Luis Francisco Martínez Montes

Luis Francisco Martínez Montes is a counselor to the Spanish Representation to the United Nations in New York.

Religion and Economic Success in Europe

Why does the idea persist that Europe’s Catholic nations have always been economic slow-growers?

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The Catholic Origins of Globalization

Why do some economists persist in stereotyping Europe’s Catholic nations as laggards, when they practically invented what we today call globalization?

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Spain — A Country Built on Sand?

Is Spain’s economy really as frail as its detractors would have us believe?

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Introducing the APEs: Anglo-Protestant Economies

If running a big deficit for two years in times of great distress can be considered a mortal sin, what about the United States and the UK?

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PIGS Vs. APEs: Living on an Animal Farm

How would you feel if one day you woke up and discovered that you were a PIG?

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China and Spain: Creating Global Culture (Part III)

How did early ocean trade routes contribute to cultural exchanges?

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Sailing from Spain to China: Globalization by Sea (Part II)

How did China’s money supply and American silver influence early globalization trends?

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Spain and China in the Age of Globalization (Part I)

What led to China and Spain becoming pioneering ocean explorers in ancient times?

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Barcelona and Madrid: A Tale of Two Cities (Part II)

How far does the influence of a global megacity reach?

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Barcelona and Madrid: A Tale of Two Cities (Part I)

How has a high-speed rail corridor changed the profile of Spain’s largest cities?

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