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Jacob Conteh

Research and Writing Consultant

Jacob Conteh is a research and writing consultant. He is the sixth of eight children who grew up in a farm with their widow mother in central Sierra Leone, West Africa.

Jacob attended a government secondary school, an Islamic school and a church school before proceeding to Nigeria where he received his Bachelor’s degree from Andrews University in Berrien Spring, MI in 1985. Jacob Conteh also holds a M.Ed. degree from American Public University.

While studying in Nigeria, Jacob spent three months in Sweden each summer where he sold books from door to door. He returned to Sierra Leone in 1985 to teach English, literature and Bible knowledge at his former school, the Adventist Secondary School in Yele.

After two years, Jacob immigrated to the United States in 1987. A year after moving to the United States, Jacob married Marie, a former schoolmate from Yele, and they have three children, Dona Zainab, Rosaline Musu, and Jacob Sax.

Jacob’s interest in writing started when he was in the elementary school in Sierra Leone. He kept a daily journal. Jacob was also an avid reader who read any piece of paper he saw on the floor. In College, he was the editor of the school newspaper. He has also written numerous articles in both African and international newspapers.

A big fan of both Manchester United football team in the UK and the Washington Redskins in the United States, Jacob likes the outdoors, and takes tons of pictures as a hobby.

Articles by Jacob Conteh

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