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Two-Percenters: The NATO Six

Which countries are within reach of Trump’s demand on defense spending?

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Defense’s Other Mega Spenders

Who are the 19 nations that spend more on defense as a share of their national economy than even the United States does?

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Should Germany Really Have to Spend More on Defense?

It is not on track to meet NATO commitments, but Germany argues it is paying in other ways.

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Media Terror: Press Freedom in Turkey and Russia

Media freedom in important G-20 economies — Turkey, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia and Mexico — leaves much to be desired.

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The Make America Great Again (MAGA) Military

Trump plans to boost annual U.S. defense spending by more than Russia’s entire defense budget.

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Counting the Troops Under Trump

How do U.S. troop numbers stack up against ally and rival nations at the start of the Trump Administration?

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Where Migrants Live: Russia and the Persian Gulf

Russia and Saudi Arabia are home to some of the largest immigrant populations in the world.

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Germany: Second Largest Foreign-Born Population

The U.S. still leads by a lot, but Germany holds second-place in the number of foreign-born residents.

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From Hispanic ‘Baby Boom’ to ‘Baby Bust’?

A major demographic shift is underway in the U.S. Hispanic community. This could well reshape future U.S. population growth. Is this permanent or temporary?

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Migrants, Mexico and the Job Market

Hispanic unemployment and illegal immigration levels from Mexico are both relatively low at the start of the Trump Administration.

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