Stephen F. Szabo

Stephen F. Szabo is Adjunct Professor at the BMW Center for German and European Studies, Georgetown University.

Putin, the Master Strategist? Is 2021 Our 1914?

Why the strategic situation in Europe today, occasioned by the standoff at the Polish-Belarus border, resembles 1914 more than that of the Cold War.

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Germany and Russia: A Reset?

There are signs of the beginning of a reset in German relations with Russia. But serious impediments to a pragmatic relationship remain.

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Germany=Geoeconomics, US=Geopolitics?

Mercury or Mars? What separates Germany and the United States.

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Germany, America and the Global Order

How two reluctant, yet pivotal powers adjust to a pluralistic and less Western world order.

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Is There A West? (Part II)

Even if the West can reunite on a post-Cold War basis, will it be able to steer the global system in a Western-oriented direction?

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Is There A West? (Part I)

If there is a West, can it continue to provide a system of international order? And if not, what will be its role in a post-western system?

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The Return of the German Problem

How has the increased fluidity of European and transatlantic relations affected German political identity?

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