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Syria: The Long Road to Democracy?

Can a united group of Syrian opposition parties usher in democracy in their country?

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Measuring the Arab World: Check the Christian Barometer

Are free elections truly a good measure of freedom and democracy in the Middle East?

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A Democratic Revolution in the Middle East?

Can democracy gain a sustained foothold in the Middle East?

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America as a Revolutionary Force

Has the U.S. invasion of Iraq spelled the end of the Arab ancien régime?

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Rabin’s Life — Sharon’s Legacy

How did two hardliners turn into unlikely peacemakers?

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The Kerry Plan for Iraq

Can John Kerry get the Europeans to help more in Iraq?

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Resurrecting Empire

Did the West’s attempts at dominance in the Middle East create an Arab culture of resistance?

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The U.S. and the Global Struggle of Ideas

How can the United States counter anti-Americanism — especially in the Muslim world?

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Europe and Transatlantic Futures

Is multilateralism the best way to combat the global problem of terrorism?

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