Jacob Conteh

Jacob Conteh is a research and writing consultant. He grew up in a farm in central Sierra Leone, before immigrating to the United States in 1987.

Britain’s Colonial Legacy Promotes Unfairness in African Education

Outdated examination models are shutting talented Africans out of university education

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U.S.: Police Warfare on Blacks Must Stop

U.S. police have to change their stance on black Americans.

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From Ferguson to Baltimore (Via Manassas)

Reflections on the militarization of the U.S. police.

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Why Obama Is Right on Immigration

immigration action

Like Reagan and Bush, Obama takes action when Congress won’t.

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Ebola: America, Stay Calm and Carry On

How America’s knee-jerk response to Ebola is hurting West Africa.

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Sierra Leone: From Blood Diamonds to a Market Economy

Forgiveness, freedom and accountability help to restore prosperity in Sierra Leone.

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How African-Americans and African Immigrants Differ

The rift between African-Americans and recent African immigrants to the United States.

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