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Cristina Kirchner on Argentina's Future

How does Argentina’s recently re-elected president envision her country’s future?

January 9, 2012

How does Argentina's recently re-elected president envision her country's future?

In October 2011, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner was reelected as President of Argentina by a wide margin. She was recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer and underwent surgery, which gave rise to a deep outpouring of support for the popular leader. Our Read My Lips presents her vision for Argentina's future.

1. What made your reelection historic?

“I have the honor to be the first woman to be reelected in the country. What more could I want?"

(October 2011)

2. Do women bring a unique perspective to politics?

“Women bring a different face to politics. We see the big geopolitical picture — but also the smaller, daily details of citizens’ lives."

(February 2008)

3. How so?

"We’re wrapped up as much in what our daughter’s school principal says as we are in what the newspapers are saying.”

(February 2008)

4. What's the main goal of your second term in office?

“Count on me to continue deepening a national project that has helped to improve the lives of 41 million Argentines."

(October 2011)

5. Are you committed to changing Argentina?

“We have to think of a different country, where whoever comes builds on top of what’s already been done."

(October 2011)

6. Can you be considered an activist president?

"That’s the Argentina I dream of, where we have continuity of national political projects for the country.”

(October 2011)

7. What ideal guides your presidency?

“This woman isn’t moved by any interest. The only thing that moves her is profound love for the country. Of that I’m responsible."

(October 2011)

8. What is your hope for Argentina's future?

"We will continue growing, with social inclusion, with justice, memory and truth."

(August 2011)

9. Do you credit your late husband for your political success?

“This man who transformed Argentina led us all and gave everything he had and more. Without him, without his valor and courage, it would have been impossible to get to this point.”

(October 2011)

10. And finally, what's a key to being a successful leader?

“The worst that people can be is small. In history, you always must be bigger still — more generous, more thoughtful, more thankful.”

(October 2011)

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