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Our State of the Globe 2003/04 Series

What is the state of the globe as 2003 turns into 2004?

January 1, 2004

What is the state of the globe as 2003 turns into 2004?

One of The Globalist’s best-liked features is our year-end “State of the Globe” quote compilations. For the 2003/2004 edition, we zeroed in on six issues confronting the global community: war, terrorism, trade, politics, the global economy — and society. Enjoy these compelling insights from famous and unknown people from around the world.

State of the globe — Trade.

A World Transformed by War
Was the Iraq war a necessary battle against terrorism — or a dangerous precedent?

State of the globe — Trade.

Just Another Year of Fighting Terrorism?
What was achieved in the war against terrorism in 2003? And what’s next?

State of the globe — Trade.

The Global Trade Agenda
We map the 2004 trade agenda by reviewing the best quotes of 2003.

State of the globe — Politics.

Challenges for Global Politics
Why was 2003 such an interesting year for global politics?

State of the globe — Economy.

Challenges for the Global Economy
Inflation or deflation — why did the global economy baffle observers in 2003?

State of the globe — Society.

Challenges for the Global Society
What challenges will the global society face in 2004 — and how will it handle them?