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Hillary Clinton – The Globalist’s Top 15 Features

The Globalist’s presents its top features on Hillary Clinton’s journey to the White House.

September 26, 2016

Hillary Clinton (Credit: JStone -
  1. Trump and the Fear of Hillary: A Political Psychogram of the 2016 Race

    By Stephan Richter | Men fear failing their families as providers. Trump casts himself subliminally as a super-provider.

  2. The Causes of Hillary Clinton’s Undoing

    By Stephan Richter | It is not Bernie Sanders who defeated Clinton. She is doing it to herself.

  3. Hillary’s Fidelity to Reaganomics

    By George R. Tyler | For all the current public disdain on Europe, Americans would do well to look at its economic model.

  4. Is Hillary Clinton a Warmonger?

    By Michael J. Brenner | A closer review of Secretary Clinton’s foreign policy experience and tendencies.

  5. Goldman Sachs: Hillary Clinton’s Upcoming “Nixon Moment”

    By Stephan Richter | Republicans pin fake scandals on the Clintons, but the Clintons create real ones – like Goldman Sachs speeches.

  6. How Clintonism Loses the White House

    By Michael J. Brenner | How Clintonism sabotaged Democrats, aided Republicans and tripped up Hillary Clinton herself.

  7. Clinton-itis as a National Disease

    By Stephan Richter | Clinton moneymaking, national “conversations” and the US policy agenda.

  8. Hillary Clinton: Lacking Smarts, Principles or Both?

    By David W. Wise | Hillary Clinton attacks Obama’s foreign policy — she would be better off emulating it.

  9. Candidate Clinton: The Foreign Policy Dimension

    By Stephan Richter | Hillary Clinton should shift course on her foreign policy as she launches her second presidential campaign.

  10. Sanders vs. Clinton: The Struggle for the Democratic Party’s Future

    By Thomas I. Palley | Demographics make Democrats the likely majority party of the future, but the party’s political identity and agenda is up for grabs.

  11. Hillary Clinton’s Arduous Road to the White House in 2016

    By Stephan Richter | The Democratic Party’s likely 2016 presidential nominee faces many challenges.

  12. Hillary Clinton and the Art of Defending American Power Linguistically

    By Stephan Richter | Why are even America’s self-acclaimed liberal internationalists still so keen on being top dog? Will John Kerry follow in Hillary Clinton’s footsteps on this issue?

  13. Hillary Clinton’s Xenophobia

    By Stephan Richter | How does the world community feel about Hillary Clinton and the implications of her promises to the American people?

  14. Donald Trump: The Democrats’ Best Campaign Asset

    By Bill Humphrey and Stephan Richter | Money worship and ethnic insensitivity – the Republicans’ toxic combination at the ballot box.

  15. Hillary Clinton Does Macedonia

    By Susan Braden | Do First Ladies really need a seat in The Situation Room to either influence U.S. policy — or understand how it is made?