Michael Vlahos

Michael Vlahos is a professor at The Johns Hopkins University Advanced Academic Programs.

America’s Dark Shadows: The Charleston Massacre

White supremacist Dylann Roof extends a national tradition of ritual slaying.

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Anti-Militarism: A Source of Modern German Confidence

With nothing left to prove on battlefields, Germany can pursue other tasks and strategies.

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Why Putin Misses the Soviet Union So Much

The Soviet Union was Russia’s most inspiring claim to Russia’s identity.

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Putin’s and Russia’s Quest for Identity and Belonging

How withholding respect for Russia could lead to war.

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Charlie Hebdo and the Project of French Identity

What to do when you are no longer the next universal vision for humanity?

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Thank you, Mr. Putin!

Has the Czar single-handedly rescued our “American Way of War”?

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Why Americans Love Bombardment

Has justice through retribution become the new American virtue?

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China’s Millennial Doubts

China will soon be under new leadership. But the real change in China is taking place further down the generational chain.

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America’s Dark Shadows: Aurora, Sikhs and Guns

Can the inhuman act of a single person lay bare the neuralgia of an entire people?

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Canada, the Savage Invader?

Does Canada really help explain the United States’ characteristic “way of war”?

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