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Trump’s Mega-Fear: Beaten By a Woman

What could possibly explain the increasing bizarreness of the Trump campaign? It must have to do with the other candidate in the race

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  • What explains the bizarreness of the Trump campaign? It has to do with the other candidate in the race.
  • Trump now faces the true horror of his life: to be beaten by a woman on the world’s most public stage.
  • Men of the Trump campaign are trying to protect their collective manhood that is at stake now.
  • Donald Trump in American history: The first man to get beaten by a woman in the race for the Oval Office

The increasingly bizarre and self-defeatist way in which Donald Trump runs his 2016 presidential campaign leads to one big question: Why is he acting this way?

We all know that in a nation with a strong penchant for narcissism, Donald Trump must be the biggest narcissist alive in America today. But that alone does not explain his bizarre behavior.

When he entered the presidential race about a year ago, Trump realized that he could well have a ball – by rolling up the field of Republican contenders one by one. They simply weren’t a match for his amazing mixture of bravado and chutzpah.

In that part of the reality show, he succeeded spectacularly. The difference between the primaries and the general presidential election campaign in which he now finds himself is that he is now running against a woman.

In the process of fabricating a lie

Trump had always been certain that the deep-seated worries among men, especially white men, about their current and future status in society would carry him to the Oval Office.

For many reasons, not least the one that he has turned out to be a complete clown, his election is now far less of a certainty.

Accordingly, Trump now faces the true horror of his life: to be beaten by a woman. And not just that: to be beaten on the world’s most public stage.

Desperado that he is, and in order to guard against this dismay, at least in his own mind, he and his campaign vassals are fabricating a spectacular lie. They argue that the voting process is secretly rigged to ensure that Trump will lose.

In coming up with that bizarre and once again completely unproven argument, it is as if all the mucho macho men of the Trump campaign are trying to protect their collective manhood. For that is what is really at stake if they get defeated by Hillary Clinton.

Mindlessness on the soccer field

I have seen the self-defeatism to which grown men can resort if they are surprisingly not just challenged, but defeated by women. The sting they feel is all the bigger if the event occurs in a field men are supposed to dominate.

Years ago, as a soccer coach for a youth coed team in the Washington, DC area, our team consisting of boys and girls were beating the opposing team, which was made up exclusively of boys and coached by a very ambitious coach.

That man could not believe the amazing turn of fortunes that weekend. In our league, he had marked down the game against our coed team as a solid “V” for victory for his side.

When things didn’t turn out the way he had expected, the man began to act ever more wildly on the sideline. He was totally dismayed by his own team.

No wonder: He had probably spent countless hours coaching them – to ensure that they would turn into the success that he had really wanted for himself.

Certainly, he didn’t act in a manner that one would expect of a grown man. Finally, after our team had scored yet another goal, again one scored by a girl, the other coach went apoplectic on the sidelines.

Still keen on motivating his team, he yelled out what he must have considered the ultimate motivating argument in a moment of despair: “Come on, guys. You’re being beaten by a bunch of girls.”

With that one remark from the sidelines, any remaining shred of fighting spirit that was left in his team evaporated completely.

The man made a complete idiot of himself not only with regard to his own team, but also with regard to all the adults (parents) on the sidelines.

Donald Trump is even less mature

However, compared to Donald Trump today, that coach had one major advantage: He was at least honest in identifying the source of his deep frustration – he fessed up to the fact that the team he coached was, in part, beaten by a “bunch of girls.”

Donald Trump, the great prevaricator, doesn’t even have the balls to admit that this is the source of his increasingly bizarre behavior.

And indeed, in the Trump world, what bigger disgrace is there than to live on in the annals of American history as the first man who got beat by a woman in the race for the Oval Office?

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