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Our State of the Globe 2003/04 Series

What is the state of the globe as 2003 turns into 2004?

Taking stock of what's ahead.


One of The Globalist’s best-liked features is our year-end “State of the Globe” quote compilations. For the 2003/2004 edition, we zeroed in on six issues confronting the global community: war, terrorism, trade, politics, the global economy — and society. Enjoy these compelling insights from famous and unknown people from around the world.

State of the globe — Trade.

A World Transformed by War
Was the Iraq war a necessary battle against terrorism — or a dangerous precedent?

State of the globe — Trade.

Just Another Year of Fighting Terrorism?
What was achieved in the war against terrorism in 2003? And what’s next?

State of the globe — Trade.

The Global Trade Agenda
We map the 2004 trade agenda by reviewing the best quotes of 2003.

State of the globe — Politics.

Challenges for Global Politics
Why was 2003 such an interesting year for global politics?

State of the globe — Economy.

Challenges for the Global Economy
Inflation or deflation — why did the global economy baffle observers in 2003?

State of the globe — Society.

Challenges for the Global Society
What challenges will the global society face in 2004 — and how will it handle them?

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