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US Spurring Instability in the Middle East

Multiple Middle Eastern disputes are threatening to spill out of control. This is largely due to the changed role of the United States.

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The West and War: Culture Driving Conflict

When the world’s dominant culture exalts war, it is no wonder there is so much of it.

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The World’s New Thirty Years War

How to shape a coherent long-term Western strategy for the age of new global violence.

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Not Cold War II, But Toward World War III?

Putin is not the only problematic character on the global stage.

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11 Reasons the Mekong River Could Spark Asia’s First Water War

China dams the Mekong, threatening other nations’ peace and livelihood

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Afghanistan’s Public Health Emergency

What can the Obama administration do to help alleviate the health — and security — situation in Afghanistan?

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First Lehman Brothers, Next Liberia?

Why is continued funding for fragile states still crucial, even in the midst of the financial crisis?

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Africa’s W — Wars

What is the cause of so many wars in Africa?

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