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The Globalist Research Center: 2012 Highlights

The Globalist Research Center presents its top features published in 2012.

December 27, 2012

The Globalist Research Center presents its top features published in 2012.
1. The Real Winners and Losers of Globalization
Branko Milanovic | October 25, 2012

Globalization has radically changed global income dynamics. So who has won and who has lost?

2. Green China (Four Parts)
John Mathews | November 22, 2012

China is betting its economic future on investments in alternative energy sources.

3. The Idea of American Exceptionalism (Four Parts)
“Thomas Paine” | July 4, 2012

Has the United States lost the set of civic values that made it exceptional among nations?

4. Limbaugh, Lipitor and the Incivility of American Political Life (Two Parts)
Edward Bernton | March 6, 2012

Is the widespread use of statins such as Lipitor responsible for America’s politics of anger?

5. The British Seeds of American Decline
Michael Lind | July 31, 2012

Is the decline of the United States as an economic superpower inevitable? Or can it avoid the mistakes of past superpowers?

6. America’s Dark Shadows: Aurora, Sikhs and Guns
Michael Vlahos | August 7, 2012

Can the inhuman act of a single person lay bare the neuralgia of an entire people?

7. Ayn Rand: The Siren of U.S. Conservatism (Two Parts)
Brent Ranalli | November 2, 2012

If Reagan is the father of modern U.S. conservatism, Ayn Rand is certainly its mother.

8. Can De-Chemicalizing Agriculture Save the Planet?
Chandran Nair | November 27, 2012

If pesticides, fertilizers and genetically-modified seed aren’t good for the planet, who are they good for?

9. Africa’s Resurgence and the Future of the Global Economy
Mzukisi Qobo | December 7, 2012

Africa’s leaders need to rebuild the relationship between market and state, while supporting human development through education and social support.

10. Sovereign Debt Difficulties: Had Enough Yet?
Barry Herman | December 14, 2012

Can the fragmentary and chaotic process of resolving sovereign debt crises be made fairer and more effective?

Honorable mention:

Global Governance Talk Vs. African Reality
Kandeh K. Yumkella | May 16, 2012

Is Africa in danger of giving up its abundant natural resources and still losing the economic development game?

To Secede or Not to Secede: The Case of Europe
Pankaj Ghemawat | July 2, 2012

Will the economic costs of secession keep Europe’s separatist movements in check?

Nine Population Strategies to Stop Short of Nine Billion
Robert Engelman | July 14, 2012

What steps can be taken to slow the world’s population growth without engaging in “population control”?

New Oil? The Energy Revolution in Reverse
Ian Johnson | September 17, 2012

Are new sources of oil getting harder and too costly to find, extract and distribute?

Greece Needs a Revolution, But
Thanos Skouras | October 15, 2012

What will happen if Greece’s current government fails and the neo-communist party Syriza takes over?

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