are on the verge of revolt.

  • dareisay

    Why waste space with such nonsense?

  • vadave

    No one including Trump wants to stop immigration. Immigration needs to be contained and controlled so that it delivers the best interests to it’s citizens and national sovereignty. The immigration system has been systematically eroded since Teddy Kennedy’s dubious revamping of the immigration system back in 1965. It’s Trump and a majority of citizens who wants to put common sense back into the immigration system in order to protect the American way of life instead of sitting idly by watching the eventual erosion of the success of the great American experiment.

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Lip

    “Why waste space with such nonsense?”

    Ask yourself. You posted it.

    And your avatar underscores the fact that Mrs. Stainmaker and Trumpa Loompa are two sides of the same coin.

  • Mark Tyler

    Very nice, now go take your nap….and let the adults have a conversation…..

  • Charley Varrick

    Objection. Germany in the 1960 was already very strong, among other European countries. That was only compensated by Britain in decline.

  • RatFinder

    It sucks being you… what will you do when Trump is President…

  • Charley Varrick

    Adequately expressed.

  • dareisay

    You need a nap.

  • RatFinder

    Trump must be the man when the NWO crowd is getting worried and upset

  • Jack Klompus

    …more like a frenzied panic.

  • RatFinder

    Build the wall and stop Muslim Soldiers from getting to America

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Lip

    Trump’s job is to get Mrs. Stainmaker elected, Red-eyes.

  • RatFinder


  • Valmont

    Donald Trump makes the world’s entrenched political whores, and their useful idiots in the media, very nervous indeed. They are terrified their game is up.

  • William Silverstrand

    Isn’t that cute … if only everyone could view the world through the eyes of a 10 year old!

  • Muzzled

    no, that’s your job….obviously

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Lip

    Parrots can be amusing.

    Go ahead.

    Entertain us.

  • Charley Varrick

    Yeah, read it. The silent majority in the West has been stirred long enough and is awaking with a deafening roar.

  • Seniorsquadldr

    We do, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, we have not shown a propensity to use them. We allowed and even encouraged the establishment to enslave us. I see why the establishment is confused. We asked them to do to us what they have done. We now turn on them? They did their best to meet our demands. We demanded stupid children, they provided them, we demanded a fractured nation, they delivered, we demanded a God less nation they delivered, we demanded to be slaves to the establishment, they delivered the slavery. The Establishment looks at us as slaves, they are the whip holders. We made the whip and presented it to them. The cure for the problem is found in The Constitution of the United Sates, look for yourself.

  • Walt Browning

    “Trump has repeatedly argued that, under the existing trade rules, the United States has been taken advantage of. Japan and China in particular have come under attack from Trump as the biggest economic threats to the United States… the issue now is too much more about the exchange rate rather than the actual flow of goods and services.”
    EXACTLY. When currency is manipulated, you have a silent but serious trade war going on. Trump recognizes this. Because currency manipulation is not addressed in the TPP and other trade agreements, it is inherently out of balance with the US.

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Lip

    Well-rested here; but you look like a broken coin.

  • RatFinder

    Trump is the only person who can beat Killery

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Lip

    That’s the only way Trumpa Loompa will be elected.

  • Splashes

    God gave him the strength and the unwavering stamina to do this (while Hillary barks and coughs) for a reason. Even HE is tired of watching the world go down. Trump will win and the world will be better for it.

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Lip

    Boring…eventually one tires of feeding you trolls.

  • Mark

    Yes this writer does not get it. He is not tapping into fear…that is so fashionable to say but so empty and so soulless of what is really happening. People are frustrated by the left wing political facism bullying anyone who disagrees which leaves one side voiceless. And second, politicians are not listening to people. but only force their agenda on the folks like what the Obama Nation is doing and there is no competent leaders to stand up and work for all the folks.

  • Walt Browning

    To her credit, she recognizes China as xenophobic and I would include the Japanese as well, at least when it comes to dealing with the Gaijin

  • Splashes

    God gave him the strength and the unwavering stamina to do this (while
    Hillary barks and coughs) for a reason. Even HE is tired of watching the
    world go down. Trump will win and the world will be better for it.
    Trump 2016

  • Muzzled

    I am one of millions of trolls

  • TroyGale

    You can often judge a man by those who are his enemies, or who fear him.
    I like Trump’s list of enemies because they are NOT American.
    Trump 2016

  • Screech Screecher

    The only people who oppose Trump’s idea are those who already live behind large walls or are looking to avoid existing ones.
    It has little to do with the actual man except he has guts to express them.

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Lip

    Cruz beats Clinton head to head.

    Kasich beats Clinton head to head.

    Can’t find polls where Trump beats Clinton — ever.

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Lip

    The only surprise is your admission thereof.

    Now that you’re out of denial you can begin healing.

  • smartone

    TRUMP 2016.

  • Cainemarko

    Trust me I am not arguing that we don’t have too much government interference. But if that was the sole point Trump was making then I would have no issue with his argument.

    But estimates for the war have the death toll upwards of 75 million people. In addition to limited natural resources in the first place, much less what was lost during the war. This takes generations to rebuild. 20 years is nothing.

    Then of course during that rebuilding phase, America was truly the only game in town. So even when they did manage to get some infrastructure back in place, America was still the leader. With the lion’s share of the markets. That takes time to overcome as well. 20 years it may have been, but when you are rebuilding an entire continent with people and resources, its really barely any time at all.

  • I posting this at National Review. NR is pro-globalist Media HQ and a fierce gatekeeper for Washington DC elites.

    P.S. Be careful commenting on NRO….you might be banned for having “incorrect” thoughts in support of Mr.Trump. Yes, this is what has become of Bill Buckley’s radical conservative, anti DC legacy.

  • Isaiahdolan

    Ms. Goto seems to fear Trump. Why?

  • Jumpy Gathers

    George Soros hates Trump. His attack dogs MOVEON hate Trump. The Black Lives Matter Crowd hates Trump. The liberal elites in the Media hate Trump. The Republican elitists like Romney hate Trump. Obama and Hillary hate Trump. Whoopie Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell hate Trump. Sorry folks, but to me that just screams ” VOTE TRUMP ” !

  • Raul Jimenez

    When are the Eloi people of the World are going to find out that the Morlocks wants them for lunch.

  • YuriTahrded

    Why does China escape criticism for their wall?

  • Jimbob

    Washington DC has become a taxpayer funded criminal organization that needs to be stopped. The US and the world would be better off without DC. We have just a small hand full of people telling us what we can and cannot do.

  • Making America Great

    Barring some Muslims is what Trump said but the media is full of lies they make up and said as all muslims when that is not true.

  • sDee

    That immigration act moved the US to a “diversity” based quota system from a need-based one.

    It has resulted in US central government using legal immigration quotas to flood the US with all manner of marrxist, communist, islamist, third world, and other Constitutional subversives.

    Poisoning the well.

  • Muzzled

    TRUMP 2016

  • Valmont

    I wonder if Ms. Goto’s next article will be about the walls surrounding Israel to keep out what they call foreign “intruders” and Israel’s very restrictive immigration requirements. Why can’t the US and European nations follow a wise example like that?

  • Murray Slaughter

    Seriously? A Trump administration poses the greatest geopolitical risk in the world today. Why, because he wants to seal our southern border? Get over yourself, Shihoko.

  • ImaHippyBurning

    The Vacuous Left has truly become everything they claim to hate but far worse!

    Cruz/Trump – Trump/Cruz either way make America great again and throw the Leftist/Anarchists out with the garbage!

  • SortOfNot

    On the verge of revolt and looking forward to the liberal whiners crawling back under their rocks.

  • Yogi Bears Tie

    My brother-in-law worked for a tool manufacturing company that unbolted the entire plant and moved it all to China. They couldn’t compete with companies that had already moved their manufacturing equipment to the third world, so everyone in that industry lost their jobs.

  • mjazzguitar

    Definitely a prophetic tale.

  • Jumpy Gathers

    The uber lefties at MSNBC hate Trump.George Soros hates Trump. His attack dogs at MOVEON hate Trump. The Black Lives Matter Crowd hates Trump. The liberal elites in the Media hate Trump. The Republican elitists like Romney, Boehner, and Ryan hate Trump. Obama and Hillary hate Trump. Whoopie Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell hate Trump. Sorry folks, but to me that just screams ” VOTE TRUMP “

  • Jimbob

    President Trump: Please use your executive authority to arrest everyone in DC for treason and void everything they have done in the past 20 years. Then use executive order to stop all future executive orders.

  • Chrislongski

    To allege trump is simply tapping into fears it naive. It goes a lot deeper than that.

    Like donor money….and political careerism.

  • bonnie1

    What are you talking about? Have you not been watching the elections in other countries? Just Europe alone. This “phenomenon” is not exclusive to USA. It’s been a wave across the globe. Right or wrong. I am no fan or defender of Trump. But it’s already happening and it’s not Trump’s doing.

  • michael44107

    Trump’s ability to tap into the ANGER of those who feel marginalized … FTFY

  • Splashes

    QUESTION: Just how many illegal immigrants in Asia are given welfare: free food, housing, education and medical care? WE HAVE 12 MILLION ILLEGALS in our country at this very moment, and that’s not even an accurate count! That number is from a couple of years ago and thousands stream through our southern porous border every month. And the HEROIN coming through is killing our young people!

    Yes Build A Wall! People can come into the US LEGALLY!
    And keep out middle easterners who cannot be vetted.
    Mr. Trump wants to keep America SAFE.
    Too bad Merkel & other leaders hadn’t the foresight to see what’s happening in their countries now.

  • High Plains Drifter

    Building a border fence to prevent illegal immigration on America’s southern border would be a disaster? Over 60% of Americans want tightened controls on immigration of all kinds and the majority favor a fence and greater security to keep illegals out.

    What nutcase liberal think tank does this woman come from?

  • OverTheCoastline

    I wish I could vote for him several times, like Democrats do.

  • 1911

    This will absolutely go global.

    Of course other countries around the world are scared. They’ve been freeloading on the US for decades. We’ve been very generous, and it’s turned to bleeding out. Now we’ve got a successful businessman running for office, one who wants us to get fair compensation for our efforts.

    Everyone around the globe loves to jump on the gripe about America bandwagon –
    until something happens to them, then it’s oh please, we need your help! How many people around the world has the US rescued, fed, clothed, protected and had lives rebuilt for in the last century. How many natural disasters have we sent people to assist with, how many billions have been spent just because we’re nice people.

    Then, let’s look at the companies and trade imports. how many countries screw with their dollar to imbalance what our goods cost over there, and how much do they undercut to coax businesses to work over there? Although, in truth it’s NAFTA, H1b abusers, and insane union and taxes that helped that.

    No one is saying (all) of these countries are evil (with the exception of places like Iran) But – they know the giant cow they’ve been getting free milk from is about to dry up and they’ll have to start working for themselves. Sure we’ll still help, but it’s not going to be one sided anymore. They’ve had decades of wussy politicians in Washington and tools in the UN using the US as their personal piggy bank, and now we’re on the cusp of getting a President who actually knows where to make a buck , and where to make it stop.

  • Brian washere

    You make valid points; however, the point I was making originally was that manufacturing hasn’t disappeared from the face of the earth. And we are in a lot of cases not working smarter. Those jobs still very much exist, just not here. In fact, it is still largely American manufacturing just being done in other nations.

    Why? Well, the regulations as I mention are a huge part of it but also cost of living in America that translates to higher wages. Corporate greed is nothing new. But politicians who fleece the treasury to buy votes and manipulate laws so as to be beneficiaries of not only fleecing the treasury but huge corporate donations is a much more modern (relatively speaking) thing.

    Look at how politicians manipulate trade and the H1B visa program for their benefactors when there are tens of thousands of qualified Americans to fill those jobs but the companies, and their bought and paid for politicians want cheap indentured servitude to maximize profits and subsequently political donations.

    With respect to Europe… one need look no further than their labor laws as they exist today to illustrate my point regarding work ethic. That’s who they are, and who they have always been.

  • OverTheCoastline

    This b!tc# sounds scared.

  • gustafus

    Migrants are EATING DOGS AND CATS … thousands are disappearing into the stew pots of migrants across Europe… and the press says it’s nonsense.. conspiracy theories.

    Social media is the only way Greeks and Slovenians, Croatians and others can grieve and warn other families that these filthy vermin are eating their precious pets.

    THOUSANDS of dogs and cats are being stolen from yards, patios and neighborhoods… and the lock down on information guarantees the horrible little toddlers we are supposed to sympathize with… have another meal…. on some child’s DOG.

    If I were there I would be stabbing them in their sleep.

  • OverTheCoastline

    Trump is awesome. I wish I could vote for him several times, like Democrats do.

  • Moneyrunner

    Woodrow Wilson, wasn’t he the racist Democrat who segregated the military?

  • Reginald Thornton

    Trump might be emulated overseas, you say.
    How will we recognize it- Merkel losing power to far right parties in recent elections? Far right parties gaining ground in France?
    Trump isn’t an isolated phenomenom, he’s in tune with a global revolution. Why do you think Soros is plotting “Democracy Spring -the largest civil disobedience action of the century”? Because of Trump alone?

  • Paul Schultz

    LOL…. Touche

  • mark abrams

    Cruz is a small government constitutionalist who supports free trade (genuine free trade – consisting of respect for reasonable patents and lowering tariffs ), trump is for increased government power and mercantilism. They couldnt be more different . Leftism/Marxism has failed so many times and killed and impoverished so many people it is amazing it still gasps along, But the lure of unlimited power and control and total dominion over every aspect other lives (slavery really) will always be attractive certain people .

  • What’sMyLine?

    I don’t listen to Limbaugh anymore, but from what I have been reading he has sold out as well.

  • mark abrams

    No because his policies will start a trade war with China, and cause a global depression .

  • kaysel

    China’s economy is suffering because the world is awash in debt and can no longer afford to buy China’s plastic crap. Now China has a problem of what to do with all the hinterland peasants that poured into the cities to manufacture and are now without jobs.
    They are afraid of a President Trump who will renegotiate trade deals and lower the corporate and business tax rates to entice companies to manufacture in the U.S. instead of China, Japan, Korea, and Mexico.
    It is called nationalism, something that has been lacking in our country for thirty-plus years. It is time to put Americans back to work.

  • What’sMyLine?

    All commie-dems are racists. They like to accuse others of what they are – fascist, racist authoritarians.

  • interventor

    Segregated the federal government workforce.

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest

    And the first Progressive/Communist who also took us into the first World War.

  • Valmont

    The globalist oligarchs and their minions are panic-stricken that Mr. Trump will get into office and then sit down to examine the books. They must prevent this from happening at all costs.

  • mark abrams

    How can one oppose Trumps ideas when the few he will reveal change completely fairly often ? For example up until a week ago he was for touchback amnesty. He may well be for some sort of amnesty .

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest

    “Trump Goes Global”

    I like it!

    Trump 2016/Make America Great Again!

    Trump 2020/Make The World Great Again!

  • Inspector Clouseau

    The more everyone hates Trump the more I realized he is the best choice to change the pond scum that rips us all off with impunity.

  • Splashes

    Ms. Goto, please move to Texas or Arizona so you could see firsthand what’s happening at our southern border. Your country does not allow illegal immigration and drugs to come pouring across your borders, and then give them all welfare. We have over 12 million illegals in the US right now, almost a million of them have committed crimes since coming in. And as you know, ISIS is giving migrants fake passports.

    Mr. Trump wants to keep the US SAFE.
    And he wants to balance trade deals so we will stop losing hundreds of billions of dollars a year.

  • Moneyrunner

    Ms. Goto, the people to whom Mr. Trump is speaking are not “worried” about being left behind in the race to accumulate wealth. They are experiencing the loss of jobs, the loss of income and the loss of opportunity. It’s not an abstraction to the coal miner who loses his job as the result of government policy and the Democrat who’s going to be her party’s nominee promises to end all coal mining jobs.

    I predict that after the next election there may be some concern about the number of jobs at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

  • Inspector Clouseau

    They are worried that Trump will take away their free cheese.

  • OverTheCoastline

    And started the League of Nations, which became the racist, progressive UN. One of our worst presidents, ever, who sold this country down the river.

  • Inspector Clouseau

    Most 10 year olds know right from wrong much better than the hordes of liberals who hate everything that isn’t them … just like the muslims do.

  • Steven Evers

    The US manufactures less and less and the skilled labor like machinists and tool makers have long since retired. Don’t even get started on raw materials, we are more foreign dependent than ever as a country.

  • mark abrams

    That is exactly what is scary about Trump, you are not allowed to disagree with him without being unamerican, a traitor, a cuckservative (whatever that may be) , stupid and a Hillary lover or a communist . His supporters seem to pine for the french revolution, and the guillotine . He and they are the most politically correct people you can imagine, just with an altered definition of what is correct .

  • NorgeX

    When this moronic, lib-tard of a girl said: “TRUMP’S OUTDATED ARGUMENT” I knew it was just another lame-stream hit piece. When you realize it is from the Soros backed ‘The Globalist’ one can safely assume that Trump is causing a panic-attack. The elitists all want the continued invasion of cheap labor for their industrialist holdings. Soros and Hillary can call it ‘humanitarian’ and wrap it up in all the liberal, tear-jerking, boo-hoo, touchy-feely garbage they want, but……the only ones they are jerking around is American citizens. They are trying nothing less the to have Americans suicide their (and their children’s) American birthright by open borders. A NATION WITHOUT BORDERS CEASES TO BE A NATION…..PERIOD!

  • mark abrams

    Does the US manipulate the dollar ?

  • OverTheCoastline

    No he hasn’t. I listen every day. He continues to be the voice of reason and sanity and truth.

  • Darwin

    No one is buying the typical liberal playbook. “Your racist, your dumb, you hate women!” And of course the pictures on-line trying to make people look stupid, also “who said this Trump or Hitler? Trump or Dale Dribble?” That is all they have and no one is buying it anymore!

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest

    I once read that we could never bring factories back to America because the Baby Boom generation was the last generation to have the skills to make and operate machine tools that all factories require. They’re gone with the wind, and there is nobody left to train another generation of them, Kids today can’t even change the oil in their car. They can be lawyers, or collect welfare.

  • June Maulfair

    Sanders is a weakling; he’s been unable to author and pass a single piece of legislation in 23 years. I can’t see him standing up for US citizens.

  • JohnnyCuredents

    I suppose some one of our degraded public schools (I know; I taught there for 3 decades) gave you an A for this effort. It really doesn’t take much to succeed there any longer. Trump will remedy this by returning power to local school boards and blocking courts and liberal judges from meddling in what is none of their damned business. Perhaps we can hope this may even put an end to those embarrassingly stupid bumper stickers proclaiming “My child is an honor student at Sewerbrain High School!”

  • manapp99

    Since China is not a democracy their worries are about revolution. They have had many in their history and are over due.

  • Ilovereddobes

    How depressing. And most likely true.


    The Native Americans welcomed in the first white settlers. How’d that work out?

  • Steven Evers

    Sad to say,but we are all spoiled rotten on low cost goods.

  • manapp99

    And our public schools are not educating kids to deal with the world today.

  • JohnnyCuredents

    Be careful, JBL. Those black helicopters are everywhere these days!

  • June Maulfair

    Quantitative easing? The federal reserve does.

  • manapp99

    Not well for the natives but how is that relevant to the Trump phenomena?

  • disappoinTed

    Tired of people calling those that are frustrated with the current state of affairs and sell outs by politicians as being ‘afraid’ — I am not afraid, I’m P*ssed.

  • bpj

    Keep trying to belittle Trump MSM. The elite are stealing the middle class blind. The sad thing is the GenXers and millennials are too uneducated to know it, they’re being frog boiled to death. The Elites set the prime rate at 0% yet make 3% off of taxpayer funded T-notes. e.g. borrow 10 billion at zero, buy treasuries and make 300 million a year off of taxpayers, FOOLS the young

  • sDee

    let me rephrase ……

    The greatest geopolitical risk to the global elites’ attacks on national sovereignty and designs for global governance is the possibility of a Trump administration.

  • JohnnyCuredents

    Close your shades, JBL and keep your Cruz stickers off your bumper; there are plots to wipe out patriots like you, as we all know. Stuff cooked up in the cellars of the Pentagon. (Cruzbots are so transparent and so fanatically dedicated to the loser from Texas!)

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Lip

    “Trump will remedy this by returning power to local school boards and blocking courts and liberal judges from meddling in what is none of their damned business.”

    Far-left, activist, liberal judges like the Donald’s sister Maryanne Trump Barry whom Trump says would make a “phenomenal” SCOTUS pick?

    You can’t be that gullible.

    Can you?

  • JohnnyCuredents


  • Bill Sims

    The media libtards are consumed with trying to stop Trump.
    reality is knocking on the front door and they want their country back.

  • Sippin’ on

    I think the fuel to Mr Trump’s fire is how overly politically correct society has become… or I should say, how anyone with a critical opinion of another group is instantly shamed by the word “racist” or “bigot”.

    One can be for building a wall on the US’s southern border without being a racist towards Mexicans.

    One can question the policy of bringing in tens of thousands of refugees from a part of the world that the US has been at war with for 20 years and not be a bigot.

    But in the ultra politically correct world that we now live in those opinions are now worthy of one greatest of all insults, calling someone a bigot or racist. The frustration people feel from not being able to speak plainly about real concerns is the fuel. Trump is excellent and accelerating those frustrations.

    Want to stop Trump and others like him? Stop shaming people with real concerns, stop calling people who have critical opinions of other races, religious groups, etc… stop calling those people racist bigots.

  • sDee

    They failed to organize, recognize what was coming and defend their nations.

    Just what the globalist are hoping we do.

  • SnafuNews

    The solution for the world’s problems can’t be perpetual immigration to Anglo Nations and Europe. At some point, Africa and the Islamic World is going to have to get its crap together.

    It’s also not scandalous to point out currency devaluation. The Trump backlash is so incoherent and calumnious as to cause a double backlash in favor of Trump.

  • vadave

    Exactly! Poisoning the well and steadily tipping the voting scales in favor of the dems. An insideous plan systematically eroding tradtional American society for 52 years.

  • checkmate1996

    He also enacted the Federal Reserve within months of getting elected. Look how well that went for us…

  • George

    Well vote Hillary and she will bring in new skilled labor. skilled bomb technicians, skilled suicide bombers, skilled demonstrates, skilled drug sellers, skilled gang members.

  • oldvlc

    Washington has ignored America far too long. That is the explanation for the Trump phenomenon. Obama is a de facto emperor, a king with no opposition. Not exactly what we in the USA like. And Clinton evidently is not going to be crowned Queen either judging by the primary turnout. I would like to see somewhere comparing total votes cast for Clinton and Trump. It would be instructive as what I have been able to ascertain is that Trump got tens of millions more votes than Clinton in these primaries.

  • whoflungdung

    You will see a shift in tactics from the left. Modes operandi will be to make Trump seem like the extremist that everyone fears. They will skew his take on ILLEGAL immigration and twist it and say he is “anti immigration”. They will say he will isolate America with his “anti trade” when he is anti unfair trade. They will demonize him every way possible because they have come to the conclusion that no matter what they do or say about Hillary, NOBODY will ever like her. So if they can’t make someone like their candidate, they will make them hate the other one. So they will ramp up the name calling. “Bigot, racist, extremist, instigator, elist, rich”. These are a few of the names in the que that they will be beta testing to see which names poll best in attacking Trump and they will hone and refine them and then they will scream the most efficient names from every liberal media outlet they can. What they don’t know is it will feed the anger and hostility of the silent majority. People will come out in droves. Landslide in 2016 is coming, and they can’t see it.

  • tpizback

    Its funny, how the democrats campaign on the inequality that exists in the US (as if Hillary Clinton or establishment Bernie (the suck on the government teat forever pseudo socialist) ever lived paycheck to paycheck in their lives), but have no clue as to how to create jobs and marginalize the destitution of that inequality.

    Trump on the other hand brings forth hope via his business acumen, pro capitalism and leadership abilities that may in fact do what the democrats can only dream about.

    TRUMP 2016 ….. Make AMERICA Great Again !

  • PlasterCaster

    It’s not relevant, but maybe the Native American’s should have grown angry and try and crush the “White Settlers” threat. Stop with this silly argument. Do we really have to trace history that far back? Should we go further and point out atrocities? C’mon now, it’s used when you have nothing to add.

  • Nevermore

    When you allow the unfettered dilution of world economies, you ultimately will come to an equilibrium of financial misery for the 99% and extreme wealth for the 1%.

    Trump is going to close that door in a hurry.

  • checkmate1996

    “his proposals would lead to an about-face in Washington’s relations with the world…” – No more bowing to foreign leaders, no more disappearing ‘red lines’, no Benghazi’s, No more proxy wars… this sounds like a good thing to me…

  • Jim

    She didn’t write this to educate the masses, it’s just another sermon aimed at the choir. If not, she lives in a total vacum. And that’s why Trump is where he is, people like her. Just another clueless article written by a clueless person.

  • ithakavi

    So the world’s greatest ‘geopolticial risk’ is a democratic populist movement in which working taxpayers try to regain control over their government from international elitists who care nothing about the interests of their citizens. It’s not communisim. It’s not terrorism. It’s not fascism. It’s not totalitarianism. No, the terrible risk is good old-fashioned grass-roots democracy. Fascinating.

  • PlasterCaster

    Find it funny, how these Liberals cry racism ALL.THE.TIME. Then you read their BIO and you find they are liberal, graduating from a Liberal education named after one of the most racist presidents ever. Bwahahahah, you can’ make this stuff up!

  • Native Americans had a bad illegal immigration policy….just like us….

  • George

    Washington D.C.

  • George

    She would think it was grand all the illegals coming across.

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Lip

    Your caps lock key is stuck — on stupid.

  • sDee

    “Shihoko Goto is the program associate at Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, D.C”

    Yet another pseudo intellectual center for globalist propaganda. These parasites will soon be plucked from our skin.

  • George

    Well now I like that. Keep Sharpton out of the White House.

  • TroyGale

    So the truth is hurtful?
    If you believe that the roughly 2 million men who have died to keep America free are wrong, then I’m sorry, but you are wrong.
    If you are okay with allowing anyone to stroll into the Nation, and ignore our laws, then you are wrong. That is what is happening and has been for decades. Meanwhile Americans are being killed and raped, and robbed by people who shouldn’t even be here. If you are okay with that, then you are wrong.
    If you are okay with the Nation’s dialog being about stupidity and addressing problems which only exist in the minds of people with Marxist views, then you are wrong.
    You are certainly entitled to you opinions, and may express them openly without fear of reprisal from Trump supporters, Chicago showed that the others who disagree with the most fundamental American freedom, to have an opinion and endorse it, are the enemies of the very freedoms that millions have held dear for centuries. Oh, and if you are okay with people being violent and thuggish at events which are attended by thousands of supporters for the speaker, you are wrong.

    Seems pretty simple to me, one side wishes to silence and abolish, the other side just want to exercise their rights as Americans. If you don’t get that, or disavow that, you are wrong, and NOT an American.

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest

    Reading between the lines this is actually a pretty good article. I can see why the world’s despots would be wary of the Trump phenomenon, just like our despots in Washington are. His supporters are waking up and directly challenging the comfortable status quo of the globalists, whether communist or quasi-democratic. It’s the power that Trump is giving to the people that is scaring the he11 out of them. Just look at the people who are most vitriolic against Trump: Career politicians, Washington insiders, The Mainstream Media, Lobbyists, Establishment billionaires, Globalists, New World Order groups, Open borders/cheap labor groups. Nowhere are average people upset about Trump. Only our “Betters” are upset, the Globalists.

  • James Fabins

    unfortunately for us the FIX is in for Killary to become our next Lord and Master. We are just life support systems for a tax revenue. Feel like a peasant yet folks?

  • William Hofmeister

    I think many of us have figured out the modus operandi of the left and are now ignoring anything they say. The biggest reason for supporting Trump is the fact the establishment is so afraid of him. If they could control him like all other politicians they would be promoting him. Vote Trump 2016.

  • James Fabins

    To all PCer’s. What is your choice for your next National language? You all will lay down in front of the enemy and you will be vanquished. Is it going to be Chinese? How about Russian? More than likely it is going to become Farsi or Urdu.

  • William Hofmeister

    She’s pretty good as a weapons dealer. She supplied arms to Lybian “moderates” who then used them against us in Benghazai. This is the real secret her and Obama have been hiding.

  • Perseusistheone

    It’s actually a great point.. If Native Americans would of had an immigration policy they would of been much better off don’t you think? So let us not forget and let History repeat it self. Build the damn wall!!

  • Only against it’s citizens…..

  • “Globalization” is nothing more than a corrupt marriage between a handful of elitists in government, and corporations, in every country, to sell out and mutually exploit their own nations trade, environmental, and immigration laws, and native workforces, in order to line their own pockets at any cost with cheap labor.

  • Tom Geraghty

    “A nation once again” – That’s a song about Ireland’s independence, heard on St Patrick’s Day. That phrase would apply to the United States too, were Trump to become president. Unfortunately for Americans Obama has been less a president of the Untied States, and more the president of international socialism.

  • Shorter Goto:

    “Let them eat cake”

  • William Hofmeister

    These kinds of skills aren’t taught in liberal arts programs. Feminism, racism, white privilege, and how to riot in the streets are the backbone of today’s college curriculum.

  • JohnnyCuredents


  • Valmont

    You have to chuckle over the irony that this publication is called “The Globalist.” It is clearly a propaganda rag for the categories of oligarchs you mentioned. I think they may want to start an office pool to come up with a new name.

  • Tom Geraghty

    This author is the Goto person on East Asian subjects. Nice smile

  • William Hofmeister

    It didn’t become the UN. It failed utterly to stop World War II. It was disbanded. The UN was a second attempt at the world organization. It has also failed badly.

  • Valmont

    Not long after President Trump is inaugurated, one hopes.

  • Whytrock

    It funny how the so-called self-believing intelligentsia and elitist talk down to the masses as if they are somehow the world’s truth-holders. They live in an echo chamber called cocktail parties and have the discernment of a lemming racing to a cliff.

    This is another reason Trump’s message has such appeal. It’s because their clueless spin is overwhelmingly shallow and ignorant.

  • William Hofmeister

    Come now. However, I have asked all my dead relatives to vote for Trump. Just like in Chicago.

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest

    I noticed that too. I think they either are foreign and don’t view that term in the same negative context that most Americans would, or more likely, they are putting it out there front and center in an effort to make it more warm and fuzzy sounding with repeated everyday use.

  • pc25

    an about face in Washington’s relations with the world????? People are tired of Washington bending over and supporting the world.

  • Brandon

    Spot on Nathan. If all the folks who are normally against we the people are lined up this hard against Trump, then Trump must be on to something. He must be a threat to the world order they have created to benefit themselves. Newt Gingrich himself said about a week ago on FOX news that “Trump is not involved in secret societies” and “hasn’t had the initiation rites”……this is nothing but a net plus for the American people as it proves Trump is not part of the globalist agenda to rob our treasury blind and sell our sovereignty down the river, and this terrifies the establishment who have gotten mighty used to their cozy lives at our expense.

  • William Hofmeister

    Border Control would be a disaster for Democrats. No more slave labor. Democrats have always been big on making slaves of other people. No more illegal voters, they might actually have to win honest elections, maybe even (gasp) run on real issues. It might even slow the onrush to financial bankruptcy for the country, lower taxes, improve schools. It might even usher in real hope and change.

  • Valmont

    Countless interchangeable articles expressing these same sentiments have been appearing since Mr. Trump announced his candidacy. The line of argument is not very effective, or terribly convincing, but it’s all they’ve got.

  • Brandon

    Funny when a leftist politician runs a nationalist campaign based on populism its called “democracy” and “freedom” and “progression”. Yet when a right leaning politician does the same they are labeled “fascist”….could the bias in the media be any more glaring? They do realize this kind of crap reporting is why Trump is so popular and why people are no longer listening to them

  • pc25

    “So the world’s greatest ‘geopolticial risk’ is a democratic populist
    movement in which working taxpayers try to regain control over their
    government from international elitists who care nothing about the
    interests of their citizens.”

    The gravy train for the world is over. We can start with this country no longer funding almost 75% of NATOs budget.

  • Mistanick

    It’s an interesting study when people feel their world of liberal ideology and elitist principles react when they feel threatened, Jim. “Just another sermon aimed at the choir” indeed. Actually, a sermon aimed at folks like you.

  • Myrtle Beach Flag Cruising

    This writer would like you to believe that only the exchange rate fluctuations are the primary reason for the US Japanese trade imbalance. The US ran a 68.6 billion dollar trade deficit with Japan in 2015. 68.6 billion dollars is 68,600 millions. So imagine if we ran a lottery every year and gave 68,600 poor people a million dollars,this would more than likely effect a whole family,so 180,000 to 200,000 poor families would become millionaires every year(imagine the good to the country). The trade deficits the US runs with countries like Japan($68.6),China(over $500 billion) and Mexico($58 billion) build the middle class in those countries at the expense of the American middle class.

  • Fungi2bewith

    Like the spin that “violence” at Trump rallies is due to Trump’s words or supporters and not the Anarchists invading the rallies?

  • Valmont

    Actually I think the term has been around since the 1980s, but was pretty much confined to use among the globalists themselves. They are so out of touch with the world that they have not yet realized what a pejorative it has become among regular people.

  • Mr. Innocent Savage

    Fascists were/are Leftists…

  • Valmont

    A thousand up votes!

  • Fungi2bewith

    Obama: The next Secretary General of the United Nations, providing they move the UN to Hawaii.

  • tk

    They would not even post my comment, what a commie rag!!!

  • El Rey de la Muerte

    Pretty much, yeah.

  • Whytrock

    Yes, perfect case in point. Control the narrative, control the people. It’s all a propaganda machine based on smoke and mirror. When we as a people pull back the curtain we expose the scary Wizard of Oz.

  • tk

    I guess my comment hit to close to home!!! POST IT!!

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest

    It’s not accidental that the N a z i George Soros has picked the Democrat party to support.

  • Valmont

    Can they all be rappers?

  • Mr. Innocent Savage

    There is no “trade” between USA and the rest of the world – that is just the perception – the truth is that the USA is the customer and the rest of the world are the Sellers…and the Customer is always right…because he has the right to walk away…

  • Fungi2bewith

    I’m old enough to remember how they treated Ronald Reagan when he was running. International outcry was tremendous. . He was the “Cowboy” who had “Rayguns” and was foaming at the mouth to have a war with the USSR.
    No different this time. That tired old playbook…

  • William Dickerson

    I can say it is true. A friend recently went to adult ed college – machineshop, etc. The instructor said their tool and die programs were failing – no one going into that trade. There’s such an extreme shortage of tool and die that manufacturers have to either bring in foreign workers who ARE skilled or send the work overseas.
    The head of Apple even said that same thing. China saw what was happening here – they observe us more closely than you think. They knew of the shortage and worked to get their people trained and skilled.
    I work in technology now, but used to be in automotive. We can’t find skilled SQL administrators. In automotive it’s hard for the dealerships to find truly skilled techs to do more than plug in a computer and read a screen or replace parts. No one can think and troubleshoot any more.
    And these other countries know this – and are scrambling to make up for that.
    Sad that OUR country can’t see this and work to train tool and die and other trades here in this country.

  • Kenya_Diggit

    “Worries about being left far behind in the race to accumulate wealth and spreading hostility towards an “invasion” of foreigners is already acute in Europe.”

    It’s not about accumulating wealth, it’s about bringing middle class jobs to the US. The President of the United States’ first priority should be to his own citizens. Bad trade deals that benefit other countries to the detriment of it’s own working class should be considered treason. Do you think China is worried about the well being of the rest of the world? Please.

    “…spreading hostility towards an “invasion” of foreigners…” It’s not hostility to foreigners, it’s being responsible about who comes in and what their motives are. Why is that so bad? The United States is an over generous nation when it comes to social programs to residents AND illegals, and it’s getting more generous…again, to the detriment of the middle class (someone has to pay for all of this free joy the government happily hands out).

    It’s time the US has FAIR TRADE. With the trade deficits we are incurring, there is already a trade war going on, and the US is losing.

    And it’s time that the countries we still protect since WWII, step up and contribute to the cost of that protection, or have us leave and defend yourselves.

  • Ronnie

    The “barring Muslims entry into the United States” BS line really makes me laugh.

    That’s not what Trump said at all, Ben Carson & Louis Farrakhan have both gone public agreeing with Trump’s position on Muslim Immigration, looks like the Banksters think the people are too stupid to look up the quotes for themselves.

    This rag is correctly titled “The Globalist” as it’s pushing the agenda of the elite.

    The World is waking up to the Corporate Elite’s Globalist Agenda, that’s why Nationalist Parties are winning big in Elections World-Wide!

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest

    I found they don’t like the word N a z i when applied to a democrat.

  • lee

    A Soros think tank.

  • tk

    You want to know why Trump is going to win, look in the MIRROR!!

  • sDee

    It helps their minions puff themselves up

  • lee

    And back into the closet.

  • Fungi2bewith

    I went to a Christmas party and the Chief Liberal in attendance said that Ted Cruz was “so dumb”. Oh, it was so hard not to laugh in his face. I did let him know Ted was from Harvard and Princeton & had argued before the Supreme Court. That shut him up for at least 1 night! LOL!

  • Detroit refugee

    Mass immigration hurts our BLACK COMMUNITY the MOST……..and yet they still stay imprisoned on the DEMOCRAT PLANTATION……..

  • BuzzBuzzard

    Total bs article. Full of lies.

  • Fungi2bewith

    All the jobs that Americans won’t do!

  • tdvann

    Largest Trade Deficit in 7 years just reported today. So called Diplomats who commit violent crimes with impunity. Muslim terrorists intentionally being imported by the Obama administration. Trade partners violating agreements with no consequences. Entire factories being moved out of the country. Spending billions to indoctrinate our children to socialism. The whimpification of American males. Why oh why would the people be upset? Screw the Demo-Rep Fusion establishment. Trump 2016

  • Ignacious

    This article fails at the outset with its convenient myopia, assuming that the Trump camp is comprised of only the downtrodden and miserable. That is purely the wishful thinking of the threatened. And as well, that his concerns originate in an outdated, irrelevant perspective. Exchange the name Hillary for Trump in the article and it begins to become much more applicable and accurate. It’s not a very noteworthy attempt at persuasive propaganda. Sophomoronic. Just because some are doing well in life doesn’t mean that they are immune from despising the rampant corruption that’s not only pathetically obvious in government, but in the brainwashed, stilted media as well. Our essential institutions are rotting from within and the cantankerous odors cannot be pleasantly perfumed with the flowery, blame-shifting words that fill such disingenuous screeds. If Trump is so far out there, like Bernie, then why are the terrorist and agit-prop arms of the special interest groups so hell bent on sabotaging his free speech? Because a majority, anti-establishment uprising threatens to neutralize the full-Nelson by which the nation’s productive have been subdued for decades? Indeed. And led by a savvy, determined business mogul who knows every closet harboring the sacred skeletons. Well, as Ortega y Gasset said, a corrupt democracy is like the skeleton of the body politic consuming its own flesh. Divested bones cannot remain upright.

  • Ronnie

    The Global Elites always target the black community, notice that blacks are 13% of the US population, yet 70% of “Planned Parenthood” Abortuaries are located in poor, black neighborhoods, time to stop the genocide!

  • Fungi2bewith

    We have to instill the old value of nobility in honest hard work and craftsmanship.

  • Detroit refugee

    Bravo !

  • Valmont

    Simple explanation from our Globalist friends:
    National Socialism = Bad.
    Socialism Without Borders = Double-Plus Good.

  • Detroit refugee

    Yet they seem to be blind to their own destruction…..

  • lee

    ‘Everyone hates Trump’ not a large majority, just muslimes, illegals and establishment politians with their boot licking lobbyist. (Edit) and gun grabbers, like Obamas SCOTUS Garland.

  • tdvann

    Thanks, forgot to include the 10’s of millions of illegals and our borderless country.

  • Detroit refugee


  • Goreloon

    We give money to nations that hate us!!

  • dex

    why wont your god help ? can he help or is he just BS ?

  • Cainemarko

    Agreed. H1B is truly misused. What Disney, and others, did to their employees was disgusting. Pretty much the number one reason to have Rubio out of the race. Since that was his baby, in Florida at least.

    I like Trump a great deal, but I take everything he says with a big grain of salt. There is not going to be a wall. We are not going to ban Muslims from this country. But at least he gets the discussion moving. “Build a wall” = actually let ICE do their job, “Ban Muslims” = actually fund the system enough to do proper background checks.

    But we have to tone down the rhetoric. There is a vast difference between Patriotism and Jingoism. I just don’t want us to lose site of that due to the anger we are all feeling.

  • Ronnie

    But we can’t say “Illegal Immigrant” any more, it’s hurtful to those who Immigrated Illegally, the PC term is “Undocumented Migrant”.

    Next they’ll ban the word “Criminal” because it hurts the feelings of those who commit Crimes.

  • fee_1776

    The US tolerated Asian trade shenanigans because she needed them to contain the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Result was hollowing out the industrial good paying blue collar jobs in return for lower cost consumer electronics??!!! Not everyone is suited to go to college to learn engineering, medical technology, software, etc etc. Worst even these jobs are being outsourced or replaced with lower paying Asian H-1B workers. All the promises of free trade were a nightmare for the blue collar American workers and now the white collar tech workers are starting to feel the effects. Add to all this mix is overseas wars that result in US taxpayers helping Iraq build new schools, roads and services while Americans are told by their government that they do not have the funds for their crumbling schools and infrastructures. The only political party that “opposes” free trade, the Democrats, pay lip service because they take donations from corporate America. The Democrats add to blue collar woes by supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants and refuses to enforce the US border/immigration laws. Jobs leaving, illegal workers pouring in, importing H-1B workers have resulted in nearly half of the newly created US jobs go to foreign born workers while over 60 percent of US STEM college grads are forced to take non STEM jobs. The average American is not angry at Asians or Asian countries, we understand that their leaders are suppose to negotiate for their country’s interest. We are angry at our leaders for poorly negotiating trade agreements, failure to enforce border and immigration laws, and allowing corporations to lie about H-1B applications. It has been 30 years of “free trade” and “open borders” abuse and the average American is not taking it anymore. Trump is the only politician who understands the problem and addressing it.

  • dex

    blacks paid taxes to a government that suppresses them…right ?

  • DontGruberMe

    TRUMP Is tapping into REALITY not FEARS!!

  • JohnCCalhoun

    Asians won’t “learn” anything, although since they are naturally imitative, like monkeys or clever dogs, they’ll act a bit differently. But they’ll still see the world in terms of what’s good for the hive. They’ll still look on the world with undreaming insect eyes.

  • Detroit refugee

    And we defend the South Korean border …….but not our own border….this is not immigration…….we are UNDER A COMPLETE INVASION….

  • dex

    obviously , you’re a good white christian…good job.!!

  • Marion Mitchell Morrison


  • tdvann

    Ever been to a government office? They are run by every minority out there. How is that suppression?

  • Ronnie

    Worse than that, the US is still very close friends with the Country that blew up the Twin Towers on 9/11.

    Time to release the Classified 28 Pages of the 9/11 Report so the REAL culprits can be brought to justice!

  • Vidyaguy99

    The logic behind the claims made by this article are as unassailable as the quality of its journalism

  • tdvann

    Excellent point. I guess being a slave is mostly in the mind.

  • dex

    why doesn’t jesus come back and fix things more to you-all’s liking….it’s as if jesus is ignoring your prayers…whats up with that ?

  • Ronnie

    The easiest Slave to control is the one who believes he is free.

  • lee

    You have a problem with white Christians? ISIS supporter?

  • dex

    you dont live in the south , do you ?

  • Steelyal

    If some of these panty waist liberals were to lose family to terrorism, their PC idiotic view might change.

  • tdvann

    It’s called Free Will. You have to be responsible for yourself. Unfortunately the Liberal view is “Can’t someone else do it?”

  • Marion Mitchell Morrison

    Obama does not seem to be working for the US, or even the people who elected him. Maybe his allegiance is to some big boy’s clubs, like the UN or the Eurocrats, or the leftwing Academy.

  • joesockit

    America had rebuilt those nations, like Japan, with newer and better technology than ours. Thats why they kicked our butts. We are now reaping the rewards of globalization which wants to make us all the same which means our standard of living goes down and everyone elses goes up. One thing the US has over other countries is the creativity of our workforce and our R&D. So much is developed here and then made overseas. We do need to keep a larger share of that here. And we do need to limit immigration to higher educated and those with something to offer, not uneducated criminals and laborers. Americans need access to entry level jobs too. That is what we used to do. If we don’t take care of the US no one will and the rest of the world depends on us. The Golden Goose needs some maintenance.

  • Kojak

    This lady is simply a high-society lobbyist (there are other words used to describe such people) for Japan — and she is smearing an American presidential candidate and the American people.

  • Marion Mitchell Morrison

    Tell that to Boeing, Amazon, Apple, …

  • Detroit refugee

    The republican AND democrat PARTIES have sold us down the river…..they are two sides of the same CORRUPT COIN……all TRUMP did was WAKE US UP….that’s why they BOTH FEAR HIM SO MUCH……

  • dex

    no,,,all religions .

  • Fred Doe

    Nooses for the corrupt “elite”! Nooses all around!

  • Ronnie

    The DemoCRIPTs & ReBLOODlicans have become nothing more than GANGS!

  • Elsa

    Anyone who lives in the Southern states understands building a wall isn’t racist, it is necessary to prevent state governments from collapsing from the weight of illegal immigration. All systems – health care, education, etc. are burdened to a point that residents cannot absorb with their current high level of state income tax, property tax, sale tax, city tax, etc. The answer is NOT to open the borders and let government take over to allow socialism to emerge — free everything to everyone. Americans KNOW we need a wall for these reasons and to STOP to flow of heroin and other drugs destroying our people.

    Cry racism as much as you want, but that’s not going to work this time — people are just too smart. Further, we are immune after 8 years of crying wolf (“racism”).

    So, keep trying lefties …. as Trump would say, swing for the fences!

  • Ronnie

    The French & Russians had the right idea on what to do with their Elites.

  • dex

    yeah, i enjoyed that episode of the simpsons too. where dose free will come from ..and did god give the north koreans free will too ?

  • Detroit refugee

    The mafia ……it’s all a racket to enrich themselves and their friends on the backs of ….
    …..WE THE PEOPLE….

  • Ronnie

    FACT: Mexico has a wall on it’s Southern Border with Guatemala, guess they’re “Racist” too……..

  • HumbleTexican

    We keep hearing that these are new times and we should embrace change. It is okay if it is some type of liberal progressive change but God forbid if it is a conservative change.

  • Wild Bill Kinda

    Politicians are making a mistake if they think they can mimic Trump, he’s a one of a kind personality who is probably one of only a few people who could get away with what he can.

  • whoflungdung

    I just want to go on record saying I would vote for a 1950’s Electrolux toaster before I voted for Hillary.

  • kinarow1

    Bingo! Paul Ryan is building a big fence around his home in WI. They just improved the fence around the White Hut. Yet no decent fence [even though it has been budgeted and approved by Congress] for our southern border. And citizens are supposed to support and accept an invasion from 3rd-world invaders. Right. Molon labe. TRUMP2016.

  • unkyjack

    I believe it’s called CAUSE & EFFECT. Obey or don’t.

  • Captain Patriot

    Obama spent his 2012 campaign bragging about how he has deported more
    illegal aliens than any other president and how it would continue.

    Trump now says that he will do in 2017 what Obama claimed to do between 2008 –
    2012 and he is considered to be racist.

  • dex

    it’s as simple as that , huh ?

  • vendome

    Trump: “I want to secure the border and follow immigration laws.”

    Media response: Trump is a racist, sexist, homophobe, Islamaphobe, bigot, fascist.

    Trump: “I want to make good trade deals to bring jobs back to America.”

    Media response: Trump is a racist, sexist, homophobe, Islamaphobe, bigot, fascist.

    Trump: “I want to make America Great Again.”

    Media response: Trump is a racist, sexist, homophobe, Islamaphobe, bigot, fascist.

    Media is DEAD.

  • Detroit refugee

    Jesus sent TRUMP……

  • kinarow1

    Excellent – and there’s a good chance that toaster was made in the USA!

  • dex

    from where ?

  • Detroit refugee

    New York …..

  • stella blue

    The US is an oligarchy. Trump is pointing this out. He believes in helping the middle class. What a novel idea. The ruling class is fighting this desperately because they want to remain in power, so they call Trump names and say his policies won’t work. When in reality, it is the ruling class that have destroyed this country for their own selfish gains.

  • dex


  • unkyjack

    That won’t last much longer.

  • Elsa

    Any American who allows being called a racist to trouble them for this reason needs to man up …. this is NOT a game. We will take our country back from the forces of globalism which have infiltrated our government and media, but we need ALL HANDS ON DECK.


  • Well what a surprise a writer from “TheGlobalist” does not like an anti globalist.

  • College Geek

    Unlike Hillary who was made in someplace very hot in the Earth.

  • The media is bought and paid for. And this author is merely a parrot.

  • Tom Devine

    Amen brother. Let’s get this done.

  • Detroit refugee

    ….so true Stella Blue !

  • However Obama considers deportations to be illegals turned away at the border. (!)

  • Ronnie

    The Media Event of the Year in 2013 was Alex Jones being interviewed on the Piers Morgan show.

    Fast forward, now Morgan’s show has been long cancelled & Jones’s Audience has more than doubled.

    The bought & paid for, Corporate-Controlled Lame-Stream Media is in Free-Fall & Alternative Media is taking over!

  • Fred Doe

    I’m beginning to see that the French were really on to something.
    Now, where did I leave that guillotine?

  • Ronnie

    The Russians had the right idea too……

  • Detroit refugee

    It’s been working for them for fifty years………just not this time !

  • Ricky Is

    So, you believe his approach to foreign policy is destructive? You mean, not giving hand outs to countries, making countries pay the U.S. when provided protection and stopping the TPP? You know the TPP that was written by tans-national corporations? Those are bad and outdated ideas Shihoko Goto?? And since when was securing the border a radical idea? No offense, but It sounds like your article is outdated.

  • Tom Devine

    There are more and more blacks waking up to the charade. But, those are the free ones, the others continue to be led by the nose by Sharpton, Jackson, Hip-Hoppers and their slave masters the DNC. What a shame because the gap continues to widen, particularly between blacks and other minorities.

  • Elsa

    Shihoko Goto … the days our done of the U.S. being the dumping ground for the world. The pillaging and destruction of our country is going to end.


  • Dee Snyder

    Boeing is moving some operations to China.. maybe the workers here can get a new job making 30% less in salary and benefits.

    Trade deficit is high, and our national debt is ever increasing.

  • Carol Hadenough

    We MUST have TRUMP for president of the United States! All who came before him and destroyed our country, and we want it back! It’s worth FIGHTING for, and fight we will!

  • Bill’s Humidor

    hostility towards an “invasion” of foreigners…..

    You don’t put the word “invasion” in quotations when it’s an ACTUAL INVASION, idiøts!

  • Carol Hadenough

    AMEN to that!

  • Detroit refugee

    But where will the rest of the world dump their trash and welfare scum….

  • What a foolish point! Trump’s thinking is outdated because Japan’s trade surplus with us is lower than it had been? Or that China’s growth rate has slowed (NOT that it stopped growing!)? Yes, Vietnam or Cambodia will be the next site of Coolie Labor Inc. Trump is not focused on Japan and China per se. He is focusing on the entire phenomenon of US multinational corporations importing the production of Coolie and Peon labor, whether from TPP OR NAFTA! Or China. Or wherever unfair trade practices and currency manipulation costs us jobs.

  • Carol Hadenough

    Absolutely right!

  • Tom Devine

    Even more so, the producers in places like China keep all of the gross margins which pays their labor, suppliers, factory costs and other expenses. So, that money stays in the country and helps support their economies. Yes, we get a little slice of the pie, the crumbs really, when we sell the goods. But, then the net profits are returned to the producers which are taxed by the producing countries and once again helps their economies. We’re getting screwed. A 25% tariff would do the trick, it tips the balance.

  • whoflungdung

    Domo obrigato, shihoko goto, for confirming to me that choosing Trump in 2016 was the right choice. Business as usual is killing America. Locally and abroad. 2016 will be a Trump landslide.

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest

    Wait a minute. Are the Chinese really against our building a wall? Bwahahahahahahaha.

  • Texas Dave

    why don’t you help, you don’t want to acknowledge the true problem? This isn’t about God it is about the future of America .

  • tdvann

    Yes he did. They choose security over freedom and they have neither. “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.” Freedom is never free or easy.

  • Jonathan Smith

    This article is absurd. Our factories are closing, our steel mills are closing, all moved to China. If that’s not enough, genius politicians (such as Ted Cruz) have decided to give companies H-1B visas so they can fly in tech workers from India to replace Americans. It’s an endless assault on our country from all angles, and all income levels.

    Trump is the right man, at the right time.

  • Creighton Thompson

    Imagine reading a book written 4 years ago that follows the reboot of a nation grounded in the laws of its founders…led by a wealthy developer no less. “Trivium: The History of the Future.” Sci if so real…it’s surreal.

  • Detroit refugee

    Can’t make this stuff up ….lol

  • Bill’s Humidor

    They’ll figure something out. They figured out how to invade the US!

  • lee


  • Tom Devine

    We need to shut Soros down. He’s organizing his Brown Shirts to try to shut down a genuine democratic movement regarding Trump. He’s a fascist and needs to be stopped.

  • vendome

    Special note to the Establishment:

    We don’t believe the Press, the Polls, the Pundits or the Politicians.

    It’s been a rigged game, and the game is up.

    TRUMP 2016

  • cspanjunkie

    Wilson Center influence-peddler-wannabes under pressure to meet a column deadline. Now, be a nice little ‘Warmer’ and vote for the candidate who plans to put thousands of miners and their families on cheese rations.

  • theshawn

    Keep up with the Trump’s views are uneducated and his supporters are also. You may be doing it in veiled form, but it’s there, and annoying.

    “The greatest geopolitical risk”?? Could we cease with the sky is falling rhetoric please?

  • Detroit refugee

    Bingo….we have a winner folks ! ^^^^^^^

  • starrrgirl

    japan has some of the strictest immigration laws in the world. they have a deep mistrust of foreigners. for them to preach to us is sheer hypocrisy.

  • morning_in_america

    A one party globalist state where the rich get richer and only the appearance of democracy is allowed: US or China???? In both cases, the elites better worry.

  • Carol Hadenough

    You are exactly right, vendome!

  • vendome

    The anger of the American people is off the charts with third world diseases in their schools, rapes and murders by illegals in their communities, and the unsustainable cost of illegal welfare states being created in every town, city and State in the country.

    Obama, Democrats & RINO’s, such as Rubio, McCain, Graham & Flake, are flooding American neighborhoods with cheap labor, criminals, and third world diseases.

    The American people are fed up with the tyranny of the Oligarchy, K-Street, Chamber of Commerce, Lobbyists, and Politicians, on both sides of the aisle who have sold out the American people.

    TRUMP 2016

  • sandztorm

    Chicken little anyone?

  • vendome

    Voters no longer believe or trust in our government or institutions. The media must share much of the blame because they serve as a ‘Protection Racket’ in protecting all who are corrupt in that very same government and all of our institutions.

    Trump is the only person that promises to secure our borders and negotiate trade deals that are advantageous to the American people.

    The ‘Establishment’ politicians want open borders and TPP trade deals that will be even more damaging to the American worker than NAFTA.

    The ‘Establishment’ politicians on both sides of the aisle have sold us out.

    I will be voting for Trump, as will the majority of Americans that are past disgust with the corruption of our government and the politicians that financially gain from it.

  • Detroit refugee


  • Bill’s Humidor

    They’re angry because their trade deficits will be eliminated when Trump becomes our CEO of the United States….and the United States IS a business.

  • tdvann

    I have and the races get along pretty well now that the Demo Rats have been driven out of office.

  • morning_in_america

    The US and China are both proof that the real struggle these days is not between socialism and capitalism, but between the globalist, corporatist, anti-democratic elites and the nationalist, democracy loving citizens of the middle and working classes.

  • starrrgirl

    the ruling elites have treated it as monkey business, now its time for a REAL businessman.

  • Joe McGee

    It’s not really ‘fears”. It’s hope and dreams for our kids and grandkids. Wiping the scum of socialism off the windshield and clearly seeing. Getting government off our backs. Each country letting the ingenuity and industry of individuals blossom and determine our own outcome. Being responsible for the care and education of our own kids in our own belief system. Paying our own way with our own earnings. Having dignity and liberty, each in our own right

  • JLES

    Right on the mark. Thanks for speaking out what the majority thinks.and is afraid to say. Or even think, because the MSM and Dems have told us that we are evil person just thinking it. Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Che Guevara, Honecker, Kim Jong-il at its best. Go Mr. T

  • vendome



    TRUMP 2016

  • no1special

    Well said and Thank you.

  • keys1234

    Donald Trump is spot on….Go DONALD.

  • nitemarejim

    Yes, Trump has hooked into the frustrations and fears of the ordinary working American, whose manufacturing jobs have been given to the Chinese, and whose construction and other manual labor jobs have been given to illegal aliens.

    The politicians they voted into office, who promised to fix things, have done little to fix anything, except to feather their nests, increase the handouts, and push the country much, much further into debt.

    So, the question is: Will Trump listen to his voters or do what he wants, when he wants?
    We have seen what happens when a populace stops thinking for themselves and allows a Congress and President and SCOTUS to run roughshod over the people.

  • Buzz351

    Libs and progressives were touting 2 presidential election cycles ago that the days of ” The old ,white, rich ,male republican days are over” I have one thing to ask?
    you mad bro?

  • LookASquirrel

    “Those who feel marginalized” should be corrected to “The MAJORITY who the donor oligarchs have been robbing and marginalizing.”

    It’s not what we ‘feel’ – it’s what the facts show.

  • TripleA

    We are not peeved that we are marginalized… What has pissed us off is that all these special interest groups refuse to grow into a productive, self responsible part of society… and in the process of refusing they vilify Working, law abiding America.
    Lets check out The Trumpsters presidential qualifications…

    The Obama is against Trump… Check
    The Media is against Trump… Check
    The establishment Democrats are against Trump… Check
    The establishment Republicans are against Trump… Check
    The Pope is against Trump… Check
    The UN is against Trump… Check
    The EU is against Trump… Check
    China is against Trump… Check
    Mexico is against Trump… Check
    Soros is against Trump… Check
    Super Pacs are against Trump… Check
    BlackLivesMatter is against Trump… Check
    MoveOn.Org is against Trump… Check
    Koch Bro’s are against Trump… Check
    Hateful, racist, violent Liberal protesters are against Trump.. Check

    Best qualifications ever!!

    Bonus points!!!
    Cher says she will leave the country…
    Cyrus says she will leave the country…
    Whoopi says she will leave the country…
    Rosi says she will leave the country…
    Sharpton says he will leave the country…
    Gov. Brown says California will build a wall…

    My vote for Trump… Check…

  • LookASquirrel

    Globalist, corporatist, anti-democratic elites are the same elements supporting socialism. It’s all a question of a handful raping and pillaging the majority.

  • LookASquirrel

    Trump’s ego will not let him go down in history as the man who lied and failed the people.

    You can take that to the bank.

  • doggma

    The media is out looking for anyone that has a negative outlook on Trump…. the Trump Train is gaining speed, momentum and new supporters……They can’t stop the Trump supporters from doing what needed done decades ago…..We the people are America not the corrupt politicians that sellout the working class….

  • Elric of Melnibone

    Cruz has no chance of winning (needs 87% of remaining delegates) and should unite behind Trump, I take issue with what you say, why would Cruz give Obama TPA track then if he is what you say?

  • Fritz_Von_Dago

    When Trump wins its not going to be business as usual for the bottom feeders of the world. So run and hide you progressive liberal socialist globalist! Either that or become a target while America restarts her manifest destiny!

  • bob333

    Trump 2016 & 2020 = The People’s choice.
    Don’t allow yourself to be fooled once again by the elitist, GOP establishment, and media. They are in a frenzy over Trump because they don’t control him. As far as the Dems are concerned… well, they are just plain nuts at this point. They are so brainwashed it’s futile trying to reason with them.

  • seanster5977


  • rich3608

    Go Don Go. The political class has said they will vote Clinton. Self preservation to keep the money flowing their way. Tear it down, trump. Go global, Donny.

  • kcmclvr

    Well put! Repeat, repeat and repeat. “….racist, sexist, homophobe, Islamaphobe, bigot, fascist..” It’s irritating to read shameless repeat of these much abused and over utilized words when not much is given as views supporting the words they use. Most reporters could do little other than repeating these catchy words ad nauseam. The funny part of it all is that they’re still very fond of passing on these senseless name calling as valid response. The shocking part of it all is that many believe in their own lies, assume such characterization as fact and proceed about writing some non sensical article.

  • Bill’s Humidor

    Hate to make you angry this early in the day, but here goes:

    Under Title 10 of the TPP trade deal…foreign companies can move into the US and import their own workforce of NON-AMERICANS. NO CITIZENSHIP REQUIRED! This is how they intend to avoid import tariffs that President Trump would surely implement. Those a-holes thought of EVERYTHING!

    Everyone who voted for TPP should be tried for TREASON and hanged!

  • Fritz_Von_Dago

    Trump / Cruz 2016

  • Creldarix

    America should do what’s right for America. We have no obligation to any of the rest of the world. And Trump, if he’s being honest, is about protecting American interests. He has my vote. And, the more the establishment and globalists call me an idiot, the more I lock into my position. Because if the people who have devastated American industry are opposed to Trump, it’s just possible he’s the right guy for us.

  • doggma

    show some numbers….curious on the Japan trade….how many cars do we ship to japan or matter of fact what do we ship to Japan….

  • doggma

    Trump will do real math, is right,,,,

  • OutlawJoseyWales


  • Okie_Vet


  • james beapukin

    “The greatest geopolitical risk in the world today is the possibility of a Trump administration. ”

    Hyperbole much?

  • Paul Noel

    Imagine if you will a shelf with a Soda that costs $1.89. and one of the same brand and type that costs $2.55. The more expensive one will sit on the shelf and gather dust while the $1.89 one would sell and be replaced and sell again and again. Surely any Globalist would recognize this fact.

    That is the position the Globalists place American Workers in within their own land. They must compete against foreign workers who don’t carry the load. Even the trade of the foreign workers is protected by the American gunboats and airplanes. So the American must subsidize his competition that is putting him out of business! The American is condemned to have to chose between supporting his retired parents and survival in the world market all because the Globalists demand no tariffs to compensate between the USA and foreign economies taxes and conditions.

    Trump people are neither naturally angry nor are they crazy. They have carried the load too long and are unable to carry it with the Globalists in control of the tax systems. We have to take the reigns of power and take over to survive even to carry the load or our society and of our place in the world. The Globalists were the insane party to believe that their parasitic lifestyles could be continued forever.

    Even as early as 1947 with the Marshall Plan which in Europe was a success in europe the damage that resulted by sacrifice of our coal and steel industry gave us no reinvestment and the Rust belt within 20 years. This policy is suicidal for the USA to continue. I for one challenge any Globalist to show me how they make the world order more prosperous, safer or even better in any way by subjugation of the USA under their insane policies. A weaker USA, a poorer USA only collapses their agenda and brings world anarchy.

    Tell me how I inspire those rag headed kids of the middle east to stop terrorism and join a civil society if my own children are being crushed by your Globalism. How should they think our way is anything but foolish unless my kids are getting richer and more powerful?

  • cyberdove

    Most Americans ARE marginalized by the globalist power brokers who have been ruling us for the last half century. It’s time for REAL change. It is up to them to choose – ballot or bullet.

  • gordiduk

    You work and I’ll eat…

  • OutlawJoseyWales

    The broken political systems of the First World should be worried about the shift away from allowing them to legislate modern society into a bureaucratic (and debt laden) hell-hole.

  • <– Hillary minus her pantsuit

    Trump really has the Asian’s crâpping their Mao suits and Kimonos.

  • OutlawJoseyWales

    And when people are wrongfully labeled and dismissed as simply angry and/or low-information voters it only reinforces and entrenches his support.

  • David Zuniga

    Spot-on, Paul.

  • Bill’s Humidor

    That’s a great point! A YUGE ego CAN be an asset to ones legacy, however, it’s not working out so well for the current occupant of the White House.

  • TinMan

    “The greatest geopolitical risk in the world today is the possibility of a Trump administration.” Translation= “The greatest geopolitical risk to the ruling elite.”

  • Ali Von Goldberg

    How awful that Trump thinks America’s allies should have to pay more for USA protection. The USA should do it for free because. uh .well…because….well, just because…

  • Truth65

    T’was the night of Benghazi when all through the White House
    Diplomatic communications were quiet as a mouse.
    I can’t be bothered said Obama in a snit
    I’ve got to rest up for a big fund raising bit

    So all through the night as four Americans died
    Obama closed his eyes, sucked on his thumb and sighed
    And so he rested all safe and snug in his bed
    As visions of campaign cash danced in his head

    From the start it was obviously a terrorist attack
    So they had to hurry up to try to hide that fact
    If you tell a lie often enough it will make it so
    And they sent Ambassador Rice on every Sunday show

    It’s only a bump in the road Obama blithly stated
    What difference does it make says Hillary its so over rated
    Whatever the facts are we’re sticking to our tale
    While the guy who made the video is languishing in jail

    And I heard the terrorists exclaim
    As they dragged the Ambassador out of sight
    Happy Jihad to all
    And to all a good night

  • curri

    We’re not supposed to worry about Hillary being ready to risk war with Russia?

    Hillary Clinton promised us a speech on what she’d do to destroy ISIS, but what she gave us was a speech detailing how she would destroy Syria – and drag the US down the road to another unwinnable war. What she essentially proposes is that we fight a three-sided battle – against ISIS, on the one hand, and against Bashar al-Assad, Russia, and Iran on the other.

    She elaborated on her “no-fly zone” scheme, saying she wanted to set it up only in the north. This means not only that the US air force will be protecting the “moderate” Syrian rebels – a coalition of US-supported head-choppers and al-Nusra, the Syrian affiliate of al-Qaeda – but also preventing Russian warplanes from flying over the huge swath of territory in the north controlled by the Islamic State – including Raqqa, their capital. So how does she intend to keep Putin out of the skies over Raqqa – by shooting down Russian planes…

  • Barstool Farts

    Global Elite, don’t you know the more you parasites show your ugly head, the more Trump will grow in popularity . You are the problem with the world !

  • NannoH

    The “New World Order” is about to become the “Dead World Order” and progressive con artists all over the globe are scared poopless!

  • Dan

    So, building a wall and actually enforcing who can come in is a crime, hummm – Australia has some pretty tough immigration laws where you actually have to have money and a needed skill to come in and no one is burring them. As for banning Muslims – to me the message was we are not going to let persons in until we have a real way of actually understanding who they are — imagine that. If the group attacking and radicalizing against the West were Swiss and Canadians then my bet is he would have focused on them. But ……………… that’s not the case.
    Trump is where he is because of the RINO republican leadership’s refusal to represent their constituents year after year. Basically the peasants have grabbed their pitchforks and told the ruling class to FO. History is full of examples where the people have said no. The real anger is the opposition trying desperately to shut him down. The last time a business man was close to the WH it was Ross Peroit. He warned that if we passed NAFTA we would hear “A giant sucking sound” and it would be American jobs going to Mexico. Looks like his crystal ball was dead on.

  • phillyroll

    It’s not fear, you stupid chinese writing this crap, it’s being pissed off at the fact that you and greedy U.S. politicians robbing our country and putting American workers out of work. Go write your garbage for idiots willing to believe deceitful communist chinese propaganda in an effort to brainwash the rest of the world just like you’ve done to your own people.

  • Airborne869

    He’s leading the Democrats campaign against Mr. Donald Trump…
    Believes Trump is the Second Coming of HITLER.
    He makes his voice sound so threatened…
    Someone SHUT that A-hole Beck up…
    Shut him down..!

  • Ali Von Goldberg

    Will Glenn cry when Trump is elected?

  • 57nomad

    Can you say “what a bunch of crap!” on these message boards?

  • Brenda Unibrow

    Too funny. They try to portray Trump as preying on the fears of others.

    Lowered wages and lost jobs due to abused trade relations or floods of illegals is a REALITY.

    Illegals not vetted or screened for contagious diseases, health issues, crime, terrorism, drugs, false identification, and tax evasion…is REALITY.

    No fear, just reality.

  • AllOrNothing

    The Chinese are the biggest thieves on the global scene. Screw them. We’re looking out for ourselves now. Trump and only Trump!

  • Airborne869


  • Airborne869

    The Globalists in America
    don’t like Mr. Trump

  • rich3608

    I love the term “donor class”, it slides off the tongues of cable news readers like “partly cloudy”. It shows how engrained bribery, and media compliance, has become. Full throttle, trump, don’t let up.

  • Francis Bacon

    Its unbelievable to me how the author of this article and other journalists and media pundits from around the world and politicians SIMPLY DO NOT GET IT. There is a reason the people want Trump. Wow.

  • Pro-Life Voice

    I’m hoping for him to go into a catatonic state for the rest of his life.

  • Rascal

    Oh no, Americans are sick of the US being the worlds prostitute… Are you folks afraid of having to finally carry your own weight?

  • David Harrison

    Hillary’s response: ARF! ARF! ARF!

  • Bill’s Humidor

    Not when they can get us to carry their baggage for them.

  • Airborne869


  • Rascal

    That is the point. No matter the outcome of this election I am done with these people.

  • Ramon

    But if Trump is what the people want, who are they to tell the people no! To go against the will of the people is fascism!

  • Bill’s Humidor

    Agreed. This election is a bigger DEAL than most folks realize! And which candidate actually wrote ‘The Art Of The DEAL’? That’s right…future President Donald J. Trump!

  • Dividencop

    Incredible how this author believes it is unreasonable for the US to 1. control its boarders from illegal immigration 2. know who is attempting to immigrate BEFORE they actually get here 3. ask other countries to contribute an equitable share for defense provided by the US military. There is NOTHING unreasonable here, except for those who have enjoyed a free ride for decades and who have a very left wing spin.

    Woodrow Wilson was the leader of the progressive (i.e. socialist / communist) movement in America. You cannot get more un-American than that and that explains the perspective of the author.

  • Ranger_Ric

    I see the right (nationalists) gaining strength and numbers all over Europe as well.

    The libs and neocons say Trump can’t win yet they are in complete panic mode trying to come up with a way, any way, to stop him.

    Seems to me, if they thought he really could never win, they would not be so terrified of him winning :)

    Trump 2016!

  • jimmyk520000

    The only fear here are the pigs getting shaky in the knees knowing the game will be up.

  • psadie

    I have read comments on other sites like the Daily Mail and The Telegraph where folks are saying the EXACT SAME THING about their governments. They are rebelling against the elite Establishment. I smell the end of the NWO for that is a good thing!
    Trump 2016.

  • ct5topaz


  • Paul__Revere

    Author, like most insulated “journalists” who refuse to view the world as it IS, but insist on viewing it as they think it should be, erroneously thinks Americans support Trump out of FEAR.


    Americans supported Obama out of FEAR. Fear of being labelled a racist society if we didn’t.

    Americans are sick of SUFFERING for everyone else’s BENEFIT. Everyone else is permitted to line their pockets and improve their situations AT OUR EXPENSE. For at least 10 years America has been telling politicians in no uncertain terms to put an end to it and they fed us BS during campaign season and then ignored us once they got to the DC gravy train.

    TRUMP cannot be bought, there is no gravy train in DC that has anything to offer him that he couldnt already have without the headache of DC politics. Americans know this and he is clearly tired of watching the rest of us get used for the benefit of everyone else.

  • Luther

    Meanwhile, there are signs that China’s economic engine may not be as robust as it had once seemed.

    Because the US has already traded all its wealth for Chinese goods and gone into Greek mode borrowing. The late lamented US middle class was the source of wealth for the Chinese nouveau middle class.
    Japan is a close ally and has a need to export because of its gross overpopulation and lack of natural resources. Should probably show them some indulgence. China on the other hand is a competitor with whom we should probably compete with rather than surrender to. Send 400,000 Chinese students back to China. Free trade is like fielding a football team with an offense but no defense against a team that has both an offense and defense. They score at will. Low cost labor will prevail over high cost labor eventually, but free trade greatly accelerates the process.

  • Bob Loblaw

    There is a big difference between signing and ratifying. The 12 signatory countries have 2 years to ratify TPP.

    Some are speculating that Obama will put the TPP ratification vote to Congress in the “lame duck” period of time between the Presidential election vote (Nov. 8, 2016) and the new President’s inauguration (Jan. 21, 2017)

  • Jeremy Stevens

    I know I’m tuning into “THEBLAZE” the day after the elections.

  • Bob Loblaw

    Trump is spoiling the globalist’s agenda and par-tay … a vote for Trump is a vote to keep America as a sovereign independent nation.

    A vote for anyone other than Trump is a vote for a globalist, who will continue the globalist agenda in America of destroying what it was, and turning it into a subservient little region in the new global political entity … which is just around the corner

  • Charles Rich

    Trump isn’t really right wing. He is a moderate. I don’t know how being for enforcement of existing immigration law is automatically right wing. And generally, the Republican Party is for free trade. He isn’t. He has an R next to his name, but I’d hardly call him right wing. You should probably re-tag this.

  • Paul__Revere

    Not really, but since it seems nobody knows what fascism actually is anymore it has pretty much become routine to throw the scary word fascism onto anything you dont like.

    My car ran out of gas….it’s fascist!

    What you describe is TYRANNY.
    Fascism may be a form OF tyranny, but not all tyranny is fascism. We have had low-grade fascism building and spreading through all sectors of this country for the better part of 50 years.

    It is pretty sad how our STATE-RUN education systems have failed us.

    Can’t say it wasn’t entirely predictable…
    public phones
    public transportation
    public housing
    public restrooms

    public schools

    Does anyone actually think there is going to be an exception to the trend??

  • GonzoX

    Trump Revolution to go Worldwide to expel Islama’s Jihadis from Western Civilization because if we don’t the Muslim Jihadis will chop our heads off.

  • wssams

    Of course the chinese are squirming. There gravy train is coming to an END!
    TRUMP 2016!

  • Bill’s Humidor

    Oh the irony, China helped destroy the American middle-class and now a middle-class is rising in China. They are demanding higher wages and better working conditions despite having a population in the BILLIONS.

  • soononbluray

    “Outdated” is used 3 times in this article to describe Trump’s policies. So enforcing our immigration laws, including verifying the qualifications of potential immigrants, and ending our ridiculous giveaway policies to foreign governments (bribery), and making good deals for America is “Outdated”? No, it’s refreshing common-sense thinking that pisses off one-world liberals.

  • Luuk J

    Of which Germany do you speak? It wasn’t exactly “Germany” in the 60s. It was a very fractured state with many non-German players making investments into the rebuilding process.

  • wssams

    The AMERICAN people are tired of being bent over without any lube. Its payback time!

    TRUMP 2016!!!

  • Marsha

    There are too many people in the world and not nearly enough jobs. Way too many people. The areas of the world still having 5 and 10 children need to be cut off if they refuse to stop. Clean drinking water cannot be a human right for people with 12 kids. Massive sterilization needs to be forced on all low IQ societies. We probably need a war to eliminate billions. Billions more IQ 70 people cannot be provided jobs and organic food and clean water. It’s insane. Put chemicals to permanently sterilize them in their dirty water. We are killing our planet. Robots are coming. The always have to have growth model is 100 years outdated. Nobody anywhere in the world should be allowed more than 2 kids. Societies that refuse to quit inbreeding and marrying their first cousins with massive resulting birth defects need to be wiped out. Drastic medical intervention to keep severely disabled babies alive needs to end. It will effect 1st world and 3rd world countries. Not every autistic kid can get a $30,000 a year babysitter from government schools. If you will never work or contribute anything it is just expensive babysitting. It all sounds cold hearted but population reduction is necessary. Resources should focus on kids who will grow up to contribute something. Our present policies will end up killing us all. Common sense needs to replace social justice today.

  • opaque blinders

    Trump leading the new Republican Party into the future!

  • nomatic

    So I work with a guy who is pretty hard core lefty, sops up all the Bern and Maddow he can.

    Every time I put Trump by him he starts drooling and driveling that rich white guys are evil and toupees especially are the devil BS.

    Recently he bitched that Trump was ‘pandering to the fears of that angry white group that makes up most of the nation’.
    Pressed on why those white people were angry and what specific fears Trump was pandering to, the immigrant muslim admitted: They’re pissed about the state of the economy and think that out of control immigration (some illegal, some legal like H1B’s) not only has a lot to do with it but has a major part to do with why the middle class in America is shrinking.

    For every RACIST political organization out there please consider that regular Americans love immigrants. However also please consider that ILLEGAL immigrants are why we can’t have nicer things.

    Finally on corruption. Yes the system has been plagued by corrupt individuals. If you are a democrat and fear Donald Trump, get off your Fing high horse and start being useful by getting rid of Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Clinton family permanently, as the non-establishment GOP just did with the Bushes.

  • fr0thing

    Screw Asia. Stup|d C0mmies.

  • ct5topaz

    This is pure leftist ‘twaddle.’ Misrepresenting facts, faulty conclusions, and taking ideological failures as the ‘norm’ of society means that the entrenched globalists and/or leftists are running scared. Scared that their World of self=aggrandizement will disappear with Trump and the American people finally able to correct wrongs and corruption. Not only is this article ‘leftist twaddle,’ but it’s also a sign of the fear from the entrenched and parasitical left: such as the clintons, obama, gore, Wall St, companies moving overseas, Chicago, leftist/democrat politicians, Countries unwilling to pay for services provided—I mean c’mon! We saved their bacon twice in the last century, and some war debt was never paid to us. That and all the freebies of the last decades will create this unreasonable fear of the left. They brought it on themselves with their corruption, ideology, greed, and failed policies. Leave Trump alone, and let him continue with the American people.

  • Bill’s Humidor

    Remember, when it comes to the TPP treaty, you can’t spell ‘ratify’ without the word ‘rat’.

  • Stryker CV

    I happen to like Donald Trump’s take on America…”We either have a country or we don’t”.

  • Weihan Xingqi

    The citizens of the USA and all those affected in Europe by the mass influx of ‘refugees’ from the Middle East need to get one thing clear: The powers that are busy with plans to dump Trump are the same diabolical minds that have pushed the USA to the brink of a merger with Mexico and Central America, creating the necessary mundane conditions (e.g., enforced acceptance of Spanish and educational indoctrination programs designed to vilify US history) for this unification in the process. They have flooded cities and communities all across the USA and Europe with illegals from regions slated for annexation into zones of regional governance, annihilating in one fell-swoop the concept and sanctity of the nationstate.

    What does it say about a small elite cabal that is willing to sell out all “principles” to negate the will of tens of millions? This is PROOF positive that the USA has been taken over by a cabal of globalists who are hellbent on pushing the nation into an unwanted union with Mexico and Central America – in explicit defiance of the will of the people!

  • Weihan Xingqi

    Exactly. And that’s the very reason scores of millions support him and not the ridiculous globalist puppets who’ve been pushed by the mainstream talking heads since day 1.

  • Edo Tokyo

    I think Henry Kissinger said it back in the 70’s: it will be easier to lower the standard of living of Americans than it will be to raise the standard of living in other countries. This is the agenda of the new world order and progressives.

    Americans are afraid as more people feel that the ideal of the American dream is dying. We need to shore up our foundation before it collapses under the over spending of our government and the insurmountable debt this will inevitably create.

    Hopefully businessman Trump will steer the US back into black ink.

  • Brenda Unibrow

    There is is a reason why its called “illegal” immigration. Besides the reasons I listed, it’s also inherently unfair of them to cut in line ahead of legal immigrants waiting in line to get in.

    Trump and America embraces law abiding immigrants.

    One other thing, talk your ignorant friend that the richest millionairs in congress are all democrats (ie, john Kerry, etc). They are the party of elite rulers and dictators.

  • The Raven

    Look at the name of the rag this article is in… “The Globalist”

    That says it all.

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest

    I can’t wait for the Soros thugs to “take to the streets”. I hope their especially violent, foul mouthed and destructive. That would push Trump over the top, like it did Nixon in ’68 and ’72. Trump might take 49 states, like Nixon did as a result.

  • Lyman_Sweetwater

    This website is all LEFT WING TRIPE…

    Commies smell….!

  • The Raven

    Most of us could care less if he’s a Repub, Demo, Liberal or Conservative.

    He’s We the People’s middle finger that We are going to poke the Establishment right in the eye with.

  • Lyman_Sweetwater

    Agree & I can’t wait either…

  • Funny how the young activists believe they are the vanguard of a new socialism, when actually, they are Soros dupes protecting the globalist status quo

  • The Raven

    BINGO! You get a cigar!

  • buddyroll

    U.S. 2015 trade deficit highest in seven years

  • The Raven

    More likely a piano wire necklace…

  • davidcoleman01

    When you think about it, it is really frightening and bizarre that Trump would be considered dangerous. As you said, why is it “extreme” to say that illegal immigration should be stopped, that America’s allies should pay for their own defense, and that we need to be careful about bringing in people whose basic values are opposed to our own? That these ideas are even contentious shows how twisted has become the thinking of the government class and their supporters.

  • buddyroll

    U.S. 2015 trade deficit highest in seven years Don’t piss down American backs and tell us it’s raining

  • johnboy118

    Oh wow, I haven’t heard that phrase in a long time! Thanks! I have to remember to use that one again! lol
    And point taken, so true!

  • Pro-Life Voice

    I don’t wish death on the lunatic. Only that he loses his ability to speak.

  • buddyroll

    All the Globalist care about are their next trillion dollars off the slaves of the world.

  • davidcoleman01

    Maybe not fascism, but it certainly tears the mask away from those who say they believe in democracy. The only “democracy” they support is one that agrees with them. When voters and taxpayers make a different choice from that of the elites, then they consider it a dangerous mistake that they need to fix. Time to tell them to go to heII.

  • Sighted In And Ready.

    A new independent political party is being born and will present itself in the U.S. in the summer of 2016. It will be completely different and unique to what we’re currently dealing with in Washington.

  • Walter_Peterson

    Excellent point. Nativism is hardly confined to the US. Putin is Exhibit A.

  • david

    funny how all the welfare nations like China, GB, France, Germany, Japan, Australia, Mexico, etc are complaining about TRUMP.

    These complaints are the number one reason we should vote for TRUMP. Why are they complaining about TRUMP? Because the freebies are over when TRUMP gets to the white house. DAY ONE baby!

    That is why they are all in freakout mode.

    TRUMP 2016

  • david

    the more they squeal, the better it sounds. Squeal little asia, squeal little europe, squeal little mexico.

    TRUMP is coming and he is going to take away your welfare checks. Time to grow up and see how well you compete on a fair playing field.

  • GonzoX

    Trump Revolution to go Worldwide to expel Islama’s Jihadis from Western Civilization because if we don’t the Muslim Jihadis will chop our heads off.

  • Dividencop

    I agree, the delivery needs A LOT of work.

  • Attilathehun

    Again and again and again I have to repeat: Trump did not suggest that we bar Muslims from entering the US. He only suggested we stop the invasion temporarily until the government can figure out how to stop terrorists from taking advantage of our generosity. You Shihoko and people like you are the problem. You repeat lies without vetting them.

  • axemole

    Trump is voicing the majority that has been SILENCED by the Gaystapo, the EnviroWackos, the socialists-union-thugs, the baby-parts-industry, the anti-gun lobbies, the Drive-by Media, the communists-teacher Union, etc.

    The majority is being SILENCED so it is no surprise that Trump, who is able to voice their concern and knows how to push back at those bullies, is WINNING.

    Get used to it…

  • Alex DeLarge

    The Grand “Old” Party is history. The NRP (New Republican Party) is the future!

  • Grog Che

    American people are tired of paying for world security, and on top of that–to have the very same countries not be grateful but critical of the U.S.

  • Zach Smith

    “The greatest geopolitical risk in the world today is the possibility of a Trump administration.”

    Fear-monger much?

    Give us a break! The Democrats are running a far-left zealot, and a woman who was soliciting funds from foreign governments while she was acting as Secretary of State. Not to mention she was skirting open-records laws with her own personal email server at the same time.

  • BadWhisky

    Anyone with a brain understands that it isn’t so much the wealth of others as it is the ability of most to comfortably make ends meet. At issue is the governments regulations and taxing authority which makes it more difficult for regular folks to reach economic security and the politicians responsible for driving the engine who are very good at blaming it all on the wealthy. The problem is that people are starting to wise up and the governments of the world are in deep stuff now.

  • BadWhisky


  • William James Sidis

    Fears? How about just plain sick and tired of political correctness and not being listened too? Fear? Not even close Einstein.

  • Cuttothetruth

    I prefer Cruz, but also very happy about how The Donald is shaking things up. The Republican Party needs to be remade, or burnt to the ground. If they don’t get with it, they’ll go the way of the Whigs.

  • Kaiser Wilhelm

    I already owe a lot to Donald. He takes on the corrupt media scum and never backs down, and he eliminated the possibility of another vile President Bush.

  • Attilathehun

    Nevermind that our wealth is generated by hard work and ingenuity. We have too much wealth and need to give it to those who won’t work and are as dumb as a fence post. It is only fair.

  • pandle

    It is not necessarily ‘nativism’ if one just thinks a nation should enforce the laws that are already on its books. Trump may be unpalatable to many, but two things are in his favor. His views on ILLEGAL immigration resonate with a huge number of LEGAL Americans of all ethnic and economic backgrounds. Secondly, though the left press won’t talk about it, there is a HUGE number of people who detest Hillary Clinton and everything she REALLY stands for, which is her own enrichment and narcissism…and the thought of her being president makes them physically ill.

  • Sighted In And Ready.

    Trump is a narcissist, that, also has an ego the size of the Titanic. People are constantly saying how horrible of a president he would be. That alone, could fuel him to prove everyone wrong. He could very well….turn out to be a decent president.

  • Zach Smith

    There aren’t many politicians, especially at the national level who aren’t narcissists. Even if they don’t start out that way, the constant yes-men and cheering of hand-picked crowds soon turn them that way.
    Take Obama, for instance. I get the feeling he could gaze lovingly at his own reflection for hour after hour.

  • Ronn Parsley

    I was 14 years old when the riots took place during the 1968 Democratic national convention in Chicago. It was not pretty. I was living in Los Angeles at the tIme. Coming only a couple of years after the Watts riots in LA, we were afraid the violence might spread to LA. Fortunately it did not.

    I fear we may be in for a period of unrest and violence similar to 1968 Chicago, but on a nationwide scale. Hopfully our republic can survive!

  • Smurfet

    Tell me the name of a politician who doesn’t have a huge ego. I’d rather try him & I don’t care how upset these crappy politicians & their hangers on are.

  • TexasTeaFinder

    It SHOULD go global. Around the globe, the “political class” needs to be dethroned.

  • Smurfet

    It’s time people around the world took more control of their destiny & get it away from these idiot elitist

  • Grog Che

    Just read Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand envisioned the very period in which we live.

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest

    They need to be shot.

  • glassa

    All the right people hate him. That was the deciding factor for me when I voted for him on Tuesday. Still hoping for a Trump/Cruz ticket though.

  • Has their been a President in our history that was not a narcissist. Even George Washington wore a generals uniform to meetings of the founding fathers – so that he could be appointed to leadership of the continental army

  • glassa

    All the right people hate him. From the establishments in both parties. To challengers over seas. This tells me, he’s probably the right one to vote for. Those in power, are terrified of their power structure being disrupted. GOOD!

  • BD

    Trump is causing the world to tremble in their boots, the same ones they walk all over us in

  • Michael Huffman

    Shihoko, Your analysis is deeply flawed because you have based your understanding of Trump’s message on what left-leaning media outlets have said about him, which are incorrect. They morph what Trump says and then attack the morph. Really, such a tactic is actually slander. I encourage you to listen to one of Trump’s rallies on youtube and listen directly from Trump’s mouth. Let me give you one example. Trump loves Hispanics. What he has spoken against is the excess of our immigration policy. It’s like someone who pulls up next to you with their music blaring. It’s not that you hate music, but it’s the excess. The loud music is excessive. So Trump loves Hispanics and Mexico, but when you have 30 million plus (based on the number of work permits the US government has printed for illegals) people enter the US in a short space of time, while the migration benefits the illegals, it has an opposite effect on Americans whose wages now face downward pressure. One more example, Trump isn’t against free trade, but he does want to re-negotiate trade deals that have seen trillions of dollars of wealth exit the country.

  • Larry Smith

    what would you propose?

  • Ronn Parsley

    Marsha: The problem with your population reduction philosophy is this. It sounds great as long as the criteria for who is to be “reduced” does not include you. But I caution you to be careful what you wish for. Once we give the government the power to reduce the population, and the legitimacy to do it, we will find that government very hard to stop. Then what happens when that government decides that people like you don’t deserve to live. What if people with your particular social or political ideas are deemed unwanted and deserve to be “reduced”.

    To avoid the above scenario, it is best that we hold all human life dear and cherish the sanctity of human life. Then let’s find other solutions to the very real problems you raise.

  • Michael Huffman

    You really need to be more critical in your thinking. And why do you infer that only Trump has an ego? Have you looked in the mirror lately? Egos are part of human nature. If it’s that Trump is an alpha male then your analysis is stereotypical. I encourage you to re-think your premise. You may find that you think the way you do because you’ve been told this over and over again without taking the time to analyze it yourself.

  • Ronn Parsley


  • Roberto Sanchez

    Good. I’ve wanted a legitimate reason to slug liberals in the face my whole life.

  • Michael Huffman

    Sadly, this article’s author hasn’t done her own research. She’s listened to left-leaning outlets, which morph Trump’s words and then attack the morph.

  • qualsol

    Shihoko only knows what her parents and country have bred into her – she then comes here and pushes her leftist ideology after further indoctrination by our pathetic educational institutions – to call these people scholars is an insult to the real scholars in our history. These are warped, shallow humans that are unable to rid themselves of the brainwashing they have received to see the world (US) for what it is…

  • Alex DeLarge

    So rich white guys are evil because they earned their billions, but I’m not evil for wanting to take it from them. Got it.

    Ask Lefty what he thinks wealthy people do with their money. They don’t stuff their mattresses with cash and sleep on it.

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest

    Anybody who has the New World Order and the Council of Foreign Relations this upset, deserves our support.

  • odys

    We actually have a law on the books banning a polygamist from entering the USA, or anyone who practices an ideology that promotes polygamy. if we just enforced our laws there would be no moslems here.

    Now, is that good or bad? It is bad, very bad. The main reason for Trump’s rise is the lack of desire by the global elite to enforce laws that they deemed harmful to themselves. Enforce our laws, all of them.

  • Michael Huffman

    Do you really think he’s going to do that? I sure don’t. He is talking about protecting American wages by limiting immigration, something the Left has argued for year. Sadly, the Left has fully embraced the corporations.

  • Michael Huffman

    Can you blame them? Their goods enter the US largely tarif free (relatively speaking) while they tax our goods out the gazoo. They are the smart ones while our politicians are bought off.

  • Roberto Sanchez

    If Trump’s ideas are so “outdated,” why does this author seem so butt-hurt and scared?

  • Jjr74

    Funny how a self-made billionaire who graduated from one of the best business schools on earth has an antiquated point of view on trade. That is nonsense. What part of the United States losing 2.4 million jobs based on the greedy asinine one-sided trade deals doesn’t this author understand? That combined with a president (who will go down in history as possibly the worst president in the history of the Union) who made an unconscionably stupid deal with Iran and doubled our national debt. Yes Americans are angry. Angry at a president who circumvents congress with executive orders for his own agenda. Angry at a president who has flouted the Constitution and promoted illegal immigration. Angry that he used the irs as a political weapon and angry at a SOC who had the audacity to email our national secrets over the wilds of the internet. It is not xenophobia, it is not racism, and Trump is not exclusively supported by uneducated fools…It boils down to this: The majority of Americans are sick and tired of being the stupid people in the room.

  • Everett Sykes

    This”new” party is sadly a pathetic attempt by the neocons to stop Trump.
    For those who aren’t aware. The neocon is firstly a RINO also an Isreal firster
    and a former greasy Trotskyite that cut his hair bought a 3 piece suit and
    pledged alligience to the stateless internatioal financier.

  • Michael Huffman

    I agree IF the establishment of the GOP steals the nomination from Trump.

  • david

    yes, I do. Welfare is monetary manipulation. Welfare is free military protection. Welfare is allowing refugees and illegals and H1bs to come to our country.

    Those are all forms of welfare to these countries. I also think he is going to give the UN a financial haircut too.

  • EscapeFromCalifornia

    The media chorus seems to think it’s ‘fear’ that motivates Trump voters. While doubtless that’s true to some extent with some people – use of that word suggests that the anxiety many feel is unjustified. And that’s not true or fair. People are upset because the evidence is in – and the government-centric, rules-oriented (read: purchased by lobbyists) global trade system is not working out for well over half the 3/4 of the population. While there are other factors at work (robotics, cloud computing, process automation) – it’s obvious to anyone really looking that IP and human capital are being controlled, manipulated and commoditized to the benefit of a very small group of wealthy and powerful individuals. This isn’t capitalism, and its not a democratic republic. It’s gov’t, industry and money co-opting one another to benefit a few. And what we’re seeing in the #NeverTrump ‘movement’ is really the convulsions of those in control who see the gravy train ending. And it has to end – or I fear we will see global unrest on a scale we haven’t experienced before.

  • Michael Huffman

    That is so true. They think they are fighting for America when they are backing the very financial and political interests that are pushing the TPP.

  • Michael S. Lepine

    Dude, I was IN those riots as a journalist for a magazine and it was a revelation for me. I became a conservative after being exposed to what the YIPPIES wanted to do with the country. Sadly, Obama is following the YIPPIE agenda and Bernie would cram it further down our throats.

  • Jen Magnus

    The New World Order is cracking up…. BURN IT DOWN!

    Vote TRUMP!

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest

    Ever wonder why you never see American cars in foreign countries? Every other country on earth practices protectionism for their own manufacturing base. Everybody except America, that is. We need to make a Honda and a Toyota cost twice as much as they do just like a Chevy and a Ford do in Japan. What Trump is suggesting makes perfect sense, unless your a Japanese or a Globalist.

  • Michael Huffman

    I think your comments get into the nature of modern trade treaties. We now know that they don’t work for the citizenry when they are made between unequal economies. As gravity makes water flow downhill, so free trade deals strip wealthy nations and give that wealth to the servant country.

  • Alex DeLarge

    If I’m born into a life of squalor and deprivation, how much do I cherish the sanctity of human life if I choose to procreate and consign yet another generation to that same squalor and deprivation?

    When the people who are best able to feed, clothe, nurture, educate and raise a child are choosing not to have kids, while the people least able to do those things are breeding like rats, that’s a very real problem that needs a solution.

    We can virtually eliminate poverty in two generations by simply paying poor women for not having kids. Effective, and cheaper in the long run.

  • No One Important

    Actually, we’re tired of being “duped” by those bought and paid for in Washington, by those who need another luxury jet, or another gold statue. . . We, the taxpayers, are making it clear, we’re done with the stupidity of Washington, and those lining their pockets personally with our money, and a government enforced “oligarchy” for the rich and wealthy.

  • johnleehooker

    “From building a wall along the Mexican border to barring Muslims entry into the United States and demanding more money for U.S. military operations from foreign governments, his proposals would lead to an about-face in Washington’s relations with the world.”
    Trump supporters not only see NOTHING wrong with the above, in fact we vigorously support the wall, etc.

  • Michael Huffman

    You’ve really made some good points. This article’s author likely has a degree and probably sees herself as an analytical mind; yet, she hasn’t sourced her article well. She’s gone to the far left for her material, and the Left morphs what Trump says and then attacks the morph.

  • cntrlfrk

    If the result of Trump being elected is that the Rulling Elite lose power, and the liberals heads explode, then he has my vote.


  • Jjr74

    Well said.

  • No One Important

    Yep. . . and yet the oligarchs that purchased our politicians are screaming now. . .and the politicians that derive their power from the “well heeled/well connected”. . . .I’m glad Trump is shaking the floor. . . .when the politicians are desperate, Japan is scared, China is writing screeds. . . you know something good is going on. . . .Trade deficits with China? 800 billion.Debt owned by China? Trillions.China getting upset about the US finding its voice and backbone? Priceless.

  • odys

    Not true. I think GM sells more cars in China than in the USA. Made in China, of course.

    The real problem is not free trade, as long as it is the exchange of goods and not people nor IP. Our problem is that Washington has jacked up the cost of hiring Americans so we are at a competitive disadvantaged. Obamacare’s chill on the economy has not been ended, yet.

  • Michael Huffman

    I have no hard feelings for Asia. They are the smart ones. They tax out exports to where our exports can’t compete but we don’t recipricate! And then our people don’t complain and when they do they are said to be radicals.

  • Miagogo

    The corruption in the American government has gotten so obvious. Our elected officials are no longer representing us. The world’s well being is not on my radar. I am fleeced to pay for all of these deals that make us friends with everyone. If allies are only allies because we pay them, they’re no better than our politicians who regularly ignore the voters only to hand off favors to their friends, and take bribes for votes. We need to fix America or there will be no America left. We’re broke. We don’t need our money sent all over the world so everyone gets warm & fuzzies to our face while stabbing the people of this country in the back. #sorrynotsorry

  • odys

    I hadn’t thought of demanding more money for our defenses, but yeah that’s a good idea as well.

  • No One Important

    Hence, “fair” trade. . . .not “free trade at all costs”. . . They’re dumping steel, tires, and even honey in our nationTime to start to jack that price up. . . .as high as you need to. . . .

  • Alex DeLarge

    Sharpened sticks, if it comes to that.

  • Michael Huffman

    Marsha, What I say is that for every dollar we borrow, we instead need to tax pay checks. That way we FEEL and UNDERSTAND what these redistributive policies cost. Instead, we borrow for another day, swipe the credit card, and are left with $19 trillion and counting.

  • Michael Huffman

    Holy cow! That is quite the analogy.

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest

    I propose shooting them.

  • odys

    Dumping is in violation of WTO, and I do not know about that happening now.

  • No One Important

    A very wise poster said a week or so ago:”Those with power never give it up willingly or peacefully.”

  • Michael Huffman

    I think the author is from Japan, which has one of the most extremely restrictive immigration policies in the world, behind only North Korea and the Vatican. I wonder how many Japanese would feel if 30 million Burmese entered their country in a short space of time.

  • Miagogo

    If they’re so smart, why are they afraid of Trump? All of these people freaking out are doing so because Trump is upsetting the progress for the NWO. I’m more convinced than ever that we need him now.

  • Miagogo

    boards with nails in them … the list is endless.

  • No One Important

    Bush used tariffs, so did Reagan, and so did Obama.Yes, they are. . look up the violation for dumping honey in our nation. . .2014? And why? Every 3rd bite an american takes is the result of a bee. .. .destroy our bee/honey industry? Destroy the 14 billion dollar a year ag industry, you destroy our “food supply”. . . .Do your own research, they have been and still continue to dump into our economy. . .

  • Michael Huffman

    But isn’t it ironic that GOP candidates, most recently Romney, have for years railed against China’s trade policies; yet once in office they do nothing. So such anti-trade rhetoric was just to get our votes. Now Trump comes along and appears to really believe what he says and the GOP is scared for their lives.

  • EscapeFromCalifornia

    Nativism is a loaded term and totally unfair. Is it immoral for a nation to look to its own interests first (not in hostility to others, but as a protection of its own people)? What other nation in the world feels a moral obligation – and spends $600 billion-plus – to police the seas, to intervene in genocide, to arbitrate disputes, to pay billions in tribute to keep other countries from going to war with one another (Egypt, Israel & Jordan, for example; or America’s commitments to Japan and Korean defense; or…)? Is it immoral to ask who should pay for this and how much? Is it immoral to irritated that those who benefit from American protection willfully damage us through unfair currency and trade practices (and IP theft – which China is estimated to perpetrate to the tune of $200-$300 billion every year)? The US economy has stagnant for 3/4 of her population for decade(s) – wages are flat while housing, health, education and other costs are rising 5-50% per year. People are being squeezed. The markets are up for investors – but savers and retirees earn nothing in a zero-rate environment. Part-time work is the only growth sector for working people. American’s see the carnage that the ‘New World Order’ has done to its own people, and we’re finally pushing back. That’s not nativist – that self interest, or a positive expression of nationalism. And btw, China, Mexico, Japan and others are all doing the same and always have been. It’s time for the US act rationally. Not to create conflict, but rather to stop sacrificing itself at the altar of globalization. Let’s start with punishing currency manipulation – as that’s at the root of this mess for the West ….

  • Miagogo

    If the republican party doesn’t want to go the way of the Whigs, you’ll probably see a Trump/Kasich ticket and Cruz appointed to AG. THAT would kick a$$. Not that I’m excited about Kasich, but if that’s what it’ll take to get the establishment on board, fine.

  • jon doe

    Easy, just look at the name of the site

  • Miagogo

    Keep your eye on the Soros/Ayers’ “protests”.

  • Michael Huffman

    Charles, you really need to be more critical in your thinking. Trump supports free trade, but the media doesn’t say that. They instead morph what Trump says and then attacks the morph. What Trump says is he’s going to re-negotiate trade deals -huge difference. Currently, we have over a half trillion dollars in wealthy exiting the country each year in trade deficits. They tax our exports but we don’t do so with their imports (relatively speaking).

  • Kaiser Wilhelm

    Is his delivery awful but actually effective? I think he does it to cut through the B.S. He is in the lead, even though massively outspent and vilified by the others. It’s funny how people take their sports teams so seriously and act aggressive about doing what it takes to win within the rules of the game–but on something that actually matters to our nation, Donald is supposed to be polite about these people working against us. I think he’s right for the times.

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest

    I’m hoping for widespread violence and disruption. But I doubt it will ever materialize. There are only so many thugs for hire.

  • jon doe

    Is it any suprise “theglobalist” is antiTrump?

  • No One Important

    Oh comonnnnnnnnnnn. . . . .

  • EscapeFromCalifornia

    Very well said. The New World Order has done exactly that – and our ability to stop the bleeding is fading. We need to act rationally – in our own interests – now. This isn’t about war or hate or fear – it’s about not being a pansy for monied global interests any more. If we don’t, I genuinely fear a 1789 (France) event could come here… Trump isn’t the problem – he (or something like him) is the only hope we have. More of same = chaos.

  • T.W.

    Trump will be the best thing to happen to America in at least 8 years!!! The rest of the world is afraid they may lose all their handouts. TRUMP!!!! If he’s not the republican nominee….WRITE IN!!!!

  • odys

    I am not denying it, just that I have no heard about it.

  • No One Important

    Trump/Christie, and put Cruz on the SCOTUS. . .

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest

    What’s surprising is the liberal’s support for the globalists. Liberals are truly schizophrenic.

  • No One Important

    Leave that idiot Kasich in Ohio. . . <P

  • odys

    Pigs always squeal from you shoo them away from the trough.

  • T.W.

    Trump wanting to protect American citizens and American laws is for some reason offending the lawbreakers and those who want to mooch off of taxpayer money. Wonder why!? TRUMP !!!

  • pajamakat

    Just imagine all the money we fork over to everyone, everywhere. It’s OUR tax dollars but our infrastructure is falling apart. No more handouts. It’s funny how everyone hates us but they sure LOVE our money. Screw them all.

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest

    Change will only come at the barrel of a gun. Trotsky, I think.

  • cowboybob

    Trump will bring the corrupt establishment down, that is why the establishment hates him because they will lose their favored position of looting the American people. The Revolution is well under way. Millions and millions of people are joining the revolution, it is too late to stop it.

  • JoeAllen

    God bless President Trump … !!!!!!!!

  • You mean “keep your sight on Soros/Ayers protesters? I like you so I made a friendly correction.

  • TroyGale

    I’ll provide portable rooms to put the couch in!
    We’ll both make fortunes!

  • Carol Hadenough


  • Miagogo

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there was destruction. Nobody will shoot back in NY. They’ll stay in their safe-zones and raise satan. I have no problem with that. Luckily, they likely won’t come to NH, if they did they would not be comfortable. Don’t ever discount the number of violent idiots in the country.

  • Miagogo

    If that makes you happy, Professor. ;-)

  • Perhaps they could impress me and go to a place where people don’t take kindly to that sort of behavior. Actually just like the organized retreat from Lexington back to Boston, they could a march somewhere to show us how unhappy they are with people exercising their freedom of political speech i.e.: trump

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest

    They can’t make a statement in NY. Most people wouldn’t care if they burned the city to the ground. I would, in fact, cheer them on. I was hoping they would come out where real Americans are.

  • Miagogo

    That would never happen. They would never actually “protest” anywhere where people won’t hide in their homes. They’re only effective in groups, throwing tantrums around unarmed people.

  • Rick Boyd

    Deport ’em!

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest

    President Trump will build a wall and toss Rubio and Cruz over it.

  • Miagogo

    Then, they might actually be effective. They are agitators. Their job is to harass and intimidate people into defending themselves so the progressives can point at the horrible, violent, Trump-supporting white people.

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest

    Oh, it’s true alright.

  • deep45

    The global concern is easy. If trump wins he turns the business of politics on its head which ruins many lives within the parties establishments. the game is over

  • Miagogo

    Agreed, I’d love to. Trump would easily take Ohio without him, but the hand-wringers are worried because Kasich won Ohio. lol

  • Mysterian

    This is no doubt a “globalist agenda” rag. When they say “Trump’s outdated argument” referring to all the lousy trade deals in which the country got screwed (just look at the current balance of trade deficit) by Clinton, Bush and Obama selling us down the river. Wonder why all the Blacks are rioting? No jobs – no income, would piss anybody off.
    Even the college graduates are tending bar and waiting tables. Got news for the writer of this article – Nationalism is coming back with a vengeance and it isn’t just America.
    Europe is getting fed up with the globalist agenda of flooding their countries with unwanted poverty and Jihadis.

  • contact officemanager

    Hey genius we are not in “fear” we fuking angry. Pos. Reporting at large. Tell George happy birthday.

  • Cozette

    All of the major neocons that got Bush to invade Iraq are on the Cruz foreign policy team. That is why National Review calls Ted a true Conservative. Ted is a relexive military intervention guy. Trump is NOT.

  • DG

    American voters would be insane to continue to subject themselves to unemployment caused by trade deficits.

  • mardec

    The fact that these guys are SCARED OF TRUMP is EXACTLY why I’m voting for him. They’ve been crapping all over us for years, and now it’s time to turn that around. And only Trump has the guts to try and do it.

    The more they squeal over Trump, the better I like it.

  • Jim Shorts

    A Vote for Trump = A Vote for America

  • DG

    When can we expect the other countries of the world to act not in their own best interests, but in America’s? Never, right? But we Americans should do the opposite, of course.
    Give me a break.

  • nicthstic

    It doesn’t matter if it is a conservative, liberal, democrat, republican, they are all the same. What the US needs is someone who will stand up for the vanishing American middle class. Right now, that person is Trump.

  • mardec

    Write ins won’t count. We have to put the pressure on both parties to make sure they do what the voters want, for a change.

  • pandle

    The desire to raise the world standard of living was born of a post-WW2 American desire to have a world population that could actually afford what America was making in its factories. We succeeded very well, but the methodology has hollowed out American manufacturing and the accompanying American job market. The pendulum went ever further with NAFTA and now TPP. That pendulum needs to swing back the other way.

  • Alex DeLarge

    It was supposed to be a warning. Not a playbook for the Left.

  • Democracy
    today is a ruse behind which the ruling elites exercise power.

  • Jim Shorts


  • mardec

    Who cares? Trump supporters sure don’t.

  • Alex DeLarge

    Given the idiots on American campuses these day, I’m rethinking my stance against H1Bs.

  • tjb357452

    Was anyone expecting an online operation calling itself “the Globalist” to be supportive of Donald Trump ? Shihoko Goto, an associate with the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, tries her best to put a smiley face on global socialism. Anyone having a sentient intellect immediately envisions Orwell’s 1984. Orwell showed us how to do Globalism effectively. Ms. Goto wants to assure us that if we’re as afraid of Trump as she is, our Chocorat rations won’t be reduced.

  • pandle

    Political Power springs from the barrel of a gun…Mao Tse Tung

  • Alex DeLarge

    They’ll be replaced by robots soon enough. Then my fast-food order will be correct and sanitary.

  • Joe Clear

    Not sure where this fictional writer got her info. U.S trade deficit highest in seven years.

  • char

    Exactly, When politicians the world over are freaking out….something good is happening. None of these people are our friends. They hate America, yet want handouts all over the place. It’s like an unruly class of students who reek havoc at school who finally get what is coming to them with a principal who no longer plays the game or takes the crap….they all scream like a bunch of toddlers. Great job, Trump. Keep up the pressure.

    If I recall, when the esteemed Obama was voted into office, the world at large fell in love…..huge red (no pun intended – communist) flag for America.

  • Democracy has become a farce and a deception. It’s now a sham perpetuated in order to distract, beguile, and exploit the masses by keeping them enthralled and handicapped with a seductive illusion. For the establishment elites, democracy has a utility tantamount to jingling a set of keys in front of a whining infant public. They’ve commandeered the system and its meaning, and adorned it with whatever new ideological constructs or confusing illusions that best facilitate their power.

    Democracy has been gutted of its original purposes and ideals, and it now serves as a vacuous ritual employed to distract, divert, and occupy the attention and energies of the public. It’s a tool of the State and its occupants, rather than a barrier to their domination.

    “The Myth of American Democracy: The Deification of Democratic Governance and the Subversion of Individual Liberty” by Trenton Fervor.

  • Kerry Kolsch

    Get the memo: Trump v Globalist. We do not want the USA to be destroyed like Europe. Europe is gone. RIP

  • Charley Varrick

    I’m not speaking of the 1860s but the 1960s.

  • American democracy is a calculatingly maintained sham. It’s an elaborate establishment dog and pony show. The entire apparatus has become a method for disguising an underlying aristocratic reign. It is carried on to keep the public fascinated and bewildered by the chimera of collective self-rule. The public is in no way “the master.”

    The elites axiomatically reject democracy and its tenets—other than its usefulness in keeping the masses placated and invested. The notions that the hoi polloi should
    rule, or that majority opinion should be authoritative, or that individuals should be free or sovereign, are all rejected in theory and practice. The elites may have some sympathy for the *ideal* of self-rule, but they reject it as inappropriate or dangerous for the “ignorant and excitable” masses comprising society.

    “The Myth of American Democracy: The Deification of Democratic Governance and the Subversion of Individual Liberty” by Trenton Fervor.

  • Jack Woodburn

    BathHouse Barry wants widespread insurrection so that he can declare martial law and suspend the constitution. That said, I still think he is pining and lobbying for the UN General Secretary position.

  • ryan_p76

    Take one step farther back and open wider. The people who claim Trump/whoever are using fear are themselves using fear… whipping up the boogeyman Trump to scare their people. See their arguments for as circular and hypocritical as they are. See their invented radical language for what it is, calling everything they don’t like an “ism” and a “phobia” when those words are not accurate, they’re used as propaganda to make people seem crazy or extreme. The global elites have been in a one sided fight that they started, but their targets are starting to wake from the slumber. They have more to fear than we do.

  • SnakeUSMC

    only liberals, socialists and communist FEAR. We Americans do NOT FEAR, but when and if the time comes, we kick a&& and take names. You write for the communist press. Common sense to YOU Shihoko Goto, is a very uncommon virtue.

    Semper Fidelis



  • teapartyrefugee

    did you say Pig or liberal?

  • D Kidd

    Choice is an illusion created by those with power.

  • Jack Woodburn

    That was probably true until this year. People are angry, very angry. And if the Establshment tries to keep Trump from the nomination, there will be blood flowing in the streets across America. It will be a second American Revolution…

  • justmeanu

    Trump is a threat to the New World Order, that’s what they are worried about.

  • This article seeks to attack Trump and winds up promoting and endorsing him. Yes people, the “elites” ARE this stupid. They see a raging mob with torches ready to burn them down, and they say “Wow they seem angry. Wonder why.” And they still don’t understand that every attack on Trump makes him stronger.

  • NotAFacebookUser

    The Woodrow Wilson International Center For Scholars? Woodrow Wilson was a racist and one of the worst presidents in U.S. history!

  • D Kidd

    When Andrew Jackson won the election, he and his posse descended upon Washington and took over the town….that’s what they are afraid of…..go Trump.

  • ryan_p76

    Quick, look over there! It’s a person who depends on fear and namecalling for support…. that bigoted, sexist, classist, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic, hater! Be very afraid… support me!

  • robertbluejacket

    The real fear is the end of the gravey train. Trump is saying no to the proposition that Americans play chumps to the world.

    I don’t think that’s horrible.

  • Kerry Kolsch

    Sweden is now the rape capital of the world, due to immigrants.

  • Kerry Kolsch

    I do not agree with much of what Putin stands for, but he is also against the NWO.

  • Kerry Kolsch

    I agree. The globalist controlled media presents a false narrative about Trump.

  • D Kidd

    The inverse relationship trick.

  • D Kidd

    You sound dangerous….you may want to stop the psychotropics.

  • The political elites consist largely of a megalomaniacal meddler caste motivated by a sense of inflated self-importance, moral righteousness, and a privileged understanding of the “truth.” They see themselves as prophets and messiahs with a noble duty to bring humanity into a utopian existence. They don’t believe themselves to need the sanction of law or consent; they have the sanction of “moral righteousness”.

    They gravitate toward regimes of authoritarian paternalism and yearn to impose their “enlightened” views on others. The elites do not see it as “offensive” that they need to manipulate the masses and control their thoughts and actions. The best interests of others lie in the political elites assuming control of their lives in various ways. For the masses, *obedience* is the paramount moral principle.

  • Tory

    The greatest geopolitical risk in the world today is the possibility of a Trump administration.

    Currently I don’t even support Trump. But after reading this I am warming up to him. What should I have expected from the Globalist other than typical talking points from a “country-bashing nationstate-O-Phobe”?
    These spewings of vile venomous hate speech from the one world corporation crowd never cease to amaze me.
    If Globalists feel threatened by Trump maybe he’s onto something after all.

  • Silas

    At least he hasn’t called for folks to be put in internment camps like Liberal Hero FDR

  • sonnyboy

    President Andrew Jackson:
    1829-1837 “You are a den of vipers! I intend to rout you out, and by the
    Eternal God I will rout you out. If the people only understood the rank
    injustice of our money and banking system, there would be a revolution before morning.”

  • BillinJax

    Good description of the real underbelly of secular progressive liberals who have made America a second rate country over the last 40 years.

  • D Kidd

    They were saying the same thing about Andrew Jackson and the people loved him.

  • The elites believe themselves to be uniquely enlightened, rational, virtuous, and well intentioned. Their self-assuredness—which borders on being a vainglorious psychosis—insulates them in their visions and incubates an absolutist ideological fanaticism. They possess the truth, and the fate of the world rests in their ensuring it prevails. Any view contrary to their vision is based on ignorance, deception, or immorality.

    The elites are uniquely capable of identifying and evaluating the facts and realizing truths. Their positions *are truth*; other positions are stupidity, falsehood, or malevolence. Others lie and distort and allow immoral motives to guide them. The elites are disdainfully righteous and correct. When things don’t go as they’ve planned, it’s due to the forces of evil, or factors they could not control, not any fault of the “self-evident” virtuousness of their vision or judgment.

    “The Myth of American Democracy: The Deification of Democratic Governance and the Subversion of Individual Liberty” by Trenton Fervor.

  • D Kidd

    Nice reply….and he did. He vetoed the 2nd banks charter.

  • Calif Conservative

    The only ones who are ‘afraid’ are the liberal, progressive socialists who are about to see their lazy freeloader lifestyles get turned upside down. Time for them to start getting back to work and pay their taxes. Somebody name one socialist country who is prospering for their citizens??

  • Kaiser Wilhelm

    Thanks to Donald for ensuring we don’t see another President Bush.

  • Elites *love* authority and power. They love their positions as deciders, arbitrators, moralizers, givers and takers, surrogate philanthropists, rule makers, enforcers, and punishers.

    The elites crave a political structure which enables their control of others. Democracy is their conscience-assuaging formula for how they can be tyrants without the moral burden of recognizing themselves as such. It creates an illusion of social endorsement for their reign.

  • D Kidd

    The elite will be holding a garage sale once Trump takes office…lol….” how much for the rolls, Mr. elite?”

  • Banksters_Rule_the_World

    For almost 150 years the United States has been conducting an interesting experiment. The subjects of the experiment: black people and working-class whites.

    The hypothesis to be tested: Can a people taken from the jungles of Sub-Saharan Africa and forced into slavery be fully integrated as citizens in a majority white population?

    The whites were descendants of Europeans who had created a majestic civilization.
    The former slaves had been tribal peoples with no written language and virtually no intellectual achievements. Acting on a policy that was not fair to either group, the government released newly freed black people into a white society that saw them as inferiors. America has struggled with racial discord ever since.

    Decade after decade the problems persisted but the experimenters never gave up. They insisted that if they could find the right formula the experiment would work, and
    concocted program after program to get the result they wanted. They created the Freedman’s Bureau, passed civil rights laws, tried to build the Great Society, declared War on Poverty, ordered race preferences, built housing projects, and tried midnight basketball.

    Their new laws intruded into people’s lives in ways that would have been otherwise
    unthinkable. They called in National Guard troops to enforce school integration. They outlawed freedom of association. Over the protests of parents, they put white children on buses and sent them to black schools and vice versa. They tried with money, special programs, relaxed standards, and endless handwringing to close the “achievement gap.” To keep white backlash in check they began punishing public and even private statements on race. They hung up Orwellian public banners that commanded whites to “Celebrate Diversity!” and “Say No to Racism.” Nothing was off limits if it might salvage the experiment.

    Some thought that what W.E.B. Du Bois called the Talented Tenth would lead the way for black people. A group of elite, educated blacks would knock down doors of opportunity and show the world what blacks were capable of. There is a Talented Tenth. They are the black Americans who have become entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors and scientists. But ten percent is not enough. For the experiment to work, the ten percent has to be followed by a critical mass of people who can hold middle-class jobs and promote social stability. That is what is missing.

    Through the years, too many black people continue to show an inability to function and prosper in a culture unsuited to them. Detroit is bankrupt, the south side of Chicago is a war zone, and the vast majority of black cities all over America are beset by degeneracy and violence. And blacks never take responsibility for their failures. Instead, they lash out in anger and resentment.

    Across the generations and across the country, as we have seen in Detroit, Watts, Newark, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, and now Ferguson, rioting and looting are just one racial incident away. The white elite would tell us that this doesn’t mean the experiment has failed. We just have to try harder. We need more money, more time, more understanding, more programs, and more opportunities.

    But nothing changes no matter how much money is spent, no matter how many laws are passed, no matter how many black geniuses are portrayed on TV, and no matter who is president. Some argue it’s a problem of “culture,” as if culture creates people’s behavior instead of the other way around. Others blame “white privilege.”

    But since 1965, when the elites opened America’s doors to the Third World, immigrants from Asia and India–people who are not white, not rich, and not “connected”–have quietly succeeded. While the children of these people are winning
    spelling bees and getting top scores on the SAT, black “youths” are committing half the country’s violent crime–crime, which includes viciously punching random white people on the street for the thrill of it that has nothing to do with poverty.

    The experiment has failed– Not because of culture, or white privilege, or racism. The fundamental problem is that white people and black people are different. They differ
    intellectually and temperamentally. These differences result in permanent social incompatibility.

    Our rulers don’t seem to understand just how tired their white subjects are with this experiment. They don’t understand that white people aren’t out to get black people;
    they are just exhausted with them. They are exhausted by the social pathologies, the violence, the endless complaints, and the blind racial solidarity, the bottomless pit of grievances, the excuses, and the reflexive animosity.

    The elites explain everything with “racism,” and refuse to believe that white frustration could soon reach the boiling point.

  • SouthernStyle

    Hi Devvy. Hang tough.

  • People [shrugs]

    Much of the apocalyptic talk about Trump is coming from the right… The left is definitely a bit freaked out, but not in the way the right is…

  • Thomas Brown

    The Wallshington Street globalists are still destroying the US manufacturing. and dumbing down the US with bs mainstream media updates. Why?

  • Jumpy Gathers

    World leaders who have been laughing behind our current President’s back hate Trump. George Soros hates Trump. His attack dogs MOVEON hate Trump. The Black Lives Matter Crowd hates Trump. The liberal elites in the Media hate Trump. The Republican elitists like Romney hate Trump. Obama and Hillary hate Trump. Whoopie Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell hate Trump. Sorry folks, but to me that just screams ” VOTE TRUMP ” !

  • Ratcraft

    What every journalist in the media misses is this has nothing to do with other nations. People are tired of working all day. Working for so much that is taken and given to others. Tired of standing in line at a grocery store only to see some square body, 3 kids in tow pay for all their goods with an EBT card. All while speaking gibberish, then diving away in a newer vehicle than theirs with a foreign flag on it. It’s not racist. it’s not hate, it’s not xenophobia. It’s enough is enough.

  • “Beat the people with the people’s stick” (Bakunin)…

    The elites discount entirely the suitability of “democracy” for directing society or selecting appropriate social solutions. This has meant perpetuating the deception of democratic self-rule while systemically disregarding it from behind the scenes. The elites are content to keep the public under the misconception that its sovereignty in the political process is more complete or efficacious than is the actual case. They acquire the public’s allegiance under one set of principles, and then rule by a concealed, “more sophisticated” set. The ruling elites abide the system because it does not threaten their power, and it reduces the risk of losing their heads.

    “The Myth of American Democracy: The Deification of Democratic Governance and the Subversion of Individual Liberty” by Trenton Fervor.

  • Oh Really

    “Worries about being left far behind in the race to accumulate wealth and spreading hostility towards an “invasion” of foreigners is already acute in Europe.”

    Why wouldn’t there be hostility when the foreigners are ransacking and pillaging the communities they move into as shown in european news articles. Isn’t it patriotic to love your country and to stand up for morality and civility?

  • Walter_Peterson

    Well, you are definitely right about Hillary. She nauseates me, too.

  • Thomas Brown

    yes but multi-national corporations don’t want nationalism. it can get in the way of their plans for globalization.

  • dareisay

    Happens to be an ancestor of mine, on my mother’s side.

  • The elites who occupy the political system do not believe the rhetoric they perpetuate to justify it. The elites want the public to *believe* it has government of the people, by the people, and for the people, but they absolutely do not want this to *be* the actual case. Government is to be of the people, by the enlightened elites, according to the values and objectives of the elites.

  • GonzoX


  • D Kidd

    The elites are going down and they know it……you can see the grieving process at work……they are breaking their crayons and feeling poopy…lol

  • Dencal26

    Globalization allows employers to constantly seek out the cheapest labor on the planet

  • Dencal26

    Its not anger. Common sense would indicate a problem when you have open borders

  • Who Cares

    I’m already making a killing selling bombs disguised as prayer rugs. Prophets are going through the roof!

    Trump 2016

  • Who Cares

    This place should hire you to write. You put their guys to shame.

    Trump 2016

  • xstratusx

    Sunlight is the best disinfectant. It’s incredible the backstabbers that the Trump campaign is bringing to light – both republicans and democrats.

  • diggferkel

    The people enjoying the gravy train are the only ones panicking here. Washington DC and the media.

    Other countries are panicking because they fear a stronger US.

  • Bill

    He lied us into war.

  • Bill

    And stand up to the crybully thugs who are shutting down our cities.

  • tobydelamo

    Interesting. Funny how the angle is always that Americans are angry and fearful. It’s becoming more and more apparent that the one’s with the greatest fear are the globalists. People are waking up. And they are worried it will spread. Good.

  • Gary

    Can’t wait for Trump to pull the curtain back. We get to watch the squirming political figures, from both parties, scurrying like roaches. The bribes, payoffs and corruption throughout is nauseating.
    Go Trump!

  • Savior of the Golden Goddesses

    The people who hate America hate Trump – that should tell you all you need to know.

  • The smear is that Trump supporters are angry. No, they have figured out the screw job the multinationals and the free traders have inflicted on the American people along with wholesale giveaways of our country and rights to international, unaccountable entities. We want that changed and Trump says he will do it and he building a very broad coalition that terrifies the unpatriotic elite. They are not angry but the establishment and elites are totally unhinged and a scary lot to be in charge.

  • Crow_T_Robot65

    And in the current climate, it would be suicide for those who passed voted for ratification. And for that, we can thank D.J. Trump. He has already changed things, and he is not even if office!

  • Savior of the Golden Goddesses

    America hating globalist hate Trump… That means Trump is BEST for America.

  • Dante Matterson

    “The reason why his message has struck such a chord with a large swath of the electorate is deep-seated frustration with the current political system.” this reasoning has nothing to do with frustration and everything to do with distrust, dishonesty, and a failure to uphold the law.

  • Luzy

    Hey, The Globalist, we’re glad you’re scared of us! Boo! #TrumpTrain

  • JTDeth

    The United States has been bankrupting ourselves wasting literally trillions of dollars and many lives both by providing at nearly no cost defenses to wealthy countries in Europe and Asia and trying to stabilize and move into the modern age failed countries with no interest in moving forward. That made sense in 1945 when we faced the communist threat. By by 2016 Japan, S. Korea, Europe and other countries can pay for their own defense. And the US should just let rotting Muslim societies continue to rot in the system they prefer and battle each other as they have for 13 centuries. Trump is right on this.

    The US negotiates trade deals poorly – but worse – we do nothing when other countries block our companies from exporting to them while we allow imports in with no restriction. This has hurt our working class badly and undermined our whole manufacturing industry. Stupid. The US is a chump for failing to use the same cheating methods that other countries use or alternatively for allowing those countries to cheat while we do not. Trump is right on this as well.

    The essence of Trump’s appeal is its rationality. Our armed forces are composed of volunteer patriots, paid and trained by us to serve US national interests – and that is what they should be doing, not being the global policeman. Trade is a good and important part of our economy but should be conducted under the same rules for BOTH sides. When countries cheat we should immediately respond back in a way to punish the cheaters and protect those harmed domestically. Fair competition is fine. But cheating is unacceptable.

  • Pablo

    The people have finally figured out that they are getting screwed.

  • Jerry Whitworth

    Without a Boehner and a McConnell there would be no Trump.

  • Gary

    Imagine the new retirees. The Bush crime family, the Clinton crime family, Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, Boehner is already out, Lindsay Graham, The Obama’s and every member of his administration, Al Sharpton silenced, etc., etc., etc.
    Glen Beck reduced to middle of the night AM broadcasts, Fox news needing a new plan, The Washington Post becoming more of a gossip column, the media, in general, getting back to the way things should be done. The lobbyists and “special interest” groups will need more than envelopes full of cash to push their agenda. The corruption is rampant in both parties as they enrich themselves and other countries with our money.
    Go Trump!

  • ronthornton

    This election is about more than a 78-year old attitude adjuster in Chicago, illegal aliens invading the US with impunity, a concern as to determining who supports ISIS and who simply shares a variation of their religious tenants, and questionable foreign and domestic policy. It has everything to do with elitists and their financial backers desperate to keep control of the process from the masses, regardless as to what party label they adopt. The high and mighty are willing to be even more transparently high handed in ensuring that remains so. Trump’s greatest transgression, in their minds, is not his rhetoric or his actions, but rather the fact that he refuses to fall in line.

  • PC0

    A little maybe. But Trump is speaking in the vernacular of the “Common Folk”, and they understand perfectly what he says and what he means without his Pinky up in the air while he talks.
    Unlike the Washington Establishment and Media who dissect every statement and word in order to distort its meaning.

  • Dante Matterson

    come on now, give the Clinton’s, Bush’s, and O some credit here

  • rwendling70

    1. Philosophical comment:
    Most of the world not now or ever has run itself on Judeo-Christian principles of morality. Most people still live under tyrannical forms of one-man or oligarchic rule. The USA, under a Trump Presidency, might just return to a Capitalist nation ruled both by our Constitution and Judeo-Christian morality. (No blather about separation of church and state will be tolerated; it’s untrue.)
    2. Political comment:
    The fact that the Trump campaign for the Republican nomination is drawing so much popular support and so much media, Demorat and other Leftist hatred is amazing! Trump is shaking up the establishment, the Republican-Democrat alliances that have been bankrupting the treasury, weakening the military and wreaking havoc upon the Constitution. This is what is necessary to save our Democratic Republic from the tyranny of the Left and becoming just another third-world nation.
    3. Examine the term, The Left. Most politically literate people of the world understand the term means Progressive (progressing towards Socialism), Socialist (government ownership of the means of production etc AND the last step before Communism) or Communist, Communism is a wildly Utopian notion that we can all just get along with no bosses (proved false by years of Stalinist Russia and Maoist China). In summary, the Left has brought not Utopia but misery to peoples everywhere it has come to power, mostly by false promises and outright lies. GO TRUMP 2016!

  • rgentbuilders

    Yeah, that’s what it is, Americans are fearful of “insert whatever sounds good here”.
    No, has nothing to do with the unlawful screw over the people have been putting up with, nope, don’t believe your lying eyes.

  • iRon Madden

    “This comment was deleted.”
    “We are unable to post your comment because you have been blocked by The Globalist.”

    China loves censorship.
    You can see that playing out right here in the comments.

  • Savior of the Golden Goddesses

    We love Trump – and we hate the media…

  • Gary

    Go Trump!

  • Bob Parkman

    I love how liberals realize how terrible a candidate Hillary is and then seek to do the only thing they know how to do whine and stamp their feet that it’s the other guy’s fault.

  • Flechette

    I am sick of the globalist agenda (a very telling website name, by the way). I want America to be independent, not dependent.

    Our Founders valued freedom and independence…remember the War for Independence?

  • American Voter

    Socialists worldwide are concerned by the rise of Trump because he promises to re-assert the strength of the US in areas of its interest, as well as stirring feelings of democracy amongst oppressed people everywhere (if US voters can overthrow their communist overlords, we can too). A weak US benefits so-called globalists and strengthens the hands of crackpot theorists worldwide (I’m looking at you, EU).

    Meanwhile, here in the US, our Democratic party (founders of the KKK, party of Robert Byrd, opposed the civil rights act) fight to keep our minorities locked up on their virtual plantation, project weakness, and harm the planet.

    I suggest any non-Americans reading this, visit the US this coming November and vote for Trump early and often. It’s in your best self-interest.

  • bhumphreyTG

    To be fair to us, this site has been consistently critical of her for many years.

  • tomlaredo

    Agree wholeheartedly. We are just tired of being blamed for the lives the poor and uneducated live. We, the people, did not cause that. The dems and rinos did through welfare, social experiments in school, and allowing illegal immigration. We are tired of being called every name in the racist and xenophobic playbook. We are sick of people saying we “hate” gays. We don’t hate them, we just don’t want that lifestyle forced into our homes.

    And most of all, we as Americans, are tired of losing. To me, it feels a lot like 1979 right now. It is time for a Trump type leader. No safe zones for Rinos and Dems.

  • AlThompson

    Soon will come the day when the triumphant Trump will embolden and empower his Trumpsters to go forth and smash the skulls of the globalist bastards that seek to destroy the sovereignty of America! Can’t wait to bury an ax in the heads of the robber baron moneyed globalist elite!!! The day of the rope shall soon be upon us, and the quiche eating liberals and all of the muslim trash that rape, murder and destroy shall be brought to justice! We will defeat our enemies, drive them before us, and laugh at the lamentations of their women! The destruction of Islam and the bloody globalist bastards who support it shall be the greatest accomplishment of the century! Seig Heil Herr Drumph!!!!

  • Eugene Harnett

    nothing to back up your statement Miss Goto: “The greatest geopolitical risk in the world today is the possibility of a Trump administration.” Why does this statement look sloppy?

    ISIS is a great threat. China’s military build up is also. Nuclear armed Iran and No Korea also. Huge influx of refugees in Europe disrupting their social norms also. A president who wants to protect its nation’s sovereignty is a greater threat? Why does this non-substantive argument even get published?

  • docdave88

    It’s simple on this side of the ocean.

    We, and by “we” I mean self-identified conservatives, as so completely disgusted with our existing political parties that we are in the process of burning it down to rebuild.

    As a history major I never really expected to see the demise of a major political party in my lifetime. But then again I guess the Whigs in the 1860s were taken by surprise too.

  • TashaTchin

    Cruz is a globalist. He is also a “natural born citizen” of Canada, per SCOTUS, 1898.

  • Jerry Whitworth

    Clinton and O puts a republican in the White House in Jan 17 but, Boehner and McConnell makes Trump the Republican going in. You could say Bush has played a small role in Trumps rise.

  • Boston_Patriot

    “time to address those fairness issues before it is too late” Herein lies the problem. The Left wants redistribution of wealth and government control, euphemistically called “fairness” and “equity.” The right wants….well, they don’t know. Just someone- anyone- who will “stand up” to the Left.
    Very few Americans on the Right understand that liberty is the moral ideal, so they flail blindly, grasping for something in opposition to the Left. Because of this lack of clarity on the subject of individual rights, they get Donald Trump, someone incapable of defending freedom on an ideological basis against a middle school debate team.
    It’s Liberty or Death, people. There is no other choice; no middle ground.

  • ECM

    It is easy enough to dismiss Trump’s argument as being outdated. After all, while the U.S. trade deficit with Japan peaked in the 1990s, the issue now is too much more about the exchange rate rather than the actual flow of goods and services.

    Have you been paying attention? He’s been hammering China on currency manipulation for months (not that Japan’s hands aren’t filthy in this regard, re: Abenomics)…

    Oh, and guess what? Today we found that the US trade deficit hit its highest point since 2008…and guess who had their best trade surplus in years just this week? JAPAN.

    Next time, would you be so kind as to at least attempt an impartial recounting of the facts of just this past week?

  • rms

    I see the globalists are in a tizzy the world over. You can’t stop this #TRUMPtrain, you open border advocates. #JeSuisTRUMP

  • Dividencop

    Good point, but he will need to appeal to a broader group, particularly in the general election, in order to win.

  • Bob White

    Trump has been against these suicidal trade deals all along. I remember him talking about the fact that we had a trade deficit with every country that we traded with and about the effect of the vicious currency manipulations of the mercantile nations back in the eighties. Certain people got rich exporting jobs and squeezing a century of wealth out of the middle class while telling us all about how great ‘Free Trade’ was, but most of us got poor as the ground was cut from beneath us. Now the class that has been under political, financial and economic attack by the Wall Street job exporters since the end of the Reagan administration has been given a leader. The days of institutionalized robbery are over. Even if Trump is murdered by one of the vicious thugs that the terrorist left is sending to his rallies, the days of everyone meekly training their replacements are at an end. There will be a new party, a party that has nothing but time to burn and the will to burn whatever is nescessary. Our national resources are wide and deep. We don’t actually need one single import from any other country. Free trade means trade that freely goes both ways on a level financial playing field, not Goldman Sacks America ‘fixing’ an old US company by moving it to a rigged trade zone and firing all the American workers. Want to get rich? Why not work for it, invent something that everyone wants instead of Wall Street style looting and currency manipulation.

  • ECM

    He’s been talking about this sort of thing since *at least* the late ’80s. This is nothing new for him and he’s been entirely consistent for the intervening decades.

  • Effenexes

    Ah yes…the despicable globalists. The wreckers of society and the fomenting of social unrest, Yes, the corrupt U..S.political establishment has their grubby hands on the money trail also, especially when it affects their own pocket book If truth be known, these self serving politico’s has their underwear in a bind on the real possibility of their cash cow drying up. Then they would have to get a working job to supplement their ill gotten spoils that were obtain through at the expense of the American people.

  • BraveNewWhirled

    Nature abhors the vacuum left by the Republican Party merging with the Democrats. The rise of a third party is normal. Folks trusted the Reeps and we got screwed to the wall like a cheap coat hook.

  • rgentbuilders

    Oh the right knows what it wants. It’s just not what the elites want. So in the process of being denied and insulted and shut down, the majority have reached their limit.

  • Dan Austin

    People are getting tired of the same leaders making the same promises and not delivering.

    Take the southern border with Mexico, for example. Anyone with any sense realizes that we could stop the flow of 99% of the drugs, gang violence, and illegal immigrants into the country, some of whom are criminals and rapists, if we really wanted to.

    People don’t even care if the flow across the border continues because of utter incompetence or for political reasons, they are just tired of leaving it in the hands of the ‘establishment’ leaders, who simply can’t or won’t fix it. if fences and walls truly don’t work, they should tear down the walls and fences around the White House and all military bases.

    It’s like taking your car to the same ‘professional car dealers’ over and over again to get it repaired, but they never fix it right and the car keeps breaking down. Eventually, you just take the car to someone else, even if they aren’t a ‘certified professional car dealer’.

  • fritz62

    Yawn, go sell it to a third grade grammar school class. There ARE other things in life. Just because that’s your focus in life, doesn’t mean everyone thinks the same. And before you get started, we don’t hate liberty, or fear it either, it’s just NOT THE ONLY THING WE THINK OF. The working class right doesn’t want wealth expropriated for us like the working class left, but that doesn’t mean we are still buying the argument that our political focus should be on tax rates. We care about our communities, our Jobs, our schools and our Children. We care about “liberty”, but we understand there is more to life. Attaining happiness by (hopefully) living meaningful,virtuous lives, instead of pursuing every itch, scratching it, and then calling it happiness.

  • TashaTchin

    Several years ago, it was stated that the US has the export profile of a Third World nation — agricultural products (tobacco, lumber, unprocessed food stuffs and hides) and scrap metals. I don’t think much has changes over the last few years to improve the situation.

  • Mike CJ

    Another person giving a brainless analysis of Trump. Thus, missing what’s going on an why. The simple, simple truth is that politicians have been dishonest and derelict in their duties and treating the US government as a big feeding trough. So, we get many laws just unenforced. If enforcing the laws would get lobbyists to give them funds, or advance one political agenda, it happens. If not, they don’t get enforced. We get trade deals that highly favor the other side. Example, articles my business imports from China are charged a 3% tax. My items going to China get a 30% tax, making it impossible to sell. And, similar in many countries. THAT’s why your jobs are going away. Not some complicated theory promoted by some. Polilticians and their handmaidens don’t want to be exposed as incompetent, lazy and dishonest, so they are freaking out and spreading mis-information. Example in this article. Trump only said a temporary halt to Muslim refugees until we figure out ISIS methods of infiltrating them. Not some permanent bar to Muslims as mentioned or implied in this article.

  • Snugglesgodofdeath

    Trump wants to put Americans first. That is a worthy goal and one any American politician should embrace. Instead, we have a near constant whine about how Trump is a “populist” and how “dangerous” he will be. Trump is not perfect but he’s considerably better than HRC.

  • bhumphreyTG

    That export profile probably had more to do with Trump’s rise than not, but perhaps in a different way:

  • MrWorldCitizen1

    The more they try to bash Trump, the more they prove him right and make him more popular. These people still don’t get it. The establishment has been spending so many years doing what they want to do, instead of what the people that elect them want them to do, that they have gone blind and ignorant if they cannot understand Trump’s popularity.

  • Atilla Thehun

    The fact that the author ties herself to Woodrow Wilson tells you everything you need to know. No reason to return to a hard-left-biased site/writer.

  • Further reading from this site:

    “Why I’ll Be Voting for Trump”

    “Why Donald Trump is Winning” – “the candidate has struck some nerves on real issues.”

    “Trump: Right on Trade”

    “Sanders and Trump(!) defending the interests of the U.S. middle class is a long overdue exercise in democracy.”

    “Trump & America, You Can’t Have It Back Again!”

    “Trump and the Fear of Hillary: A Political Psychogram of the 2016 Race”

    “Will a failure to manage globalization lead to a backlash of protectionism, xenophobia and nationalism?”

    “Tax avoidance undermines confidence in the fairness of the taxation system and government’s ability to function.”

  • docdave88

    I like it.

  • Len Mullen

    I don’t think these reactions are about anything except the possibility that the US Government will no longer be for sale. World leaders have been spitting on our handouts for decades while getting rich off our business ‘accommodations’ (that’s globalists call bribes). All the while exploiting our poor and theirs. If you want to know how much globalists will spend to elect anyone but trump, just look at how much they spend lobbying (bribing) the establishment…

    More than $3,210,000,000 in 2015! That is more than 15x what they spent to get Jeb bush elected.

  • Len Mullen

    Unfortunately, there are thousands of Boehners and McCommells in both established parties and only a handful of Trumps. Let’s not let this one go to waste.

  • Len Mullen

    We have ALWAYS known we are getting screwed. Now we know who is doing it and what to do about it! Thank you World Wide Web!