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Russia: Energy Resources and Corruption Perception

Russia has abundant natural resources, but is also highly dependent on them.

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Russia’s Smoking Problem

On a per capita basis, Russia trails only neighboring Belarus in cigarette consumption.

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Russian Migration: In and Out

Russia is home to a million more immigrants than its large emigrant diaspora.

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The Russian Military-Industrial Complex by the Numbers

Only the United States sells more arms than Russia.

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China Vs. the US: Who Has More Land?

The two countries have very similar land areas for now, but China has extensive additional claims.

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China Vs. Europe: Living Standards and Costs

While much of China remains poor, some cities are now on par with EU levels.

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China Vs. The US: The GDP Race

Who leads depends on how it’s measured.

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China Vs. the US: Lifespan Gains

A child born in China today can expect to live decades longer than someone born in China in 1950.

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The Free World Shrinks?

Are established democracies sliding back on democratic commitments?

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National Income Vs. National Freedom

A nation’s income level doesn’t always correlate to its freedom level.

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