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Microbes in Motion: Touring World History

There has been considerable historical evidence that pathogenic microorganisms are poised to launch new assaults on a global scale.

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India’s Potty Problem

The lack of safe and sanitary toilets remains a daily reality in many parts of the developing world.

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Water: A Big Challenge for Africa

Can Africa provide clean, safe water for its urban and suburban communities?

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Water as the Oil of the 21st Century

Water, water everywhere … and nowhere.

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Will China Grow Old Before It Grows Rich?

How will China support its rapidly aging population while sustaining economic growth?

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Bon Voyage, World Bank!

Why has the time come to move the World Bank out of the United States?

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China’s Move to Improve Health Care

What will be required for China to meet the healthcare demands of its aging and urbanizing population?

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Taking a Bite Out of Malaria: Part I

Why is malaria such a crucial global health problem?

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Health and Human Rights in Zimbabwe

How have recent human rights violations in Zimbabwe led to the deterioration of the country’s health care system?

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Iraq’s Public Health Crisis

Will improving public health in Iraq help end the war and bring stability?

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