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Benjamin Franklin, Wall Builder: Trump’s Role Model?

As the U.S. Congress contemplates Trump’s wall, it ought to remember the enlightened vision of the founding fathers.

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Thriving on Immigration

The U.S. experience offers Europe hope that the process of cultural digestion is manageable.

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Ben Franklin, America’s First Globalist

What can Ben Franklin’s warning to 13 rebellious colonies teach us about global cooperation today?

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The Idea of American Exceptionalism

Has the United States lost the set of civic values that made it exceptional among nations?

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Benjamin Franklin, America’s First Franchiser?

Discover how the polymath and Founding Father Benjamin Franklin gave shape to one of America’s most potent business concepts.

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The Jihad of America’s Founding Fathers

Why is the tension between the United States and the Muslim world far from a recent development?

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