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Country Focus: Iran

A collection of features from our archives exploring Iran’s politics, history, economy and culture.


  • A collection of features from our archives exploring Iran’s politics, history, economy and culture.

Iran has one of the oldest and richest cultures in the world, and is positioned in a politically tumultuous region.

From among the 210 features we have published on Iran so far, we present seven of our best — by a variety of our contributors, exploring the country from multiple perspectives.

1. The Iranian People and Their Many Wars

Iranians have endured 40 years of war with their own government, eight years of war with Iraq and an ongoing economic war with U.S.

By Behzad Yaghmaian | January 13, 2020

2. Britain’s Dark Shadow Over Iran

How was the United Kingdom complicit in undermining Iran’s budding democracy half a century ago?

By Ray Takeyh | February 19, 2007

3. Iran: Another Hong Kong, But No Russia or North Korea

The two messages from the Iranian people to their leaders: First, for all your gloating about Iran’s nuclear arsenal, nobody can eat nuclear weapons. Second, we want a different future.

By Stephan Richter | January 14, 2020

4. U.S.-Iran: The Soleimani Killing and Global Order

What sort of global order will we have left if the leaders of one country eliminate the leaders of another? Nothing but global chaos would ensue.

By Alon Ben-Meir | January 26, 2020

5. Iran Plays Chess, the US Backgammon

The moves on the Iraqi gameboard show that when it comes to warfare, military strategy and conflict management, Iran plays chess while the US plays backgammon.

By James M. Dorsey | January 9, 2020

6. Iran and the Rule of Law

To take its place on the global stage, Iran must learn the lessons of a 1992 terrorist trial in Germany

By J.D. Bindenagel | March 17, 2014

7. In Charts: Iran

A collection of charts, graphs and maps exploring Iran — its people, economy and its military.

By The Globalist | January 8, 2020

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