Stephen F. Szabo

Stephen F. Szabo is Senior Resident Fellow at AICGS and Adjunct Professor at Johns Hopkins SAIS and author of "Germany, Russia, and the Pursuit of Geo-Economics"

Germany and Russia: A Reset?

There are signs of the beginning of a reset in German relations with Russia. But serious impediments to a pragmatic relationship remain.

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Germany=Geoeconomics, US=Geopolitics?

Mercury or Mars? What separates Germany and the United States.

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Germany, America and the Global Order

How two reluctant, yet pivotal powers adjust to a pluralistic and less Western world order.

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Is There A West? (Part II)

Even if the West can reunite on a post-Cold War basis, will it be able to steer the global system in a Western-oriented direction?

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Is There A West? (Part I)

If there is a West, can it continue to provide a system of international order? And if not, what will be its role in a post-western system?

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The Return of the German Problem

How has the increased fluidity of European and transatlantic relations affected German political identity?

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