Brent Ranalli

Brent Ranalli is a policy consultant and an independent scholar. He co-edits Environment: An Interdisciplinary Anthology for Yale University Press.

Trump: Jimmy Carter Redux

Is Donald Trump poised to learn the lessons that Jimmy Carter learnt in 1976?

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Thomas Paine’s Climate Solution: Would He Recognize It?

Paine’s revolutionary proposal to “share the wealth” from land and natural resources may help solve the climate crisis.

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Carbon Permits: Paine’s Social Dividend

The issue that is poised to bring common-wealth dividends into the mainstream today is climate change.

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Disappearing Jobs? Our Thomas Paine Moment

As automation eliminates jobs, Paine’s proposal to share wealth from the commons shows a way forward.

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After Paine: Henry George’s “Single Tax”

Nearly a century after Thomas Paine’s proposal, reformer Henry George popularized a similar scheme.

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Thomas Paine’s Agrarian Justice and John Locke

Both Locke and Paine sought to create a middle class.

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Thomas Paine’s Dividend: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Remembered for his political idealism, Paine also had ideas about economic justice.

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Strange Bedfellows: Hungary Leans Toward Russia

Viktor Orbán and Vladimir Putin as cross-ideological autocratic allies.

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Snow and Politics in Hungary

Can a freak snowstorm show a Central European nation how to get along with its neighbors?

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Beyond the Mayan Calendar: Doomsdayism is Alive and Well

What are we to make of the strange social and cultural phenomenon of expectations of a worldwide calamity?

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