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Domestic Violence in the Middle East

There cannot be true development in the Middle East without progress on women’s rights.

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Middle East: Towards a Nuclear Arms Race

U.S. policy is confounding efforts to prevent the Middle East from barreling towards a nuclear and ballistic missiles arms race.

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US Vs. Iran: The Gulf of Tonkin Precedent

Are the warmongers in the U.S. faking attacks from supposed Iranian sources? The lessons of the Vietnam War provide a clear warning.

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Saudi Arabia Vs. Iran and Qatar (cont.)

Saudi natural gas ambitions are likely to have geopolitical impact.

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Saudi Arabia’s Profound Failure in the Middle East

As Algeria shows, Saudi efforts to spread a counterrevolution throughout the Middle East are coming up empty.

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The Saudi Butchery in Yemen and the World’s Apathy

It is time for Muslims to stop killing each other. The only way out of the Yemen morass is reconciliation and peaceful coexistence.

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The Need for a U.S. Policy Pivot Towards Iran

How the United States can once again become a Middle East power broker

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The Urgent Need to Reshape America’s Middle East Policy

Saudi Arabia is the Western world’s greatest security threat.

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Saudi Arabia’s Jig’s Up: Khashoggi Case Reshapes the Middle East

The fate of missing Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi threatens to upend the fundaments of fault lines in the Middle East.

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Turkey and Saudi Arabia: Engaged in a Journalist-Snatching Alliance?

A Saudi journalist’s disappearance challenges fragile Middle Eastern pragmatism.

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