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Reforming Global Finance: 2012 Highlights

The Globalist presents highlights from its Reforming Global Finance series.

December 28, 2012

The Globalist presents highlights from its Reforming Global Finance series.

The Globalist’s Reforming Global Finance series presents essays and analyses by experts in the fields of economics, financial markets and financial governance, pointing the way forward to a global financial system that is more transparent, accountable and effective. Here, we present several highlights from this important series.

1. America’s 1% Vs. the Globe’s 1.3 Billion
Branko Milanovic | October 29, 2012

The $600 billion of total income of the world’s poorest 1.3 billion people is equal to the income of what percentage of the richest Americans?

2. The Economic Fallout of the U.S. Financial Crisis
Dennis M. Kelleher | September 10, 2012

Will the costs of the financial crisis limit the government’s ability to deal with future crises?

3. The Silent Revolution Inside the IMF
Stephan Richter | October 30, 2012

The global balance of economic power is changing — and the IMF is changing right along with it.

4. From the Washington Consensus to a Singapore Consensus?
Ravi Menon | June 14, 2012

Does the world need more markets, more government, or does it just need markets and government to be more effective?

4. Planning for the Future of Democracy: The Four L’s
Arun Maira | April 24, 2012

In the battle between governments and markets, can global problems be solved by localization, lateralization, learning and listening?

5. The LIBOR Mess
Robert J. Shapiro | July 13, 2012

Could the LIBOR scandal become the biggest financial fraud in history?

6. The Danger of More Financial Concentration
Henry Kaufman | August 15, 2012

Has increasing financial concentration improved the economic function of finance — the effective allocation of credit?

7. Larry Summers and the Imperialism of Economics
H. Woody Brock | August 24, 2012

Do economists have the right analytical tools to solve our most pressing problems?

8. Should We Expect Multinationals to Be Loyal?
Robert D. Atkinson | September 19, 2012

Why would a European CEO be “shunned” if he moved much of his production to China?

9. Time for Truth on Poverty, Power and Climate Change
Peter Goldmark and David De Ferranti | December 4, 2012

Are international financial institutions helping or hindering the switch to clean energy technologies?

10. Sovereign Debt Difficulties: Had Enough Yet?
Barry Herman | December 14, 2012

Can the fragmentary and chaotic process of resolving sovereign debt crises be made fairer and more effective?