Edward Goldberg

Edward Goldberg is the president of Annisa Group, a firm that advises business on global issues.

When the Talent Leaves

What’s stopping the most talented workers from taking the elevator out of the building and hopping a plane to San Jose?

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Russia, Cuba and U.S. Jobs

How are outdated trade policies holding back U.S. economic growth and job creation?

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Financial Markets as the New WMDs

Why do armies and weapons pale in comparison to the financial markets as threats to a country's sovereignty?

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Global Markets: America’s Fourth Branch of Government

Will the globalized marketplace force reforms to the U.S. political system?

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America’s Enduring Advantages

How will the United States deal with the fissures created by globalization and meritocracy?

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The Networking of U.S. Foreign Policy: The Importance of Europe

Why is the U.S.-EU relationship by far the most important bilateral partnership in the world?

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The Networking of U.S. Foreign Policy

How are the realities of globalization forcing the United States to adopt a new foreign policy?

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Libya, Globalization and Oil

How has the United States surrendered some of its sovereignty to the oil markets?

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President Obama, Declare Independence from Oil

Why is now the right time to free the United States from Middle Eastern oil?

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China, the Middle East Revolution and the U.S. Counter-Revolution

How did the Beijing Olympics act as a catalyst for the revolutions sweeping the Middle East?

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