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South Sudan’s Fragile Peace

The peace accord to end the civil war in South Sudan remains fragile and needs international support.

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Why Was I Ever Born? Yemen — A Poem Article

While tens of thousands of Yemeni men, women and children are dying from starvation and disease, the world is shamelessly watching with deafening silence.

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Trump Vs. America’s Children: Child Poverty In America Is Indefensible

For the country’s poor, the American dream is a living nightmare which is heightened by Trump’s ill-conceived budget.

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The Plight Of China’s “Left Behind” Children

61 million children in China grow up effectively parentless. Imagine the consequences on their development.

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Aborigines in Australia: Living Off of the Land

Community leader Gordon “Sunno” Mitchell helps hold a local Aboriginal community together in Australia.

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The Republican War On the Poor

How credible are the Republicans claims that they support the poor?

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Women’s Equality Is the Best Way to Reduce World Hunger

How can sustained efforts on behalf of women's rights help alleviate the world's hunger problem?

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Teaching Children About Poverty — and Generosity

What are some heartwarming examples proving that you don’t have to be rich to help people in need?

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An American in Poland, Anno 1983: On the Road (Part I)

What were the impressions during a trip to Poland of students who were members of the Protestant student community in Bonn, Germany, in April 1983?

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Health in China: The Environmental Toll on Children

How can China ensure the health of its children by protecting its environment?

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