Robert Hardy

Robert Hardy is the principal at LLC, a consulting firm.

Xi Jinping: Handling the Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution

Umbrella Revolution

A new generation believes it can succeed in something its predecessors could not.

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Kerry’s Political Theater in Afghanistan

The power sharing agreement in Afghanistan has no basis in law or popular support.

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China as Greece’s Savior: A Threat to Europe?

How the upcoming privatization round in the Eurozone crisis helps China expand its foothold in Europe.

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China as Netanyahu’s New Friend

China’s economic and strategic footprint in Israel is growing.

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Beyond the Alibaba Hype: China’s Risky Business

Why buyers should be wary of Alibaba’s eagerly awaited IPO.

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A Judicial Coup in Thailand?

Does Thailand’s future lie In Singapore’s managed democracy?

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EU Can’t Sanction? Try Israel

The BDS movement has raised a serious prospect of European sanctions against Israel.

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Egypt, Wheat and Revolutions

Why is Russia emerging as a key factor in the political equation in Egypt?

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Egypt and Syria: Beyond Repair

What do an insolvent Egypt and a disintegrating Syria mean for the governance of the Middle East?

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